Protractor Tutorial: Handle Mouse Actions and Keyboard Events


The Selenium Protractor framework has in-built capabilities to manage various forms of keyboard and mouse events. This handling of keyboard and mouse events is achieved using the Advanced User Interfaces API.

A guide to event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps


Breaking monolithic pipelines into event-driven Delivery Choreography. Embrace event-driven auto-remediation with an SLO-based safety net. It’s a free virtual event so I hope you join me. The post A guide to event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps appeared first on Dynatrace blog.

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Understanding Event Loss with Extended Events

SQL Performance

My colleague, Erin Stellato, recently asked me a question about where and why event loss could happen with Extended Events. The question was the result of a comment someone had made on one of her blog posts that was claiming that showplan_xml events can not be collected by the XE Profiler or through a "live" stream of the events from the server. Event Size Matters. The size and number of memory buffers for an event session can be found in the sys.dm_xe_sessions

How TripleLift Built an Adtech Data Pipeline Processing Billions of Events Per Day

High Scalability

Over the last 3 years, the TripleLift data pipeline scaled from processing millions of events per day to processing billions. In this article, we'll mostly be focusing on the current state of this multi-billion event pipeline.

Extend visibility into workload and cluster health by leveraging native Kubernetes events


In many cases, events are generated as these workloads go through different phases of their life cycles. For instance, events appear when the scheduler performs actions to bring workloads back to a desired state. The event field selectors can also be defined via Dynatrace API.

Fine-grained event filters within alerting profiles


With this Dynatrace release, we’ve further improved the capabilities of your alerting profiles to allow you to define more fine-grained filtering options based on the event types within correlated problems. By adding a more fine-grained filter for process crash event types, you can now focus on all problems that only contain a process crash. Custom event types include events that originate from plugins, APIs, or Log Analytics. Dynatrace news.

Routing Instana Events to Humio


Logging is a natural part of coding. Believe it or not, we’ve all programmed logging into our code. After all, who hasn’t written a “Hello World” program? It’s not just your code that writes out log messages, every other piece of software does, from the operating system all the way up the stack. Tools to ship, aggregate and index logs have been around for a long time; it’s a mature market. That does not mean that there is no room for a new startup to disrupt the market.

Which Query Used the Most CPU? Implementing Extended Events


If you really want a detailed analysis of which query used the most CPU, you need to first set up an Extended Events session and then consume that data. database performance query extended events cpu usageA question that comes up on the forums all the time is, "Which query used the most CPU?" " You may see variations on, memory, I/O, or just resources in general. However, people want to know this information, and it's not readily apparent how to get it.

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Monitor SQL Server Always On Availability groups using extended events

SQL Shack

In this 33rd article of SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we will use extended events to monitor the availability group. DBA must investigate the problem root cause analysis in case any critical event or downtime occurs.

Troubleshooting the Performance of Vert.x Applications, Part I - The Event Loop Model


event loop model, the second article covers techniques to prevent delays on the event loop, and the third article focuses on troubleshooting of event loop delays. requires a good understanding of its event loop model. From what I saw in practice, delayed or blocked event loop threads are the number one contributor to performance problems with Vert.x In this article, we are going to review the event loop model. event loop

Event Monitoring Visibility Made Easy: Sensu Check Metric Extraction With InfluxDB and Grafana


Good luck monitoring an event like this. Sensu , InfluxDB , and Grafana — open source tools with enterprise counterparts — can work together to create a complete, scalable monitoring solution encompassing event monitoring, data ingestion and dashboarding. tutorial performance influxdb grafana sensu event monitoring

New event type helps avoid unnecessary alerts for planned host downscaling


To enable you to automatically detect the shutdown of spot instances and the scaling up or down of third-party autoscaling solutions, we’ve introduced a new event type. In Dynatrace version 1.188, we’ve introduced a new event type called MARKED_FOR_TERMINATION. Dynatrace news.

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How Dynatrace and ServiceNow Event Management provide deep observability and rapid resolution


Automatic detection of service health and performance incidences, which are synchronized into the Event Management Dashboard. . Prioritize event entries . Dynatrace news. Businesses know that any service disruption can have detrimental business impact.

Give Meaning to 100 Billion Events a Day — The Shift to Redshift

High Scalability

However, having our analytics events in BigQuery is not enough. In part one , we described our Analytics data ingestion pipeline, with BigQuery sitting as our data warehouse. Most importantly, data needs to be served to our end-users. TL;DR?—?Teads —?Teads

The Ever Given is Not a Black Swan Event

The Agile Manager

Some have incorrectly referred to the incident and the aftermath as a “black swan” event. But the disruption to supply chains created by the beaching of the Ever Given is not a black swan event. The triggering event had happened before. This is not a black swan event.

