May, 2020

The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

* The Wiz: [link] 200518_2J_70c5f6c1c92a1cd436e525ac2b895f51 200518_AY_290d20f93c0e4b469e0bbe60a63f678e 200518_8F_49cb76e22485f51fad729e085a8bd08e 200518_4W_7d70995268b4aa4f495304063d449ae3&thumbSize=150&ival=100&end=all * [link] --> For the most part, web fonts nowadays are faster than ever. With more standardised FOUT/FOIT behaviour from browser vendors, to the newer font-display specification, performance—and therefore the user—seems to have been finally been put front-and-centre.

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What is Greenplum Database? Intro to the Big Data Database


Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that is built and based on PostgreSQL. It can scale towards a multi-petabyte level data workload without a single issue, and it allows access to a cluster of powerful servers that will work together within a single SQL interface where you can view all of the data. In this blog post, we explain what Greenplum is, and break down the Greenplum architecture, advantages, major use cases, and how to get started.

A Short on How Zoom Works

High Scalability

Zoom scaled from 20 million to 300 million users virtually over night. What's incredible is from the outside they've shown little in the way of apparent growing pains, though on the inside it's a good bet a lot of craziness is going on. Sure, Zoom has made some design decisions that made sense as a small spunky startup that don't make a lot of sense as a defacto standard, but that's to be expected. It's not a sign of bad architecture as many have suggested.

Selenium Automation Script With JavaScript


Selenium is an open-source automation framework initially introduced in 2004. Using this framework, we can validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. Java, C#, Python are mostly used for developing test scripts. Testing performed using Selenium are generally referred to as Selenium testing. The initial version released is just a single tool, but the latest version is now not only a tool — it’s a software suite with a pack of IDE, RC, and WebDriver.

DevSecOps: Recent experiences in field of Federal & Government


Dynatrace news. Introduction. For Federal, State and Local agencies to take full advantage of the agility and responsiveness of a DevOps approach to the software lifecycle, Security must also play an integral role across lifecycle stages. Modern DevOps permits high velocity development cycles resulting in weekly, daily, or even hourly software releases. But outdated security practices pose a significant barrier even to the most efficient DevOps initiatives.

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 2 – Derived tables, logical considerations

SQL Performance

Last month I provided a background to table expressions in T-SQL. I explained the context from relational theory and the SQL standard. I explained how a table in SQL is an attempt to represent a relation from relational theory. I also explained that a relational expression is an expression operating on one or more relations as inputs and resulting in a relation. Similarly, in SQL, a table expression is an expression operating on one or more input tables, and resulting in a table.

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Hyper Scale VPC Flow Logs enrichment to provide Network Insight

The Netflix TechBlog

How Netflix is able to enrich VPC Flow Logs at Hyper Scale to provide Network Insight By Hariharan Ananthakrishnan and Angela Ho The Cloud Network Infrastructure that Netflix utilizes today is a large distributed ecosystem that consists of specialized functional tiers and services such as DirectConnect, VPC Peering, Transit Gateways, NAT Gateways, etc.

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Reducing Your Database Hosting Costs: DigitalOcean vs. AWS vs. Azure

High Scalability

If you’re hosting your databases in the cloud, choosing the right cloud service provider is a significant decision to make for your long-term hosting costs. This is especially apparent in today's world where organizations are doing whatever they can to optimize and reduce their costs. Over the last few weeks, we have been inundated with requests from SMB customers looking to improve the ROI on their database hosting.

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The Perfect Way To Maintain Your Selenium Test Automation


Without a doubt, automated browser testing has transformed the way software development works. If it wasn’t for Selenium, we wouldn’t be able to use such a wide array of bug-free web apps as we do. But sometimes, even the IT sector misunderstands the term automation. Most people assume that the computer is going to accomplish all the testing for them! They also end up thinking that they can automate the entire product.

The new normal of digital experience delivery – lessons learned from monitoring mission-critical websites during COVID-19


Dynatrace news. Since the start of COVID -19, o rganizations have adapted to a new normal, shifting employees to work-from-home and initiating more remote servicing for customers. As we continue to adapt, Biz/Dev/Ops teams are under intense pressure as organizations turn to apps and the cloud to transact business and keep employees productive and customers satisfied. .

