May, 2021

Dynatrace adds OpenTelemetry trace ingest for open, automatic, and intelligent observability


Dynatrace news. Today’s highly complex microservices environments require IT operations and SRE teams to observe each service and transaction end-to-end. Any observability blind spot imposes a risk, potentially increasing the time it takes to identify the root cause of a problem and address it.

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10 Rules To Integrate Third-Party Scripts


Introduction. Third-party scripts can cause negative load-time effects. Why is this an issue? Well, in Google’s view, a poorly-optimized page should not rank highly.

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Netflix Drive

The Netflix TechBlog

A file and folder interface for Netflix Cloud Services Written by Vikram Krishnamurthy , Kishore Kasi , Abhishek Kapatkar , and Tejas Chopra In this post, we are introducing Netflix Drive, a Cloud drive for media assets and providing a high level overview of some of its features and interfaces.

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Amazon Timestream - Time series is the new black

All Things Distributed

We dive into the world of time series data with a look at the design of Amazon Timestream

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How Parallel Plans Start Up – Part 5

SQL Performance

This is the final part of a five-part series taking a deep dive into the way SQL Server row mode parallel plans start executing. Part 1 initialized execution context zero for the parent task, and part 2 created the query scan tree.

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An End-to-End Guide of Load Testing


From planning to analysis and reporting, here’s what to know before you run your first load test If you have a public-facing web application, the odds are you. The post An End-to-End Guide of Load Testing appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services.

What is a service mesh?


Dynatrace news. If you are wondering what a service mesh is and whether you would benefit from having one, you likely have a mature Kubernetes environment running large cloud-native applications.

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Achieving observability in async workflows

The Netflix TechBlog

Written by Colby Callahan , Megha Manohara , and Mike Azar. Managing and operating asynchronous workflows can be difficult without the proper tools and architecture that puts observability, debugging, and tracing at the forefront. Imagine getting paged outside normal work hours?—?users

Continuing our investment in the Middle East: A New AWS Region coming to UAE in first half 2022

All Things Distributed

I am excited to share that AWS plans to open a new infrastructure region in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Introduction to Latches

SQL Performance

In some of my previous articles here on performance tuning, I’ve discussed multiple wait types and how they are indicative of various resource bottlenecks.

Poor Disk Performance

Brendan Gregg

People often tell me they don't understand performance tool output because they can't tell what's "good" or "bad." It can be hard as performance is subjective. What's good for one user may be bad for another.

New Support Center and search experience provide better answers faster


Dynatrace news. Frictionless customer experience has become increasingly important as our company, customers, and platform have grown. This is why it’s essential that we make it as quick and easy as possible for our customers to find the information they’re looking for.

How to Set Up Selenium With Python for Modern Web Automation


Selenium WebDriver is among one of the most popular tools when it comes to Web UI automation. The Selenium framework can be used with a wide range of programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and more.

My (Seemingly) Random Walk to Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Part of our series on who works in Analytics at Netflix?—?and and what the role entails By Sean Barnes, Studio Production Data Science & Engineering I am going to tell you a story about a person that works for Netflix. That person grew up dreaming of working in the entertainment industry.

The Architecture of Uber’s API gateway

Uber Engineering

API gateways are an integral part of microservices architecture in recent years. An API gateway provides a single point of entry for all our apps and provides an interface to access data, logic, or functionality from back-end microservices.

How Parallel Plans Start Up – Part 4

SQL Performance

This is the fourth part in a five-part series taking a deep dive into the way SQL Server row mode parallel plans start executing. Part 1 initialized execution context zero for the parent task, and part 2 created the query scan tree.

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High Scalability

Fun and Interesting Events. Since we’re all feeling the fatigue of staring at screens all year, we’re switching things up at this year’s Failover Conf ! This one-day conference will be featuring LIVE fireside chats and keynotes where you’ll be able to get your questions answered in real time. You’ll also hear from a variety of industry experts in our two panel discussions.

Automatic and intelligent end-to-end observability for OpenTelemetry Java


Dynatrace news.

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A Quick Guide To Mobile Application Testing


Smartphones are advancing at a rapid pace, and so are mobile applications. That’s why there has been a significant increase in the demand for mobile app developers. The market is indeed brimming with mobile applications of all kinds.

