Testing for Developers: Testing Types and Definitions


performance testing training definitions forms of testingIn the series, we will define the basic terms that every developer needs to know about testing. The purpose is to give all team members a shared understanding of the fundamental terminology of quality assurance and all related processes. Later, this will improve communication and reviews quality. It will further increase the testing capabilities of each member. In this part, we will talk about the different testing types.

Understanding the deadlock definition in SQL Server

SQL Shack

This article explains the deadlock definition in SQL Server, and it also mentions how to capture deadlock with extended events. Deadlock Definition Deadlock occurs when two processes want […].


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Get Crisp on the Definition of Quality


When we talk about quality we may think of a fine piece of furniture or the quality service we receive at a fancy restaurant but what does quality mean in the context of software? I find that when we talk about the domain of ideas, and software is in the domain of ideas, that we often use metaphors that are based upon the physical world and are not always accurate. In the physical world, the notion of quality has to do with fine craftsmanship and longevity.

Microservices: A quick and simple definition

O'Reilly Software

Sam Newman provides a succinct definition of microservices in Building Microservices : “Microservices are small, autonomous services that work together.”. In Microservice Architecture , authors Mike Amundsen, Irakli Nadareishvili, Ronnie Mitra, and Matt McLarty add detail to the definition by outlining traits microservice applications share: Small in size. Continue reading Microservices: A quick and simple definition

React Performance – A Definitive Guide to React js Performance Optimization


The post React Performance – A Definitive Guide to React js Performance Optimization appeared first on Insights on Latest Software Technologies - Simform Blog. Performance-related problems in the web app are not new. Developers have been encountering these issues since a longer period of time. When any new language originates, developers are bound to face performance issues with it. React is one such example of language.

5G Will Definitely Make the Web Slower, Maybe

CSS - Tricks

Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post 5G Will Definitely Make the Web Slower, Maybe appeared first on CSS-Tricks. Scott Jehl has written this wonderful piece about how 5G is on the horizon and how it could cause problems for users. But first, he starts by talking about the overwhelming positive news about it: [.] as it matures 5G is predicted to improve network speeds dramatically.

Understanding APIs: What They Are and Why They Matter


Web Performance api APIs in action definition of API rigorReading time 4 min People all over the world consume data on a daily basis across a variety of networks, geographies, and devices. You’ve probably lost track of how many applications are on your phone or tablet – applications for shopping, ordering food, checking the weather, reading the news, tracking the stock market, and sharing images, videos, and other content with friends and family (and maybe a few strangers).

A Simple Implementation of Remote Configuration For SwiftUI


First of all, a quick definition of Remote Configuration: It is a way to customize the behaviour of a desired system based on certain parameters that are stored on a remote location. Many well-known libraries will give you this feature, and many of us are tempted to just integrate this big, complex, and unknown dependency without evaluating the real cost of it. swift

Chaos Engineering: Deadlock


The technical definition of a ‘deadlock’ is a situation where a set of processes are blocked because each process is holding a resource and waiting for another resource acquired by some other process.

Domain, Subdomain, Bounded Context, Problem/Solution Space in DDD: Clearly Defined

Strategic Tech

However, some concepts in DDD do not have a clear definition and are highly implicit. Everybody has their own definition of Domain, Subdomain, Problem Space and Solution space. In this article, I’m going to provide working definitions of those concepts and clear them up.

The Future of Performance Testing

Alex Podelko

Of course, more sophisticated tools may definitely do better job in creating a simple and intuitive interface (still providing a way to invoke more sophisticated functionality when needed). One of main challenges is definitely scripting and scripts fragility. It definitely changes the performance engineering strategy and there are many questions to be sorted out eventually. Following up my post Are Times still Good for Load Testing? ,

Splunk to acquire Rigor


Today we are excited to announce that Rigor has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Splunk.

Are Times still Good for Load Testing?

Alex Podelko

If we speak about open source tools, we definitely see some improvement – but in many areas they are still behind the best commercial tools (yes, many may not need these advanced features and yes, often there are other ways to do it – but when you need them, it is a problem) and it doesn’t appear that we see many (if any) new interesting products. My post Good Times for Load Testing was published in 2014.

React vs Svelte- A Comprehensive Comparison Between Javascript Libraries


And it definitely is not the right solution for everyone. If we ask you to think of a Javascript library, there’s a high chance you’ll say React js since it’s been the longest in the business. But React is not the only javascript framework out there.

