Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Exploring Complex Networks

All Things Distributed

In 2001 he published a review paper on complex networks in Nature that is a must read if you want to learn about (or revisit) this topic: Exploring Complex Networks Steven Strogatz in Nature 410, 268-276 (8 March 2001 After a year of absence I am bringing back the Back to Basic Weekend Reading Series. We''ll continue to look at the fundamental works of Computer Science and Engineering, and other interesting technical works.

Web Quality Assurance: From User Requirements To Web Risk Management

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When delving into the concept of website quality assurance back in 2001, we started with a simple question: “What does quality mean for the users?”. VPTCS model © Élie Sloïm — Éric Gateau — 2001 —


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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 22nd, 2019

High Scalability

BrentToderian : What city went from 14% of all trips by bike in 2001, to 22% by 2012, then leaped to 30% in 3 years by 2015, & 35% by 2018? Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Van Gogh? Nope. A satellite image of phytoplankton populations or algae blooms in the Baltic Sea. NASA ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd greatly appreciate your support on Patreon. Know anyone who needs cloud? I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 just for them. It has 41 mostly 5 star reviews.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 13th, 2018

High Scalability

Hossein Fateh : The largest deal of 2001 was 3.5 Hey, it's HighScalability time: Steve Blank tells the Secret History of Silicon Valley. What a long, strange trip it is. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Please lend me your support on Patreon. It would mean a great deal to me. And if you know anyone looking for a simple book that uses lots of pictures and lots of examples to explain the cloud, then please recommend my new book: Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10. They'll love you even more. $27

Building and Scaling Data Lineage at Netflix to Improve Data Infrastructure Reliability, and…

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We will be at Strata San Francisco on March 27th in room 2001 delivering a tech session on this topic, please join us and share your experiences. Building and Scaling Data Lineage at Netflix to Improve Data Infrastructure Reliability, and Efficiency By: Di Lin , Girish Lingappa , Jitender Aswani Imagine yourself in the role of a data-inspired decision maker staring at a metric on a dashboard about to make a critical business decision but pausing to ask a question?—?“Can

It’s time to migrate from NAM to Dynatrace


By 2001, we won our first loyal customers. Dynatrace news. For two decades, Dynatrace NAM—Network Application Monitoring, formerly known as DC RUM—has been successfully monitoring the user experience of our customers’ enterprise applications.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Staged Event-Driven Architecture

All Things Distributed

In Proceedings of the Eighteenth Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP-18), Banff, Canada, October, 2001. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Staged Event-Driven Architecture. By Werner Vogels on 17 August 2012 07:00 PM. Permalink. Comments (). I am in São Paolo, Brazil for the 2012 AWS Latin America Summit and for The Next Web Latin America conference.

World’s youngest C++ programmer?

Sutter's Mill

I discovered computers for the first time at age 11 when I switched to a new school that had a PET 2001, and wrote my first BASIC programs when was 11 or 12, first on paper and then a little on the PET when I could get access to it. I’m seeing many younger programmers picking up C++. The average age at C++ events over the past year has been declining rapidly as the audience sizes grow with more and younger people in addition to the C++ veterans.

C++ 40

The Back-to-Basics Readings of 2012 - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

In Proceedings of the Eighteenth Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP-18), Banff, Canada, October, 2001. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. The Back-to-Basics Readings of 2012. By Werner Vogels on 18 December 2012 10:00 PM. Permalink. Comments (). After the AWS re: Invent conference I spent two weeks in Europe for the last customer visits of the year.

Data Mining Problems in Retail

Highly Scalable

Retail is one of the most important business domains for data science and data mining applications because of its prolific data and numerous optimization problems such as optimal prices, discounts, recommendations, and stock levels that can be solved using data analysis methods.

Retail 135

The Safe Haven of Regulation

The Agile Manager

True, both IBM and Microsoft were subject to regulation in 1956 and 2001, respectively, to limit their monopolistic powers. Big tech has historically been lightly regulated. But neither suffered dents in their financial returns as a result (attorney fees notwithstanding), and the tech industry innovated in ways that made their respective monopolistic states very short lived.

