Case Study: Complex UI Testing


Large and Complex UI 90%+ Covered by Tests. In this previous post, I used the example of the new NDepend v2020.1 graph. This new tool is a large and complex UI with dozens of actions proposed to the user and a drastic performance requirement (it scales live on 100.000+ elements).

Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study)

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Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study). Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study). However, in our pages, the case was different as our database stores lots of data, and we need to serve thousands of landing pages at scale.


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How We Improved Our Core Web Vitals (Case Study)

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How We Improved Our Core Web Vitals (Case Study). How We Improved Our Core Web Vitals (Case Study). Beau Hartshorne. 2021-05-17T11:30:00+00:00. 2021-05-17T14:40:42+00:00.

Improving The Performance Of Shopify Themes (Case Study)

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Improving The Performance Of Shopify Themes (Case Study). Improving The Performance Of Shopify Themes (Case Study). Here’s a great case study on apps and their effect on performance. Carson Shold. 2021-05-06T11:00:00+00:00. 2021-05-06T14:08:46+00:00.

A case study of SQL Query tuning in SQL Server

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For this reason, in this article, we will work on a case study and we are going to learn how we can tune its performance step by step. Gaining experience in SQL query tuning can be very difficult and complicated for database developers or administrators.

Lessons Learned Rebuilding A Large E-Commerce Website With Next.js (Case Study)

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Lessons Learned Rebuilding A Large E-Commerce Website With Next.js (Case Study). Lessons Learned Rebuilding A Large E-Commerce Website With Next.js (Case Study). In this case the product detail and category pages.

Case Study: Pokémon GO on Google Cloud Load Balancing

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There are a lot of cool nuggets in Google's New Book: The Site Reliability Workbook. If you haven't put it on your reading list, here's a tantalizing excerpt from CHAPTER 11 Managing Load by Cooper Bethea, Gráinne Sheerin, Jennifer Mace, and Ruth King with Gary Luo and Gary O’Connor. Niantic launched Pokémon GO in the summer of 2016.

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How To Run A UX Audit For A Major EdTech Platform (Case Study)

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How To Run A UX Audit For A Major EdTech Platform (Case Study). How To Run A UX Audit For A Major EdTech Platform (Case Study). According to a study by Mirjam Seckler , completion time decreases significantly if a signup form follows basic usability guidelines.

Reducing High CPU on MySQL: a Case Study


In this blog post, I want to share a case we worked on a few days ago. For example, we wanted to pause or even abort the alter in the case of the number of Threads_Running exceeding a certain threshold. In this case, they had tested the new release on a concurrency level that was not like their production. I’ll show you how we approached the resolution of a MySQL performance issue and used Percona Monitoring and Management PMM to support troubleshooting.

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Improving Flow through Integration in Santa’s Workshop: A Fictional Case Study


Depending on the type of toy and its requirements, a number of tests would be run (in some cases requiring approval from Mrs. Claus) before they are added to the release pipeline or sent back to the workshop to be fixed.

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Improving The Performance Of An Online Store (Case Study)

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Improving The Performance Of An Online Store (Case Study). Improving The Performance Of An Online Store (Case Study). Studies show that each additional second of loading time has a significant impact on the conversion rate. In several cases, there was!

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How Could Make Their Site 3.1s Faster


In case you weren’t sure. Even better, we hope this case file shows you the best practices and potential fixes for your own e-commerce site. Case Studies

Performance Tuning Re-indexing and Update Statistics – A Case Study

SQL Server Performance

Recently we started experiencing a very strange issue in our production reporting environment where the Re-indexing and Update Statistics operation suddenly began taking more than 2 days to complete and was thus causing blockage in the database which in turn caused impairment in application performance. Reporting Server Configuration Details: SQL Server Version: SQL Server 2005 […]. General DBA Performance Tuning index re-indexing Update Statistics

Data-Driven Testing Using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Selenium


tutorial performance json selenium case study login data driven testingIntroduction. According to Guru 99, "Data-driven testing is a test automation framework which stores test data for applications in a table or spreadsheet format. This helps automation testers to have a single test script which can execute tests for all the test data in the Excel file."