Synthetic Monitoring With Telegraf


This car would definitely require synthetic testing. There are two main modes for collecting data about your systems and software: the first is by collecting data from within the application itself, often called white-box monitoring, and the second is by querying the system from the outside and collecting data about the response. performance synthetic monitoring telegraf black box testing

Don't rely on end-to-end tests: design for failure instead.


We typically understand software testing by the everyday definition of the word: making sure a piece of software performs the way it is supposed to in a production-like environment. The first category would fall under integration testing, and you definitely need that.

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The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

Their ability to serve the tiniest possible font files tailored to specific user agents and platforms is amazing, and with such a huge, freely-available library served from Google-grade CDNs… I definitely see why people continue to turn to it.

Google 285

Performance Testing with Open Source Tools – Myths and Reality

Alex Podelko

While Federico definitely has good points there, there is some truth in these myths too. The open source load testing tools definitely advanced a lot in both maturity and functionality – but there are many areas where they are behind best commercial tools (and if it matters for a specific user is another subject – for some it may not). You have to remember this was in 2015, a lot has changed since, Gatling is definitely a stronger tool.

10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony


The following definition is given in the documentation: tutorial performance testing symfony symfony framework testing tipsTaking part in testing more than 50 projects we saw how tests can give confidence in the code base, begin to save time for the entire development team and help to comply with business requirements. For those who come from other ecosystems, let us first explain what the term “functional tests” means in Symfony.

Regression Testing: Tools and Techniques


Regression Testing, by its definition, is a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features. It is done to make sure that the existing application is intact with the newly added features and nothing is broken. In order to achieve that, the existing test cases are executed selectively or sometimes completely. Regression testing ensures that the old code still works once the new code changes are done.

Team Responsibility Ownership Patterns. Part 1: A Business Architecture Model

Strategic Tech

I’m not precious about any of the definition used in this article. It’s ok if you define these terms differently, but please make your definitions clear if you want to debate the content of this article so that we don’t end up arguing about definitions instead of design trade-offs.

How Do You Run a Unit Test in Apex?


Such methods are flagged with the @isTest annotation in the method definition. To facilitate the development of robust, error-free code, Apex supports the creation and execution of unit tests. Unit tests are class methods that verify whether a particular piece of code is working properly.

What Is Application Performance Monitoring?


As the founder of a company that creates these types of tools, I definitely have some opinions on Application Performance Monitoring vs Application Performance Management. Over recent years, the term APM has become increasingly used by lots of vendors and tools.

Self-Service Monitoring Checks in Sensu Go


and Sensu Go or — in the case of standalone check definitions — are creating something even better. Now that we've officially launched Sensu Go and announced the EOL schedule for Sensu 1.x , I want to address some of the ways in which we're either ensuring backward compatibility between Sensu 1.x Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash. performance monitoring sensu sensu go standalone check

f() vs f(void) in C vs C++

Nick Desaulniers

Upon closer inspection, it seemed like a difference between function definitions, particularly f() vs f(void). Is an error in C, but surprisingly C++ is less strict here, not only allowing it but also taking the semantics of the definition. Needless to say, If you write code like that where your function declarations and definitions do not match, you will be put in prison. We need the help of -Wmissing-prototypes to flag the mismatch between declaration and definition. (An

C++ 87

What Does Continuous Testing ACTUALLY Mean?


I was surprised to read this definition of continuous testing in the article: Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate as rapidly as possible. Continuous Testing. Recently someone pointed me to a Twitter thread that contained a link to an article about “Continuous Testing”.

Evolution of Netflix Conductor:

The Netflix TechBlog

Adoption As of writing this blog, Conductor orchestrates 600+ workflow definitions owned by 50+ teams across Netflix. Dynamic Workflow Executions For use cases where the need arises to execute a large/arbitrary number of varying workflow definitions or to run a one-time ad hoc workflow for testing or analytical purposes, registering definitions first with the metadata store in order to then execute them only once, adds a lot of additional overhead.

Lambda 169

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 2 – PgBouncer


Pool definitions. The simplest definition is of the form: * = host=. When it comes to connection pooling in the PostgreSQL world, PgBouncer is probably the most popular option.

