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Keeping in Touch With EclipseCon 2009


There's only one weekend left until we get to EclipseCon 2009 - and I can't wait! You'll have already seen what talks I'm looking forward to. We'll have lots of coverage of the conference here at EclipseZone. Another really easy way to follow the conference is by using Twitter to follow EclipseCon people.

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Redis vs. Memcached – 2021 Comparison


Redis stands for REmote DIctionary Server, created in 2009 by Salvatore Sanfilippo. Memcached, on the other hand, was created in 2003 by Brad Fitzpatrick.


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How to Migrate From MariaDB to MySQL


MariaDB started as a MySQL fork in 2009 to provide an alternate database version following Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL.While MariaDB has many features and has grown in popularity among users seeking a more open and community-driven development […]

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HLS in Depth


Initially developed by Apple in 2009, it has gained wide adoption across devices ranging from desktops and mobile phones to smart TVs. HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is a live streaming protocol that leverages current widespread HTTP technologies to deliver live video + audio experiences to large audiences.

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Java vs. Go Microservices - Load testing (Rematch)


When Go first appeared in November 2009, we didn't hear much about it, and our first interaction happened in 2012 when Go version 1 was officially released by Google.

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What do you believe now that you didn't five years ago? Centralized wins. Decentralized loses.

High Scalability

We do have new decentalized services : Bitcoin(2009), Minecraft(2009), Ethereum(2104), IPFS(2015), Mastadon(2016), and PeerTube(2018). We're still waiting on Pied Piper to deliver the decentralized internet. On an evolutionary timeline decentralized systems are neanderthals; centralized systems are the humans.

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OneAgent release notes version 1.241


The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2009-09-01. The vendor has de-supported this technology and version with 2009-09-01. Dynatrace OneAgent 1.239 was the last version to support the following technologies. JBoss Application Server 6, 7 for Java. JBossWS (JBoss AS) 4.x x for Java. OpenTelemetry 0.0.2

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