Speeding Up Hadoop Builds Using Distributed Unit Tests

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A straightforward approach is to obtain a list of test cases and cut it into equal pieces. The following piece of bash code do this part of the work: case $SLAVEID in Slave-Alpha) JOBID=0;; # Slave-Alpha is a Jenkins node ID Slave-Beta) JOBID=1;; Slave-Gamma) JOBID=2;; Slave-Delta) JOBID=3;; Slave-Epsilon) JOBID=4;; Slave-Zeta) JOBID=5;; esac ant -Dtest.junit.output.format=xml clean test -Dtest.all.file=upar-split.${JOBID}.

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Why You Need to Monitor Your Site for Performance


Optimization Explained alerts case study monitoringWe walk you through all the reasoning behind monitoring your website with GTmetrix, complete with real-world examples and data.

Hierarchical Navigation and Faceted Search on Top of Oracle Coherence

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In such cases, content delivery network (CDN) is typically used to cache majority of the content and shield the system from high workload. This node can be identical to other nodes from the deployment point of view (the same application as on the other nodes), but user requests are not routed to it and more powerful hardware can be used in some cases. As an interesting example, we can consider the following use case.

Real-World Effectiveness of Brotli

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of a reasonable size (compression is more relevant) and not formed predominantly of non-compressible content (like, for example YouTube)), and/or; not all multi-billion dollar corporations (let’s use some normal case studies, too).

MongoDB Performance Resources

Alex Podelko

Overnight to 60 Seconds: An IOT ETL Performance Case Study. As I started to work for MongoDB, I started to get questions about MongoDB performance. We do have a lot of great resources that can help with MongoDB performance.

How to Implement React Migration And Increase Your Performance 3X?


With this article, we aim to put together a case study on React Migration and explain the steps to convert your web app frontend to React.js.

Load Average: An Indicator for Only CPU Demand?


However, that is not the case. To prove this theory, we conducted this simple case study. Load Average Study. ‘ Load Average ‘ is an age-old metric reported in various operating systems. It’s often assumed as a metric to indicate the CPU demand only. Load Average’ not only indicates CPU demand, but also the I/O demand (i.e., network read/write, file read/write, disk read/write). To validate this theory, we leveraged BuggyApp.

Using Logback With Spring


This article is also part of my recent case study session that I drew from my latest project. In my previous project, I learned that using logback for logging is essential for our Spring applications. At that time, I had never heard it before. Now you are maybe in the same shoes, so I decided to write a small fact-finding article about how to use logback with Spring. Check my first one here: Spring Boot with external tomcat.

Google's New Book: The Site Reliability Workbook

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SLO Engineering Case Studies. What makes this book a tour de force are all the examples and case studies. In Chapter 3— SLO Engineering Case Studies —Evernote and The Home Depot tell the story of their journey into SRE. In Chapter 6— Eliminating Toil —there are detailes case studies on Reducing Toil in the Datacenter with Automation and Decommission Filer-Backed Home Directories.

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Analyzing Notion app performance

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Here’s a fantastic case study where Ivan Akulov looks at the rather popular writing app Notion and how the team might improve the performance in a variety of ways; through code splitting, removing unused vendor code, module concatenation, and deferring JavaScript execution.

How to Estimate Web Performance Impact Before Making Fixes


Look, there are many case studies proving a correlation between loading time and business metrics!” ?-?I 2.Measuring the Relative Mobile Conversion Rate Another relatively easy way to spot performance issues and making a business case is to look at conversation rates.

What is OpenShift and why automation matters


For more information on how Dynatrace & Red Hat OpenShift, check out this case study from or read this blog from Red Hat, The Power of OpenShift, The Visibility of Dynatrace. Dynatrace news. What is OpenShift? Red Hat OpenShift is a hybrid cloud platform.

What is OpenShift and why automation matters


For more information on Dynatrace & Red Hat OpenShift, check out this case study from Porsche Informatik or read this blog from Red Hat, The Power of OpenShift, The Visibility of Dynatrace. Dynatrace news. What is OpenShift? Red Hat OpenShift is a hybrid cloud platform.

Fostering a Web Performance Culture


Except for exceptionally few cases, the users of your product don’t have a similar environment. Not only that, but in some cases we may prioritize top devices because those are the ones used by the users that are most likely to pay for our product. There is a lot research on how performance optimization improves key metrics and sites like WPO Stats are a good source of case studies. Lots of case studies where changes in performance led to key metric improvement.

ZFS Is Mysteriously Eating My CPU

Brendan Gregg

I summarized this case study at [Kernel Recipes] in 2017 and have shared the full story here. ## 1. A microservice team asked me for help with a mysterious issue. They claimed that the ZFS file system was consuming 30% of CPU capacity.

