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Detecting RegreSSHion with Dynatrace (CVE-2024-6387)


How to mitigate the risk The following versions of OpenSSH are impacted by this vulnerability: Versions earlier than 4.4p1 (unless patched for CVE-2006-5051 and CVE-2008-4109) Versions from 8.5p1 up to, but not including, 9.8p1 OpenBSD systems are unaffected by this, as OpenBSD developed a secure mechanism in 2001 that prevents this vulnerability.

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It’s time to migrate from NAM to Dynatrace


By 2001, we won our first loyal customers. For nearly fifteen years (~ 2001-2015), network traffic effectively served as a common API for measuring usage, performance, and availability of all applications, links, and clients. Centralized network packet brokers also enabled the advent of centralized security analysis.

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Signs that it’s time to leave a company…

Adrian Cockcroft

I saw this play out while I was at Sun Microsystems as the dot com bubble burst in 2001–2004. When companies transition from high growth to slow growth or begin shrinking it isn’t just a small change, it needs a fundamentally different approach to management and the culture of the company.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 22nd, 2019

High Scalability

BrentToderian : What city went from 14% of all trips by bike in 2001, to 22% by 2012, then leaped to 30% in 3 years by 2015, & 35% by 2018? The company is burning through cash. $3B 3B this year, $4B next year. Debt skyrocketing. It all looks good when capital is cheap I guess.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Exploring Complex Networks

All Things Distributed

In 2001 he published a review paper on complex networks in Nature that is a must read if you want to learn about (or revisit) this topic: Exploring Complex Networks Steven Strogatz in Nature 410, 268-276 (8 March 2001).' You can find much of Steven''s work on his personal website.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 13th, 2018

High Scalability

Hossein Fateh : The largest deal of 2001 was 3.5 Margaret Hamilton started the field of software engineering. Women have always been and will always be essential to the advance of computing. That same company leased 35 megawatts from us in 2016. The decimal place moved by a column. The next decimal place will move in 2022.

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Crowding Out

The Agile Manager

It only took a couple of years for tech to recover from the 2001 dot-com crash. Tech has had a pretty easy ride for the last twenty years. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, companies contracted their labor forces and locked in productivity gains with new tech. Mobile went big in 2009, forcing companies to invest.

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