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What is Observability

Brendan Gregg

It's a made-up computer word that my word processor decorates with a wiggly red you-can't-spell line. At least it did until I clicked "Add to Dictionary" (it got too annoying as I was writing a book on computer observability). Observability: The ability to observe. Observe-ability. Observability.

Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study)

Smashing Magazine

Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study). Reducing HTML Payload With Next.js (Case Study). Liran Cohen. 2021-05-05T10:30:00+00:00. 2021-05-05T16:06:35+00:00. I know what you are thinking. Here’s another article about reducing JavaScript dependencies and the bundle size sent to the client.

Number series generator challenge solutions – Part 5

SQL Performance

This is the fifth and last part in the series covering solutions to the number series generator challenge. In Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4 I covered pure T-SQL solutions.

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Data driven techniques: How to measure when testing is enough


Data is powerful. Businesses globally adopt data-driven techniques to make highly informed and mindful decisions. Creating a culture of relying on data adds immense value and lets us interpret data into real, actionable insights. But more than anything, data offers clarity.

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New Dynatrace Operator elevates cloud-native observability for Kubernetes


Dynatrace news. One key Dynatrace advantage is ease of activation. OneAgent technology simplifies deployment across large enterprises and relieves engineers of the burden of instrumenting their applications by hand.

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Powershell Script for Testing Script Generation


I have used Powershell for testing. I will explain a scenario in the story format: The Story. Sequence 1: We have a script generation web app, there is a change in the script generation process. testing automate powershell script

Risk Based Testing – An Introduction


Delivering quality projects within a specified time frame is important for organizations who want to stay ahead of the competition.

NEW! Chrome Beta and Canary support & LCP element highlighting

Speed Curve

Between the fast-paced release cycle for Chrome and the rapid evolution of Core Web Vitals, the month of May has been a busy one here at SpeedCurve. With that, we are excited to bring you some new features and enhancements to help you stay focused and ahead of the game as we move into summer.

Make Your OKRs Customer-Centric and Let the Value Flow


OKR adoption is accelerating. At Tasktop, we’ve seen faster take-up in the last year than in the last half a decade. The OKR software market mirrors that growth; it’s projected to grow by 13.73% CAGR by 2027 to reach $1946.88M.

Devops and the need for cloud based solutions


DevOps and cloud-based computing have existed in our life for some time now. These both can be regarded as the latest techs in the arsenal of information technology.

Session Replay improved for continuously deployed apps: CSS file capture


Dynatrace news. In modern software development, continuous deployment is a standard practice that features, among other things, quick end-user feedback and short development cycles that result in improvements to your software.

Quality Sense Podcast: Simon Prior – #MakeATester


In this Quality Sense episode, our host Federico has the pleasure of interviewing Simon Prior, who has worked across the cyber security, Retail, gaming and airline industries.

Moving my US tech job to Australia

Brendan Gregg

I've moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Sydney, Australia, where I will continue the best job so far of my career: Performance engineering at Netflix. I'm grateful for the support of Netflix engineering management, Netflix HRBPs, and others for helping to make this happen.

HammerDB v4.1 CLI Transaction Counter and Count Logging


Prior to v4.1 HammerDB has featured a graphical transaction counter, this enables you to see the transaction rate taking place on the database during the test. The transaction counter is designed not to be intrusive on the schema being tested.

Understanding fio norandommap and randrepeat parameters


The parameters norandommap and randrepeat significantly change the way that repeated random IO workloads will be executed, and also can meaningfully change the results of an experiment due to the way that caching works on most storage system.

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How automation can work along with device providers on cloud as most in-house device labs are closed


Introduction. A major part of the web is now mobile-driven. This is also obvious from the fact that Google is now indexing all websites mobile-first. If you are someone who has a website – more often than not, chances are that it will be majorly consumed on a mobile phone.

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.216


Dynatrace news. These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see: Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.216 and Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.215203.

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NUnit Tutorial: Parameterized Tests With Examples


Cross-browser testing has become an integral part of the test process to ensure the product experience and behavior remain consistent across different combinations of web browsers, devices, and operating systems.