Cache 207

CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

This is definitely a bug in WebKit/Blink—missing quotes shouldn’t hide the @import ed stylesheet from the Preload Scanner. Let’s call that app.css : This carries three key inefficiencies: Any given page will only use a small subset of styles found in app.css : we’re almost definitely downloading more CSS than we need. Despite having been called CSS Wizardry for over a decade now, there hasn’t been a great deal of CSS-related content on this site for a while.

Architecture Ownership Patterns for Team Topologies. Part 3: Multi-Team Patterns

Strategic Tech

Group Patterns The following list is as a sample of archetypical patterns rather than a definitive list. However, a structured model with clear definitions can help your company to define guidelines that make sense in your context.

5 Types of Tests To Perform On Your APIs


API test is a series of QA activities that comprise sending calls to the API, getting the result, and validating the response of the system against the definite input parameters, in precise, HTTP status codes, the data’s accuracy and data’s format, and error codes. API Test is crucial for the software systems to function at high quality. Every app you build nowadays completely relies on Application Programming Interfaces.

Seeing is believing: a client-centric specification of database isolation

The Morning Paper

use this perspective to create new definitions of isolation levels. And yet, until Crooks all the definitions, including Adya’s , have been based on implementation concerns! But it’s even easier with a state-based definition of snapshot isolation (SI).

PerformanceObserver and Paint Timing API


In a recent post about Chrome 60 Beta , Google announced the support of the Paint Timing API to get metrics on when your page starts rendering and when the user gets content that can be consumed (more info on the definition of the events below). By its definition : "first-paint" entries contain a DOMHighResTimeStamp reporting the time when the browser first rendered after navigation.

Google 100

7 Best Performance Testing Tools to Look Out for in 2021


For example, the gaming app has to present definite actions to bring the right experience. The system could work efficiently with a specific number of concurrent users; however, it may get dysfunctional with extra loads during peak traffic. Performances testing helps establish the scalability, stability, and speed of the software application. Numerous kinds of performance testing imitate several possible user scenarios and know the behavior of the apps.

What is DevOps? Gene Kim offers an expert view and explains how to maximize success


I love that definition, because it doesn’t actually say what DevOps is, it is what we aspire to.”. Dynatrace news. Today, every organization is a software company, driven by demands for better, more connected digital experiences.

DevOps 183

Extend Dynatrace automation and AI capabilities more easily than ever


you can now ingest data more easily at scale and derive the topological context along with the topology definition. Dynatrace news. These days, everything is about software. Complex IT systems make it possible to buy your favorite pair of jeans online, pay your bills, or help you navigate.

Strongly Type Those Table-Valued Parameters

SQL Performance

By their very definition, table-valued parameters are strongly-typed to a user-defined table type that must exist within the database where the call is being made. } ; We now have correct lengths for the column definitions, and we won't be passing them as LOBs over TDS to SQL Server.

Synthetic Monitoring vs. RUM


Let’s start with a brief definition of two of the more prominent web performance methodologies: synthetic monitoring and real.

Synthetic Monitoring vs. RUM


Let’s start with a brief definition of two of the more prominent web performance methodologies: synthetic monitoring and real.

Getting to Know a Legacy Codebase

CSS Wizardry

These tags allow definitions to be quickly and easily located by a text editor or other utility. Basically, ctags will create a kind of of database of all of the function, variable, mixin, ID, and class definitions for your project. The other day, Brad dropped me a message asking me about the topic of getting to know a brand new (specifically CSS) codebase.

Ensuring Performance, Efficiency, and Scalability of Digital Transformation

Alex Podelko

So you need to understand what is going on there – and Debbie is definitely an authority in that area. The CMG Impact conference (February 10-12, 2020 in Las Vegas) is coming. Looking at the program I have the same problem as I always had with CMG conferences – how could I attend all the sessions I want considering that we have multiple tracks?

Lower total cost of ownership with improved OneAgent and ActiveGate update process


Definition of an update window with daily recurrence. Definition of update window with monthly recurrence. Definition of update window with weekly recurrence – please note the selection of days of the week. Dynatrace news.

Tips for Technical Interviews

CSS Wizardry

I don’t think this article is definitive or gospel. Yesterday, I spoke at ITKonket in Kragujevac, Serbia. During the Q&A after my talk, one great and non-technical question I got was for general advice on interviewing at tech companies. I decided to write down (and expand on) my answer in the hope that it might help someone else, too. Disclaimer. I don’t claim to be an authority on interviewing.

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