December, 2021

Designing Netflix

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Ankit Sirmorya. Ankit is working as a Machine Learning Lead/Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon and has led several machine-learning initiatives across the Amazon ecosystem.

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Fighting Fragility With Property-Based Testing


However long you work in software, you always feel late to the party. You encounter some seemingly cutting-edge new tool only to learn it has been around for decades, sometimes inspired by research papers from 1970. Still, you can’t keep up with everything and have a life.


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What is Log4Shell? The Log4Shell vulnerability explained (and what to do about it)


Dynatrace news.

Tech Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

All Things Distributed

2022 will be an exciting year for technology, with it pushing all of us, and our planet, forward in the process

Snaring the Bad Folks

The Netflix TechBlog

Project by Netflix’s Cloud Infrastructure Security team ( Alex Bainbridge , Mike Grima , Nick Siow) Cloud security is a hard problem, but an even harder one is cloud security at scale.

Matching Supply With Demand Challenge

SQL Performance

My friend Peter Larsson sent me a T-SQL challenge involving matching supply with demand. As far as challenges go, it's a formidable one. It's a pretty common need in real life; it's simple to describe, and it's quite easy to solve with reasonable performance using a cursor-based solution.

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AWS Went Down. Now What?

Professor Beekums

Amazon Web Services went down last Tuesday. It doesn’t happen often, but it is a harrowing experience when it does. Understandably, people get angry during these times. They have come to rely on AWS to provide services necessary for their business.

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What is session replay? Discover user pain points with session recordings


Dynatrace news. Understanding what your users are experiencing as they interact with your online services can have a profound effect on conversion rates and revenue. Using session recording tools, organizations can replay a user’s session to gain insight into their experiences.

Expanding the cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region

All Things Distributed

AWS ada untuk Indonesia - Starting today the new AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region is now open

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Improving Core Web Vitals, A Smashing Magazine Case Study

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Improving Core Web Vitals, A Smashing Magazine Case Study. Improving Core Web Vitals, A Smashing Magazine Case Study. Barry Pollard. 2021-12-20T05:30:00+00:00. 2021-12-20T09:34:43+00:00. Why are my Core Web Vitals failing?” Many developers have been asking themselves that question lately.

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SRE Incident Management: Overview, Techniques, and Tools


In the world of a site reliability engineer (SRE) , failure is not only an option, but also expected. Systems, web applications, servers, devices, etc., are all prone to performance issues and unexpected outages at some point. It is an unavoidable fact.

Carefully Forming Teams to Begin Technology Modernization

Strategic Tech

It’s a common sight to see technology organization re-inventing aspects of their operating model. Often, it’s a combination of migrating to modern cloud technologies, adopting new organizational models, and striving for better ways of working.

Fixing a SOLR Memory Leak


In this blog, we are going to learn about memory leaks occurring in SOLR QueryResultCache, how the RCA was carried out, and the solution given to resolve the issue. In the application under test, SOLR was used as a component to store, search, and retrieve the contents. SOLR 7.5

Log4j 2 Vulnerability: Identifying and Minimizing Production Risk


Dynatrace news. Log4Shell, a zero-day exploit affecting the popular Apache package was made public on December 9, 2021. The National Vulnerability Database describes the exploit here. It results in remote code execution (RCE) by submitting a specially composed request.

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Top 15 JavaScript Frameworks You Should Consider in 2022


JavaScript frameworks have added a whole new dimension to the horizon of web application development. In this article, we’ve discussed the top 15 JavaScript frameworks for front-end and back-end development along with the pros, cons, and famous websites that are using it.

Designing Better Links For Websites And Emails: A Guideline

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Designing Better Links For Websites And Emails: A Guideline. Designing Better Links For Websites And Emails: A Guideline. Slava Shestopalov. 2021-12-06T17:30:00+00:00. 2021-12-06T19:34:18+00:00. Why are “click here” and “by this link” poor choices? And is it acceptable to use “read more”?

Starting Your Journey from Project to Product: Celebrate Wins and Learning in Every Level of the Organization


Often organizations can be overwhelmed when thinking about continuous improvement primarily because it’s just that … continuous. It’s easy to lose focus and momentum while on this journey because the day to day effort doesn’t bring about incredible change.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Wynter is looking for system administrators, engineers, and developers to join its research panel. Participate in research surveys, get paid ($90-$180/hr) for your feedback and comments. Super low key commitment, 10-15 mins per survey. Learn more and sign up. DevOps Engineer : At Kinsta , we set out to create the best managed hosting platform in the world.