SQL Interview Questions for the second round

SQL Shack

In this article, we will talk about SQL interview questions and answers that can be asked in the second-round technical stage. These interview questions are based on real-life experiences. Therefore, it can be a very useful source when preparing for the second round of SQL technical interviews. Many companies conduct a technical interview to evaluate […]. Query analysis SQL interview questions


Kovair’s DevSecOps: Making Security Testing Seamless in DevOps, with full PLM Transparency


Integrating Security Testing within development and the operations teams are becoming the new norm, but this migration needs newer thinking, with newer processes, methods and. DevOps DevSecOps Product Lifecycle Management Test Management PLM

Keeping Customers Streaming?—?The Centralized Site Reliability Practice at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Keeping Customers Streaming?—?The The Centralized Site Reliability Practice at Netflix By Hank Jacobs , Senior Site Reliability Engineer on CORE We’re privileged to be in the business of bringing joy to our customers at Netflix. Whether it’s a compelling new series or an innovative product feature, we strive to provide a best-in-class service that people love and can enjoy anytime, anywhere. A key underpinning to keeping our customers happy and streaming is a strong focus on reliability.

Part 2: The DynamoDB Book: An Interview With Alex DeBrie On His New Book

High Scalability

This is the second part of my interview with Alex DeBrie on his new insta-classic: The DynamoDB Book. To read the first part of the interview please mosey on over to The DynamoDB Book: An Interview With Alex DeBrie On His New Book. Go ahead. Take your time. It's worth it. Quick Fire Round. What's your quick reaction to: Book


Web Service Testing Using Neoload


In this tutorial, we will understand how to design SOAP and REST services using Neoload to validate the performance of web services. Designing SOAP request in Neoload. Step 1: Create New Project (Go to File -> Click on New -> Enter Project Name -> Click Finish). rest microservice soap api neoload performance and testing webservice testing

Tutorial: Guide to automated SRE-driven performance engineering


Dynatrace news. In this blog, I will be going through a step-by-step guide on how to automate SRE-driven performance engineering. You may have seen over the past few months we have been extensively promoting Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) as part of our Open Source project Keptn. Keptn uses SLO definitions to automatically configure Dynatrace or Prometheus alerting rules.

Impact of the Column order in Composite Index SQL Server

SQL Shack

In this article, we will explore Composite Index SQL Server and key order impacts on it. We will also view SQL Server update statistics to determine an optimized execution plan of the Compositive index. Introduction SQL Server indexes are a vital factor in query performance and overall system performance. We use clustered and non-clustered indexes […]. Development Execution plans Indexes

Tracking Web Vitals for a better user experience

Speed Curve

Google recently announced an initiative called 'Web Vitals', which focuses on three performance metrics they consider essential for improving the user experience: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). First Input Delay (FID). Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). With the exception of FID, all of these metrics are available in both LUX (our RUM tool) and Synthetic. FID requires a real user for calculation and therefore is only available in LUX.

How to Write a Good Bug Report? Some Tips


Bug reporting is an important and major aspect of software testing. Some teams discuss minor bugs with developers directly, while most companies make it a point to report the bugs irrespective of its severity. This way, we do not “bug” the developers too much and, the tester who finds it next will not spend duplicate efforts reporting the same bug again. If a bug is not documented, the developer fails to understand the bug or worse, reject it.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For May 14th, 2020

High Scalability

Hey, it's HighScalability time! Who knew a birthday service could lead to an existential crisis? Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff can't happen. You are that important to the fate of the smart and thoughtful world. Know someone who wants to understand the cloud? I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 just for them. On Amazon it has 111 mostly 5 star reviews.

Reactive Architecture Benefits and Use Cases


While the term reactive architecture has been around for a long time, only relatively recently has it been recognized by the industry and hit mainstream adoption. And the goal of this article is to analyze what reactive really is and why to adopt it.

Actionable insights with our Adobe Analytics integration and new web properties (referrer, UTM…)


Dynatrace news. Connecting insights from different tools is hard. While Dynatrace provides software intelligence to accelerate your company’s digital transformation, web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics help you deeply understand your user journeys, segmentation, behavior, and strategic business metrics such as revenue, orders, and conversion goals.

SQL Server Query Tuning tips for beginners with practical examples

SQL Shack

In this article, we will continue to learn essential techniques of the SQL Server query tuning with practical examples. Query tuning is a bit complicated issue and if any database programmer wants to be successful on this topic, they can start with learning these basic methods to improve their skill. These methods can be quickly […]. Performance Query analysis

“Anything is Possible in the Novel Economy” – Brian Solis


Following the disruption wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, global businesses are squinting their eyes through the dust of the aftermath. Little has prepared them for what Brian Solis calls the “Novel Economy”. Yet despite all the uncertainty and hardship, Brian—Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce—remains upbeat that opportunity abounds, and that “anything is possible” — especially if enterprises center their response around the safety and evolving needs of customers and employees. .