Bringing the Magic of Amazon AI and Alexa to Apps on AWS.

All Things Distributed

The concept has been explored by many popular science fiction movies and TV shows, such as "2001: A Space Odyssey" with HAL-9000 or the Star Trek computer and Commander Data, which defined the perception of computer-generated speech. From the early days of Amazon, Machine learning (ML) has played a critical role in the value we bring to our customers.

AWS 89

An Album for Each Year - 2012 Version - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

2001: The Strokes, Is This It. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. An Album for Each Year - 2012 Version. By Werner Vogels on 22 December 2012 06:00 PM. Permalink. Comments (). About 5 years ago I joined a challenge to list "a favorite album for every year of your life." " The challenge has two restrictions: only one album per year and there can be no repeats of artists.

MICRO 2019 Trip Report

ACM Sigarch

Two Test of Time awards went to: “Speculative Lock Elision: Enabling Highly Concurrent Multithreaded Execution” published at MICRO 2001 by Ravi Rajwar and James R. Hundreds of computer architects convened in the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio to celebrate the 52nd Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO).

Conserve or Invest?

The Agile Manager

Both the financial and real economies have suffered quite a few shocks in the last 20 years: the dot-com bubble bursting (2000); September 11 (2001); the Great Recession (2008); and today in 2020 the COVID-19 crisis is wreaking economic havoc.

What I Read in 2011

Tim Kadlec

2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. A new year has begun. That means that it’s once again time to take a look back at what books I read over the past year. Unfortunately, it appears I’m trending entirely in the wrong direction. While I managed to read 38 books in 2009 and 33 in 2010 , I only made it through 29 this past year. Hopefully I can reverse that trend in 2012. One interesting trend—at least to me—is that I returned to reading a lot more web related books (10!) this year.

Fast Enough

Tim Kadlec

As UIE pointed out back in 2001 , task completion has a huge impact on perceived performance. How fast is fast enough? I’m asked this question a lot. Page weights and load times vary so much from site to site and industry to industry. While it’s easy to spot the obviously bad examples, it can be much more difficult to find the line between is “fast enough” and what is slow.

Solaris to Linux Migration 2017

Brendan Gregg

When I first joined Sun in 2001, it was believed that Sun was too big to fail, as well. Many people have contacted me recently about switching from Solaris (or illumos) to Linux, especially since most of the Solaris kernel team were let go this year (including my former colleagues, I'm sorry to hear). This includes many great engineers who I'm sure will excel in whatever they choose to work on next.

The Tech Bubble, Four Months In

The Agile Manager

US corporate spending on tech is at its highest since 2001. Earlier this year, we looked at the boom in the US tech sector and what it means for people running tech businesses and captive IT. Four months later, the tech sector has gained momentum. Buyers and sellers of tech services must deal with rising costs and tighter margins, respectively.

The Management Revolution that Never Happened

The Agile Manager

Recessions in 2001 (when businesses reigned in unrestrained tech spending) and 2008 (when businesses reigned in all spending) tightened belts and increased operational scrutiny. In the 1980s, it seemed we were on the cusp of a revolution in management. American business exited the 1970s in terrible shape. Bureaucracy was discredited.

Investing in Strategic Capability versus Buying Tactical Capacity

The Agile Manager

1 Comparing August 2001 to August 2007 monthly averages, the USD declined 28% to the GBP, 34% to the EUR, 28% to the CHF, 37% to the AUD, 31% to the CAD, 13% to the INR, 8% to the CNY. US based IT departments are facing turbulent times.

IT Governance Maximises IT Returns

The Agile Manager

Conversely, according to this report, there were strong indicators in 2001 that firms such as Adelphia and Global Crossing had significant deficiencies in their corporate governance, and that these firms represented significant investment risk. In recent years, Michael Milken has turned his attention to health and medicine. Earlier this year, the Milken Institute released a report concluding that 7 chronic illnesses – diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. –