Few Warning Signs Your Company Needs QA Consulting Services


In a software testing world, the competition is too high to handle and when we talk about the significance of QA there is no room for error. The worldwide automation test market is likely to raise from $12.6 back in 2019 to USD28.8

AIOps strategy central to proactive multicloud management


Dynatrace news. This article includes key takeaways on AIOps strategy: Manual, error-prone approaches have made it nearly impossible for organizations to keep pace with the complexity of modern, multicloud environments.

Solving Common Concurrency Problems

Professor Beekums

Concurrency is a notorious cause of really frustrating bugs. Most software bugs are consistent. If you do X, then Y, then Z, you get Bug A. You can get race conditions with concurrency though. That’s basically a bug where if you do X, then Y, you’ll get Bug A maybe 10% of the time.

Building Gatsby Themes For WordPress-Powered Websites

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Building Gatsby Themes For WordPress-Powered Websites. Building Gatsby Themes For WordPress-Powered Websites. Paulina Hetman. 2021-12-27T10:30:00+00:00. 2021-12-27T12:05:13+00:00. Gatsby is an open-source framework built on top of React.

Tasktop’s Recharge Day Fills Everyone’s Tanks


Tasktop’s third Recharge Day of 2021 allowed our teams to take time to rest, relax, get active or simply do the things they love outside of work.

Monitoring SQL Server TempDB with Dynamic Management Views

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn how we can detect which operations cause to fill up SQL Server tempdb through the dynamic management views. What is SQL Server tempdb used for? Tempdb is one of the system databases, that is used by many activities in SQL Server to temporarily store data.

How To Create Better Software for Small and Medium Businesses


Enterprise software is the lifeblood of any business, helping employees work productively and hit new milestones. Even with the negative impact of COVID-19, global IT spending continues to grow and is expected to amount 601 billion in 2021 , which is 13.6% more than the previous year.

How to overcome the cloud observability wall


Dynatrace news. As cloud environments become increasingly complex, legacy solutions can’t keep up with modern demands.

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The Perils of Programming Magic

Professor Beekums

Photo by Artem Maltsev Abstractions are a necessary part of software development. Not having them would make certain things ridiculous.

How To Protect Your API Key In Production With Next.js API Route

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How To Protect Your API Key In Production With Next.js API Route. How To Protect Your API Key In Production With Next.js API Route. Caleb Olojo. 2021-12-02T09:30:00+00:00. 2021-12-02T13:06:15+00:00.

Starting Your Journey from Project to Product: Treat Improvement Like a Series of Experiments and Continuously Improve


Early on in a project to product journey, people often feel compelled to “do it right”, which leaves them stalled on the start line. It’s impossible to imagine any organization getting it “right” the first time.

Links on Performance V

CSS - Tricks

Does shadow DOM improve style performance? Nolan Lawson covers how, because of the inherent encapsulation of the shadow DOM, the styling gets applied a bit faster than it would if those styling rules were relevant to the entire page. But as ever, it depends, and it turns out that classes and IDs are actually faster outside of it (?!), so if you just style with those, that’s the way to go. HTML-first, JavaScript last: the secret to web speed!

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Common Performance Management Mistakes


How To Avoid Pain Points Introduced by Cloud-Based Architectures. Editor’s Note: The following is an article written for and published in DZone’s 2021 Application Performance Management Trend Report. Performance in any cloud-distributed application is key to a successful user experience.

Business observability and the travel and hospitality industry: a key to successful recovery


Dynatrace news. For most industries, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. For some, “accelerated” is an understatement. The global travel industry has arguably been hit the hardest, and the disruption is pervasive – and ongoing.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Remote Angular Developer?


Thinking about hiring remote Angular developers for your projects and worried about costs? Here is a comprehensive take on different aspects that affect the cost of hiring Angular developers and average market prices.

Useful UX Guidelines, Tools And Resources

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Useful UX Guidelines, Tools And Resources. Useful UX Guidelines, Tools And Resources. Cosima Mielke. 2021-12-22T10:00:00+00:00. 2021-12-22T16:34:55+00:00. What does it take to create meaningful user experiences?

Starting Your Journey from Project to Product: Be Patient with Yourself and Others


Listening to conferences, webinars and podcasts, it’s easy to find organizations that have made significant wins on the project to product journey.

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SQL Update statement Performance Tips

SQL Shack

The SQL update statement is used to modify an existing record or records in a table and it is commonly widely used in databases applications. In this article, we will examine the update statement in terms of the performance perspective.

Sacrificial Architecture: Case Studies


One of the toughest decisions your software development team may face as you scale is deciding between keeping your current codebase and rebuilding on new software architecture.