QnA with Ajay Balamurugadas


Here’s a quick QnA session with the one and only witty and sharp, Ajay Balamurugadas. Ajay is an esteemed speaker, conducts multiple training sessions, learning activities, and testing initiatives. He is always ready to help and suggest thoughtful ideas( no doubt why people call him the “idea guy”! ). Ajay leads delivery at Qapitol QA, a QA services’ company that topped the GTR Leaderboard. Here’s what we discussed.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform. Scrapinghub is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Big Data/AI).

Benefits of Using an Online Bug Tracking System


When a software program or an application does not work the way it is created or designed to perform, it is called a software bug. In most cases, these errors are caused by developers or designers. The software testing team uses bug tracking software's to keep a track of bugs and to report them as the program is being tested. It is estimated that software developers make 100-150 errors for every thousand lines of code.

Government: Why it’s important, now more than ever, to optimize digital user experience


Dynatrace news. When the Australian Federal Government set its 2025 vision to be a world leader in the delivery of digital services, nobody predicted the coronavirus pandemic was around the corner. But it shouldn’t stop this vision from being completed. Quite the opposite, in fact. The pandemic, and all the rapid change it brings, demonstrates the urgency of building optimal digital experiences for Australians.

How to identify and resolve SQL Server Index Fragmentation

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn how to identify and resolve Index Fragmentation in SQL Server. Index fragmentation identification and index maintenance are important parts of the database maintenance task. Microsoft SQL Server keeps updating the index statistics with the Insert, Update or Delete activity over the table. The index fragmentation is the index performance […]. Indexes Performance

SQL Server for Linux Performance Monitoring Improvements

SQL Server According to Bob

SQL Server for Linux Performance Monitoring ​​ Improvements Last year I posted a blog ​​ with examples ​​ using ​​ Performance Co-Pilot, ​​ [link] , to monitor SQL Server on Linux.

A/B Testing Instant.Page With Netlify and Speedcurve

Tim Kadlec

I’ve wanted to give a proper try out on my site for a while now. It’s a pretty clever approach. The script watches for when someone hovers over a link and then, when they do, uses the prefetch resource hint to get started fetching that page before the click event even occurs. I like the idea, in theory, quite a bit. I also like the implementation.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform. Scrapinghub is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Big Data/AI).

Tips for Healthy Page Object Classes


The most popular design pattern used in web UI test codebases is the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern. This pattern suggests modeling a class to represent a single page of your system under test. Using this model, the class would contain properties that represent the elements of the UI page and methods that interact with these elements. Given this is the Login Page of our application, let’s discuss tips for building a class using POM.

Dynatrace ServiceNow integration certified for the Orlando release


Dynatrace news. The updated Dynatrace ServiceNow application has UI enhancements, the addition of a new Dynatrace entity, and additional event management updates. It also fixes some known issues from previous versions. What’s new at a glance. Add value to the integration with Dynatrace entity tags for all Dynatrace entities in ServiceNow. Gain insight into your RUM application endpoints by integrating Dynatrace applications in ServiceNow. Quickly notify relevant teams by grouping alerts.

Memory-Optimized Table Variables in SQL Server

SQL Shack

This article will cover the usage details and performance advantages of the memory-optimized table variables. A table variable is a sort of variable that is used to store data temporarily. Disk-based table variables are created in the TempDB database by SQL Server and their life cycle begins and ends on this database. In this context, […]. Functions In-Memory OLTP Performance Performance counters

15 Remote Working Tips From Experience


Remote work has been steadily gaining popularity for some years now. According to an article published by smallbizgenius , in 2019, the number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005. Now, most of the population is working from home. For most of the companies that had not adapted work from home before, this time has been an eye-opener. Many companies including the big ones like Twitter, Barclays, Mondelez are allowing employees to continue work from home indefinitely.

How to go from performance tester to performance engineer

TechBeacon Testing

Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of performance engineering, which goes well beyond performance testing. These organizations now require the capability to fix performance issues whenever and wherever they exist—and they're willing to pay a premium for those skills. That’s why many performance testers are stepping up their game. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Performance Testing

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