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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

J. Paul Reed

A mouthful of a title… but then, I suppose most thesis titles are. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy to finally report, it’s official: my thesis for Lund’s Human Factors and Systems Safety program has been published ! Astute followers may be wondering “Hey, wait a second, I thought you graduated last summer? Twitter has the receipts !” Well, I did march with my classmates last summer. But, that didn’t mean everything was all signed, sealed, and delivered.

Bringing DevOps to the Database

Baron Schwartz

This talk summarizes what I’ve learned over the last decade, studying teams that succeeded as well as those that tried. There’s some theory/discussion, but not much; there’s more focus on case studies, commonalities between lots of teams/companies, and common approaches that I’ve seen work really well. Most teams find it hard to “do DevOps” in the DB for several reasons.

How To Add eBPF Observability To Your Product

Brendan Gregg

If you want to run these tools 24x7, study overheads to understand the cost first. Once you have this all working, you have version 1! ## Case study: Netflix Netflix is building a new GUI that does this tool dashboard and more, based on the bpftrace versions of these tools.

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Optimizing Your Images Didn’t Improve Your Load Time? Here’s Why


His article in the Web Performance Calendar, The ugly truth about optimizing beautiful images , explores a few case studies and offers some solutions as well. In the final case study in Michael’s article, the total image size was reduced by 95%.

Tips for Technical Interviews

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If this is the case, ask the recruiter who will be interviewing you (you need a name and their title). Focus less on technologies and syntax and think more about strategic and business-facing case studies from your past. It also prepares them to hear from you, in case they’re the kind of company that is prone to ghosting its interviewees. Yesterday, I spoke at ITKonket in Kragujevac, Serbia.

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Image Processing Insights


WebP size comparison In previous case studies, we've analyzed the different image sizes against WebP. In almost each case, the size of the WebP images was smaller. A typical use case for overlay images is adding the logo to images in a web shop or company website.

10 talks to look for at the 2018 O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London

O'Reilly Software

We get a huge number of excellent case studies at the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference, which we like because it gives attendees insight into real-world problems and solutions; this one is an outstanding example. This journey is another great case study. From chaos architecture to event streaming to leading teams, the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference offers a unique depth and breadth of content.

Analyzing a High Rate of Paging

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This is a rough post to share this old but good case study of using these tools, and to help justify their further development. I'm running it in case the averages are hiding outliers, which could be a device issue: # /usr/share/bcc/tools/biolatency -m. These are rough notes.

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Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

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In case you’re wondering, a non-whitelisted domain returns a 403. The two test cases are very, very different sites, so I’m not looking to directly compare any timings—that would be unfair—I merely want to highlight the phenomenon. Specific webfont providers aside, I think this entire situation makes for a fascinating case study of how things can begin to slide if enough small mistakes are allowed to consolidate.

Probabilistic Data Structures for Web Analytics and Data Mining

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This approach often leads to heavyweight high-latency analytical processes and poor applicability to realtime use cases. Other structures like Count-Min Sketch or Stream-Summary have complex dependency on statistical properties of data and experiments are the only reasonable way to understand their applicability to real use cases. This opportunity is leveraged in the following case study. Case Study. Case Study. Case Study.

LATAM COVID-19 readiness


Here, I want to demonstrate how some of our Dynatrace customers in LATAM are using our platform to adapt, change and improve their processes to confront this unique situation with case study examples from various industries: 1. Dynatrace news.

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The Power Of Pen And Paper Sketching

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Explore alternate ideas just in case you find something you love more. Moving From Sketch To Figma: A Case Study Of Migrating Design Systems ,” Buzz Usborne. The Power Of Pen And Paper Sketching. The Power Of Pen And Paper Sketching. Tracy Osborn. 2021-09-14T09:30:00+00:00.

How Netflix Scales its API with GraphQL Federation (Part 1)

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Yet they add complexity for use cases that span multiple services. Case Study: Studio Edge Intro to Studio Ecosystem Netflix is producing original content at an accelerated pace. A note on performance: Query Planning and Execution adds a ~10ms overhead in the worst case.

Introducing the MachMetrics Affiliate Program


Our most successful affiliates get the best results by sharing a case study of how they increased their site speed through the tools MachMetrics provides. We at MachMetrics are so lucky to have such an incredible user base that we’ve never had to buy advertising.