Microservices, events, and upside-down databases

O'Reilly Software

The benefits of modeling data as events as a mechanism to evolve our software systems. Enter streams of events, specifically the kinds of streams that technology like Kafka makes possible. But as I looked more closely I realized that Kafka’s ability to persist those events changed things as it’s not just a message broker, it’s also a message store. Continue reading Microservices, events, and upside-down databases

Trace Event, Chrome and More Profile Formats on FlameScope

The Netflix TechBlog

After receiving multiple requests from users and investigating a few profile formats, we opted to support the Trace Event Format. The complete documentation for the format can be found here , but in a nutshell, it consists of an ordered list of events. For now, FlameScope only supports Duration and Complete event types. According to the documentation: Duration events provide a way to mark a duration of work on a given thread. You can nest the B and E events.

Waterfall with browser events

Speed Curve

We've improved our already fantastic interactive waterfall chart with a new collapsed mode that highlights all the key browser events. This lets you quickly scan all the events that happen as the page loads and if you scrub your mouse across the waterfall you can easily correlate each event to what the user could see at that moment. Click on any event to see a large version of that moment in the filmstrip.

Troubleshooting the Performance of Vert.x Applications, Part II - Preventing Event Loop Delays


In the previous part of the series, we took a closer look at the event loop model. In this article, we are going to discuss several techniques that help you to prevent event loop delays. The causes of event loop delays can be divided into two categories. The first category contains event loop delays caused by a handler calling a blocking API. The second category covers delays caused by a handler code taking a great amount of CPU time to complete.

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Troubleshooting the Performance of Vert.x Applications, Part III — Troubleshooting Event Loop Delays


In the previous entry to this series, we reviewed several techniques that help you to prevent event loop delays; however, even the best programmer makes mistakes. How to find out what part of your code is blocking the event loop threads? In the final part of the series, we are going to focus on troubleshooting event loop delays. The event loop thread model is vastly different from the thread-per-request model employed by standard JEE or Spring frameworks.

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Get details of SQL Server Database Growth and Shrink Events

SQL Shack

Overview of Default trace in SQL Server Starting from SQL Server 2005, SQL Server captures a few critical events in the default traces. […]. It is essential for the DBA to need to ensure the SQL Server database performance. Performance tuning is an open-ended task, and you need to ensure the monitoring of various database parameters. DBAtools Monitoring Reports

Putting your events on a diet

Particular Software

You can attempt to avoid this bitter fate by using architectural patterns like event-driven architecture. When you build a system of discrete services that communicate via events, you limit the complexity of each service by reducing coupling. But if you're not careful, it's easy to fall into bad habits, loading up events with far too much data and reintroducing coupling of a different kind. What do I mean by event? Often, commands and events come in pairs.

SQL Mysteries: Causality tracking vs Event Sequence for XEvent Sessions

SQL Server According to Bob

You need to make sure to order the events by event_sequence when doing analytics on the XEvent data. Values are generated when the event sequence is submitted to the target. The event_sequence is unique to the session. The session by event_sequence. However, the child task ordering within a parent sequence requires event_sequence. The sequence value associated with causality tracking is incremented when the event is recorded. Event Sequence.

The Next Web Event

All Things Distributed

While the past months have been relatively quiet there is now a period coming up with public events that will take me across a few continents. The period already started two weeks with a Distinguished Lecture at the School of Computer Science of CMU.


Embrace event-driven computing: Amazon expands DynamoDB with streams, cross-region replication, and database triggers

All Things Distributed

Enter DynamoDB Triggers—an event-driven mechanism that enables developers to define Java or JavaScript functions that run outside the database in response to specific data changes in your DynamoDB tables. Triggers are powerful mechanisms that react to events dynamically and in real time. In just three short years, Amazon DynamoDB has emerged as the backbone for many powerful Internet applications such as AdRoll , Druva , DeviceScape , and Battlecamp.

Monitoring SQL Server deadlocks using the system_health extended event

SQL Shack

Performance monitoring is a must to do the task for a DBA. You should ensure that the database performance is optimal all the time without any impact on the databases. Performance issues act like an open stage, and you need to look at every aspect such as CPU, RAM, server performance, database performance, indexes, blocking, […]. Deadlocks

Events on the outside, on the inside, and at the core

O'Reilly Software

Chris Richardson explains why events are a key application integration mechanism and how they're used by applications to communicate with the outside world. Continue reading Events on the outside, on the inside, and at the core


Transparent and confident software delivery with Dynatrace Release Analysis


Deployed versions, release events, and release information are all correlated and displayed on a single page. The latest detected version can be influenced by environment variables, K8s labels, and release events. Events ingestion. Dynatrace news. “To

APEX Customer Event 2018 – Browser Metrics based on Lighthouse


The post APEX Customer Event 2018 – Browser Metrics based on Lighthouse appeared first on Apica. I recently had to the pleasure of spending a few days with our amazing customers at our annual user conference Read More. Digital Experience Monitoring Application performance Performance monitoring

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Staged Event-Driven Architecture

All Things Distributed

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Staged Event-Driven Architecture. Staged Event-Driven Architecture. In a time when the debates on Threads vs Events were still rampant he came up with a practical and elegant approach of combining both, delivering excellent results. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. By Werner Vogels on 17 August 2012 07:00 PM. Permalink. Comments ().

