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Critical CSS? Not So Fast!

CSS Wizardry

I have long held very strong opinions about the Critical CSS pattern. In theory, in a perfect world, with all things being equal, it’s demonstrably a Good Idea™.

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What is application modernization? How to pick an application modernization strategy


Application modernization is a means to help organizations survive in a digital world. Today, organizations must adopt solid modernization strategies to stay competitive in the market.


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Complete Automation Testing — Is It Feasible?


It is a fact that software testing is time and resources consuming. Testing the software can be observed from different perspectives. It can be divided based on what we are testing. For example, each deliverable in the project, like the requirements, design, code, documents, user interface, etc.,

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The Lock Escalation Threshold – Part 1

SQL Performance

This article isn’t about the act of lock escalation itself, which is already well documented and generally well understood. Some myths (like row locks escalating to page locks) persist, but challenging those yet again probably wouldn’t change much.

The Best Way to Test Performance in Continuous Integration


Which are the benefits of continuous performance testing? Why is it so crucial to achieve an efficient continuous integration pipeline? Find out in the second article of our saga entitled “Performance Testing In-Depth”, with the voice of Roger Abelenda and an interview with Andréi Guchin.

Dynatrace and Microsoft Azure integrate to help accelerate your cloud transformation


Dynatrace news. Over the last few years, Dynatrace and Microsoft have partnered to help the world’s largest organizations tame hybrid, multicloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.

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Logistics Management Software Explained in Plain Language


Have you ever dreamed of making or taking your company to the level of Amazon? Of course, Amazon didn't become one of the most valuable brands in the world.

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Martingale Strategy – Advantages, Disadvantages, and Application Features

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Martingale strategy and its features. Making bets with a certain strategy will be a more rational decision since this will reduce risks and fill the deposit faster. The Linebet bookmaker operates under an active Curacao license, so there is no doubt about the transparency of bets.

Dynatrace adds support for VPC Flow Logs to Kinesis Data Firehose


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace and the Dynatrace Intelligent Observability Platform have added support for the newly introduced Amazon VPC Flow Logs to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose.

What Is Configuration Testing in Software Testing?


Configuration testing plays a critical part in the development life cycle by specifying the quality and portability of software. It helps to understand whether a program can be used on any operating system other than the one for which it was designed.

Build Well-architected Serverless Applications with AWS Lambda


If a new serverless architecture project is started with outdated processes and practices, it may be doomed from the outset. Thus, it requires a significant mindset shift.

React Native vs Native: Which one is Better for App Development?

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React Native vs Native has been on a continuous fence since the time of their aggressive release.

What is log management? How to tame distributed cloud system complexities


Dynatrace news. What is log management? Log management is an organization’s rules and policies for managing and enabling the creation, transmission, analysis, storage, and other tasks related to IT systems’ and applications’ log data. Most infrastructure and applications generate logs.

How to Install Pixie for Kubernetes Monitoring: The Complete Guide


Since Pixie's acquisition by New Relic in late 2020, there has been rapid growth in its features, scope, and vision. It does not end there. New Relic has an ambitious long-term roadmap for a Pixie that better supports third-party tools, plugins, and very large Kubernetes clusters.

Amazon RDS vs. EC2: Where to Host Your MySQL Database in AWS?


Both Amazon RDS and EC2 can be a great fit for hosting MySQL databases. While RDS is easier to manage and maintain, EC2 gives you more control and flexibility.

Why Indians invest in NFT so frequently?

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New blockchain projects are being launched daily, and it’s hard to keep up with them. But NFTs allow investors to invest in new companies without having to read through hundreds of pages of documents or spend days researching their intro videos.

Apica Achieves New Recognition for Security Best Practices


It’s nearly impossible for any business to stand alone and keep all its information within the confines of the data center. Virtually every business relies on outside service providers for anything from web servers to third-party APIs enabling their app functionality for the end user.

Software Development Outsourcing: A 5-Step Successful Strategy


Software development outsourcing benefits businesses looking for flexibility, scalability, and access to multiple talents. However, many risks are involved if you don't have a software outsourcing strategy, like lack of control, delayed deliveries, and low-quality software.

AWS RDS Pricing: Fundamentals & Tips to master cost control in RDS


Amazon RDS costs can quickly get out of hand if your resource utilization is not actively monitored. This blog post discusses the AWS RDS pricing fundamentals. It also discusses measures to reduce your Amazon RDS costs and optimize your RDS footprint in the cloud infrastructure.

How to earn 10x profits by investing in metaverse?

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Virtual currencies are the best alternative to traditional payment methods in the modern world, as they can elevate the essential factors necessary for an ongoing investment cycle. They have been gaining popularity daily and are now used by millions worldwide.

Understand metaverse through movies to connect with cryptocurrency

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Virtual currencies are not only a new way to make money but also a new way to save it. You can earn or save money by using these coins, which can be converted into real cash anytime.

Professional walk in crypto assets realm

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Many foundations seek to increase company employees, expand business products, and establish additional locations. Applicants having expertise with technology, consultancy, or advertising and promotion desire to study or comprehend this sector are encouraged to submit applications.

Actual Facts You Should Learn About Non-Fungible Tokens

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The popularity that people are witnessing of the NFT gives some mandatory reason to know about the facts, making the explosion of the tokens more solid in numbers.

Tips to trade in digital Yuan

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The role of distance stays true, but the complexity and costs of finance in China have made the field conducive to technology’s participation. If you planning to invest in Digital Yuan, you should be aware of the pros of China’s digital cash. Moreover, you will get live customer support.

Predictions for the world of NFT and its traders

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NFTs can be used to show off your skills, whether you’re a musician or an artist. You could use an NFT to represent your music or even a painting. You could also use it to show off your work for your clients and how much you care about them.

How NFT has become the god for the artists?

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NFTs are becoming a revolutionary investment strategy for artists or creativity enthusiasts and people who see investment as a life-long process. This means that more people are investing in the technology, which leads to higher demand and, therefore, a higher value.

Why public is getting interested in investing in NFT?

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NFTs are a new way of displaying the skills and works of a person and can be used by anyone who wants to demonstrate their creativity, and they can also be used as a means of investment in artworks or other creative works.

Why is NFT a revolution for the future generations?

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New NFTs can be used to show your skills in a particular art or your interest in a field and how they can prove to be wonders in the time ahead. For example, a virtual painting could be created that the user can upload and sell on the blockchain.

Waterfall vs. Agile: A Distinction Between the two Methodologies


The sequential process of the waterfall approach is the conventional format for developing software. However, you don't have the luxury of adapting the software according to changing customer demands. Fortunately, agile offers the flexibility and agility to adapt to customers' requirements.

Overview of Melbet App Features for Users from Bangladesh

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Title: Overview of Melbet App Features for Users from Bangladesh. Description: This article will tell you in great detail about the mobile app of Melbet, as well as all the functions that it provides to Bangladeshi players. Melbet App Features for Users from Bangladesh. Today’s betting market is full of bookies that offer their services to users from Bangladesh. Not all bookies can be called the best, but they are all trying to interest as many users as possible.