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What is DevSecOps?


Dynatrace news. DevSecOps is a cross-team collaboration framework that integrates security into DevOps processes from the start rather than waiting to address security in a separate silo.

Implementing HTTP Load Balancer Using HAProxy on AWS


Overview. HAProxy (High Availability Proxy) is an open source, fast, and reliable solution that provides load balancer and reverse proxy features for TCP- and HTTP-based applications. HAProxy load balancer handles heavy load traffic and reroutes requests seamlessly across multiple servers. HAProxy also supports the following features: cloud aws ec2 load balancer haproxy

AWS 168

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Allen Holub

The notions of accountability and responsibility often pop up in the context of business, as if both of those ideas are good things. A culture of accountability, we’re told, is essential to running a business.


k6 Review: Open Source Load Testing Tool for Developers


Have you heard the hype around k6 yet? Yes, yet another open source performance testing tool is making waves. In this post, I’ll share my k6 review in. The post k6 Review: Open Source Load Testing Tool for Developers appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services.

What is serverless computing? Driving efficiency without sacrificing observability


Dynatrace news. The phrase “serverless computing” appears contradictory at first, but for years now, successful companies have understood the benefit of using serverless technologies to streamline operations and reduce costs. Still, this model is not ideal in every situation.

5 Types of Tests To Perform On Your APIs


API Test is crucial for the software systems to function at high quality. Every app you build nowadays completely relies on Application Programming Interfaces. Application Programming Interface acts as the center level between the database and presentation layer in the software development procedure. It is mainly the channel that links the client to the server, drives business procedures, and gives the services which give worth to users.

How to read an execution plan with all details

SQL Shack

In this article, we will discuss how to read the SQL Server execution plan (query plan) with all aspects through an example, so we will gain some practical experience that helps to solve query performance issues.

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Leverage automated and intelligent observability for OpenTelemetry for Go with Dynatrace PurePath 4


Dynatrace news. Organizations that want a high-performance language with a great ecosystem for their applications often use Golang , an open-source programming language.

Do’s and Don’ts for Software Engineer Job Interview


In my estimation, I have given over 2,500 interviews in my career, the bulk of them for Software Engineer positions. I have been interviewing Software Engineers for over 25 years and in my current role as CEO of Solution Street, I conduct, on average, two interviews a week. Solution Street has been evolving its interview process for over 18 years, and we feel like we offer a pretty robust and fair process.

How do you decide your approach for mobile website testing?


The meteoric emergence of smartphones is nothing short of phenomenal, as a growing number of consumers are leveraging the potential offered by the smartphone ecosystem. As per April 2019 data of Statistica[1], the global mobile population accounted for 4 billion unique users.

Architecture Ownership Patterns for Team Topologies. Part 3: Multi-Team Patterns

Strategic Tech

As a system grows, higher-order abstractions are needed for ease of understanding, communication, and management. In Geography, continents are a higher order abstraction that allow us to collectively describe a large number of countries in a single word.

What About Ember?

Tim Kadlec

One thing that jumped out while working on the JavaScript chapter of the Web Almanac was the incredibly high amount of time spent processing JavaScript on the median mobile page where Ember.js was detected. The story was the same when I wrote The Cost of JS Frameworks. ).

Getting Rid of Performance Testing Outliers With a New JMeter Plugin


Introduction. Whether we like it or not, outliers happen in our daily lives! For instance, it can be a mansion that sells in your neighbourhood for a price three to four times higher than the average house price. In the workforce, it can also be a few professionals earning very high salaries when compared to the rest of the employees.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance: A Quick Guide for Fleet Managers


Fleet vehicle maintenance has evolved with time - right from reactive to preventive to now predictive, there has been a paradigm shift in maintenance.


Allen Holub

Real-Time Digital Twins Can Help Expedite Vaccine Distribution

ScaleOut Software

Agile In-Memory Software Can Track the Dynamic Rollout of Vaccine Distribution and Delivery to Quickly Spot Problems. Getting the COVID-19 crisis under control requires that we put in place an effective process for vaccine distribution so that the country can get to herd immunity as fast as possible.

How to Trace Linux System Calls in Production (Without Breaking Performance)


If you need to dynamically trace Linux process system calls, you might first consider strace. strace is simple to use and works well for issues such as "Why can't the software run on this machine?" However, if you're running a trace in a production environment, strace is NOT a good choice. It introduces a substantial amount of overhead.

Code on the Road: BMW’s Global Value Stream Management (VSM) Journey


At the recent Forrester Technology & Innovation Global Summit , René Te-Strote—Senior Project Lead of the BMW IT Group—spoke with our CEO and founder, Dr. Mik Kersten, about BMW’s ongoing transformation in the Age of Software.

6 Key Emerging Technologies in Fleet Management You Need To Know


Modern day fleet owners face a whole new range of challenges that didn't exist before. The cutthroat competitions and logistical challenges posed by the pandemic don't make things any easy, as well.

What's new in ServiceInsight 2.4

Particular Software

In this release of ServiceInsight, we’ve focused on productivity enhancements that will make ServiceInsight an even more valuable member of your distributed systems toolkit. ServiceInsight 2.4

How to Simulate I/O Faults at Runtime


In a production environment, filesystem faults might occur due to various incidents such as disk failures and administrator errors. As a Chaos Engineering platform, Chaos Mesh has supported simulating I/O faults in a filesystem ever since its early versions. By simply adding an IOChaos CustomResourceDefinition (CRD), we can watch how the filesystem fails and returns errors. However, before Chaos Mesh 1.0, this experiment was not easy and may have consumed a lot of resources.

A CPO and a CFO Walk into a Bar…


A Chief Product Officer (CPO) and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) walk into a bar. Just kidding – I have no CFO and CPO bar joke. But at the same time, the image itself is amusing; it probably doesn’t induce belly laughter, but a smirk maybe? Or perhaps even a wince?

How to Overcome Challenges in API Testing


In this interconnected age, integration is essential for software applications. Your users expect instant access to the information they want, even if that data resides within another application. That’s why APIs have become so integral in presenting a seamless user experience across software apps. That is, if the APIs deliver results correctly. Any issue with an API can halt users from continuing to use your product. integration automation testing api testing api performance

Fast, Efficient, and Effective Cross Browser Testing


What do you think about cross-browser testing ? Developers likely develop on only one browser – and maybe only one operating system. How does an app maker ensure that defects on other browsers will not affect their user base? In theory, cross-browser testing can help companies catch product defects before products get released to customers. But the legacy approach – setting up a bunch of parallel devices and running tests across each – incurs significant engineering skill and resource cost.

How to Perform Localization Testing Using Selenium WebDriver


Automation testing is vital to the entire process of delivering a successful web product. The challenge associated with testing a web site or web app grows exponentially if it’s built for a global audience (particularly non-English audience). Automation tests have to be performed to ensure that the product features (including the content) cater to specific locales.

OBD2 Reader: Car Diagnostics


While creating the OBD2 reader application, we faced many questions, problems, and so on, so we will try to acquaint you with them in this article. As it turned out, you can conduct a dialogue with the car, and quite a productive one. However, in order to start communicating with the car, it is necessary to "establish contact", "ask the right question" and correctly understand the "answer" received from the car.