Bandwidth-friendly Query Profiling for Azure SQL Database

SQL Performance

SQL Server has always provided the ability to capture actual queries in an easily-consumable rowset format – first with legacy SQL Server Profiler, later via Extended Events, and now with a combination of those two concepts in Azure SQL Database. Legacy Profiler "Standard" trace events.

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Monitor batch statements of the Get Data feature in Power BI using SQL Server extended events

SQL Shack

One shared characteristic among popular data visualization tools such as Power BI is the ease at which data can be extracted from a variety of disparate data sources, usually at a click of a button, as shown in Figure 1. Such convenience, though, tends to come at a cost as you often have little control […]. Monitoring PowerBI T-SQL

Hops & DevOps


Dynatrace hosted another tasting event for our community, which included some craft beers from a local brewery and the very hot topic of DevOps – one that has been omnipotent in the IT industry almost since its inception in 2009. DevOps BT Community EventDynatrace news.

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Removing the default trace – Part 1

SQL Performance

In the spirit of Grant Fritchey 's recent rants , and Erin Stellato 's efforts since I think before we met, I want to get on the bandwagon to trumpet and promote the idea of ditching trace in favor of Extended Events. trace_events AS e ON t. trace_event_id. )

HammerDB v3.3 event driven scaling


includes a new feature called event driven scaling to enable the scaling of virtual users to thousands of sessions running with keying and thinking time enabled. Event driven scaling is a feature that enables each Virtual User to create multiple database sessions and manage the keying and thinking time for each asynchronously in an event-driven loop enabling HammerDB to create a much larger session count. HammerDB v3.3

Delta: A Data Synchronization and Enrichment Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Delta is an eventual consistent, event driven, data synchronization and enrichment platform. Another thread or process is constantly polling events from the log table and writes them to one or multiple datastores, optionally removing events from the log table after acknowledged by all datastores. Polling System Prior to Delta After on-boarding to Delta, the system is simplified into an event driven system, as depicted in the following diagram. Online Event Processing.

Removing the default trace – Part 2

SQL Performance

DDL); and, it captures events using local time (our servers are Eastern and obey DST). In its defense, it does capture a lot of important information about those automatic events. ADD EVENT sqlserver. event_file. ( event_session_address.

Removing the default trace – Part 3

SQL Performance

In part 2, I showed the Extended Events session that I deployed to capture all file size change events. In this post, I want to show the views I created to make consumption of the event data easier for people, and some caveats. event_session_address.

Ensuring Performance, Efficiency, and Scalability of Digital Transformation

Alex Podelko

To facilitate discussions, in addition to Q&A, we have panels, “Meeting of the Minds” sessions, and networking events. Cloud Events Performance Performance Engineering Capacity CMG Conference ScalabilityThe CMG Impact conference (February 10-12, 2020 in Las Vegas) is coming. Looking at the program I have the same problem as I always had with CMG conferences – how could I attend all the sessions I want considering that we have multiple tracks?

Excited by the Upcoming CMG imPACt Performance and Capacity Conference

Alex Podelko

A lot of events are scheduled: Performance and Capacity Hackathon (which is $10 / free for the conference attendees), Performance Testing Workshop, CMG Training / Badge Program, and the CMG imPACt 2017 conference itself. Events Performance CMGI am very excited by the upcoming CMG imPACt performance and capacity conference. This year it would be held on November 6-9, 2017 in New Orleans, LA.

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Chaos Engineering and Monitoring, Part 1: Sensu + Gremlin


devops monitoring alerts sensu chaos engineering event monitoringOne of my earliest jobs was as an admin for an MSP. We'd routinely generate alerts that weren't actionable, lacked context, and for most of our customers, were considered noise. From a monitoring perspective, it was bad. Customers didn't trust in the alerts they received and often resorted to having some additional monitoring product installed on their systems.

In-Stream Big Data Processing

Highly Scalable

At Grid Dynamics, we recently faced a necessity to build an in-stream data processing system that aimed to crunch about 8 billion events daily providing fault-tolerance and strict transactioanlity i.e. none of these events can be lost or duplicated. In a contrast to database query engines where reliability is not critical because a read-only query can always be restarted, streaming systems should pay a lot of attention to reliable events processing.

3 Challenges to Effective Performance Testing in Continuous Integration


Performance Engineering Agile Testing Days BlazeMeter CI/CD continuous integration Events JMeter software testing TaurusPerformance testing in CI is a must. If you’re looking to invest effort and money in it, you’ll better take certain things into account from day one Recently I gave a talk at Agile Testing Days USA in Boston, my first time attending this testing.