Data Mining Problems in Retail

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Retail is one of the most important business domains for data science and data mining applications because of its prolific data and numerous optimization problems such as optimal prices, discounts, recommendations, and stock levels that can be solved using data analysis methods.

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Institutional Innovation - I Have a Dream

Edge Perspectives

Let me start by clarifying that the transformation I’m focused on isn’t the transformation involved in moving from one business to another (let’s say, moving from being a retailer to becoming a clothing manufacturer). Today they are an unnatural bundle of three very different and often conflicting business types: infrastructure management, product innovation and commercialization, and customer relationship businesses.

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Innovation Exhaustion

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There are plenty of examples - music publishing, mass-market retailing, local transportation - where new entrants have left a wake of creative destruction in their path. But even Amazon is showing signs of innovation fatigue. This isn't to say Amazon isn't going to grow, or be a threat to traditional retailers and other industries, but it is to say that even Amazon is showing evidence of idea exhaustion. Innovation Strategic IT

Innovation Versus Control

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Firms in industries ranging from financial services to retail pharmacy to fast food aspire to be "platform companies." This separates the sclerotic laggards from the adaptive innovators. The second part of the paragraph helps us to better understand the organizational dynamics within a small and innovative company versus those within a large integrated program team or an enterprise. Innovation is scarce where control is the priority.

Five Reasons to Meet Rigor at eTail West


This event will feature tracks on mobile, innovation, and UX development, so attendees will certainly leave with many ideas for how they can improve their website. As a retailer, you know that conversion rates are the lifeblood of your business. Web Performance etail west retail rigor

Lost Productivity or Found Hyperefficiency?

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In theory, the increasing standard of living will occur regardless the cost of capital: because retail prices are going down, interest rates could move higher with no ill effects to the economy, juicing returns on capital. a dearth of innovative new technologies). Innovation

Driving Bandwidth Cost Down for AWS Customers. - All Things.

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Often we think about innovation as going after new unchartered territories, but it is also important to innovate in those existing dimensions that will remain important for customers. For Amazon retail, some of those dimensions are low pricing, large catalog, fast shipping, and convenience. For example, when our retail customers contributed to create larger economies of scale for, we used the savings to lower pricing such that our customers could also benefit.

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Utilities, Strategic Investments, and the CIO

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Each is a new take on an old theme, echoing one part of the contradiction that has riddled every business with a captive technology department: we want to minimize how much we spend on IT, and we want IT to be a source of innovation. Fashion magazines are launching electronic retail sites. Treating them as utilities relegates them to being costs, starving them for investment and suppressing the innovative punch they should pack.

The Future in Visual Computing: Research Challenges

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cameras) in many usages ranging from digital security/surveillance and automated retail (e.g. Such innovation in AI algorithms and approaches results in an increase in model size, exponential growth in the compute needs, caching of temporal states, and multiple models to run simultaneously.

How Application of Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business


While AI has been used for a while now, recent enhancement has made the technology much more innovative and adaptable. Supply chain management consists of many people, including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers. What is Artificial Intelligence?

'Paris s'éveille'! Introducing the AWS EU (Paris) Region

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The cloud is an opportunity to stay competitive in each of these domains by giving companies freedom to innovate quickly. I, for one, look forward to seeing many more innovative use cases enabled by the cloud at the next AWS Summit in France!

Is Intel Doomed in the Server CPU Space?

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Since Intel had no viable competition from a performance perspective, they had little incentive to continue to innovate at the same pace.

Organise your engineering teams around the work by reteaming

Abhishek Tiwari

Let's take an example of retail as a domain of interest. One way to create a Spotify model inspired engineering organisation is to organise long-lived squads by retail business process hubs - i.e. specialisation around business process.

World’s Top Web Performance Leaders To Watch


Author of the Pocket Guide to Web Performance and co-author of Using WebPageTest , Andy is an independent web performance consultant in the UK who has helped many leading retailers, newspapers and financial companies make their sites faster.

Observations on the Importance of Cloud-based Analytics

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Cloud computing is enabling amazing new innovations both in consumer and enterprise products, as it became the new normal for organizations of all sizes. Many of these innovations will have a significant analytics component or may even be completely driven by it.

Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS Europe (London) Region

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UK companies are using AWS to innovate across diverse industries, such as energy, manufacturing, medicaments, retail, media, and financial services and the UK is home to some of the world's most forward-thinking businesses.

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Scaling Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with Online Cluster Resizing

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Whether it is gaming, adtech, travel, or retail—speed wins, it's simple. Our retail customers have shared similar challenges about managing workload surges and declines driven by big sale events. At Amazon, we have always focused on innovating on behalf of the customer.

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How companies can become magnets for digital talent

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At Düsseldorf-based fashion retailer Peek&Cloppenburg, for example, the business, development and IT functions are increasingly cooperating with each other because they realize that isolated departments and rigid hierarchies can slow down the organization's innovative strength and speed.

Are Microservices to Ecosystems as Core Competencies were to Conglomerates?

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The thinking was that by owning the supply chain from raw materials to retail outlets, a firm had direct control over its entire cost structure, making it better able to squeeze efficiencies out of it and being less susceptible to supply shocks. Different types of businesses (manufacturing, distribution, retail) require different types of leadership and have very different cultures. As far back as the 19th century, industrial firms pursued vertical integration strategies.

A Decade of Dynamo: Powering the next wave of high-performance, internet-scale applications

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In support of Amazon Prime Day 2017, the biggest day in Amazon retail history, DynamoDB served over 12.9 We expect that the next ten years will see even more innovation in databases than the last ten.

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Dutch Enterprises and The Cloud

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By offloading the task of managing infrastructure to AWS Essent is able to spend more time on innovating on behalf of their customers to help them in their energy usage. This spring I travelled through Europe for the AWS Global Summit series.

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Titan Graph Database Integration with DynamoDB: World-class Performance, Availability, and Scale for New Workloads

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In supply chain management, connections between airports, warehouses, and retail aisles are critical for cost and time optimization. Like many AWS innovations, the desire to build a solution for a scalable graph database came from Amazon’s retail business.

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon Web Services

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This was a lesson we had already learned from our experiences with Amazon retail, but it became even more important for AWS’s API-centric business. No gatekeepers” liberates the innovative processes and opens the door for many unexpected inventions, which are sure to follow.

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Tech: From Owning to Renting - to Owning Again?

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In the 1970s, the predominant business strategy was vertical integration: own the value chain from raw materials to retail outlets. A retailer, for example, should concentrate on sourcing merchandise to sell and developing the outlets through which to sell it, but rent the accountants, IT, back-office staff and real estate to operate and administrate the business.

Knowledge Versus Wage Work in Software Development

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For example, a retailer contracts with a consulting firm to develop custom software, but the retail firm assumes responsibility for the maintenance and evolution of the asset once delivered. However, the transient nature of the contract means that all members of the consultant organization are part of the retailer's secondary labor market.

Bringing the Magic of Amazon AI and Alexa to Apps on AWS.

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The power of Alexa in the hands of every developer, without having to know deep learning technologies like speech recognition, has the potential of sparking innovation in entirely new categories of products and services.

Taking DynamoDB beyond Key-Value: Now with Faster, More Flexible, More Powerful Query Capabilities

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Dropcam tells us that they adopted DynamoDB for seamless scalability and performance as they continue to innovate on their cloud based monitoring platform which has grown to become one of the largest video platforms on the internet today.

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Capital Structures and Organizational Pathologies: Tech Investments in Debt-Fuelled Capital Intensive Companies

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Suppose that the operating company is in a firefight for market share, where the primary weapons are customer-facing technology (as is happening in retail, entertainment, and, to a lesser extent, airlines - all of which have capital intensive asset-cos side-by-side with cash generative op-cos.). The predictability and stability demanded by debt service obligations don't give rise to innovation and disruption; they create stagnation and sclerosis.

Mitigating Capability Risk

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These are not problem domains that lend themselves to a divide-and-conquer approach, they are domains that require a discover-collaborate-innovate approach. A recent quote from Shari Ballard, EVP of Retail Channel with Best Buy, highlights this: 'Look at why big companies die. With the cost of capital on the rise, the need to focus on returns is much more acute. Unfortunately, IT has not traditionally excelled at maximising returns.