CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

Despite having been called CSS Wizardry for over a decade now, there hasn’t been a great deal of CSS-related content on this site for a while. Let me address that by combining my two favourite topics: CSS and performance.

Fostering a Web Performance Culture

José M. Pérez

Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast. It’s about creating awareness amongst both developers and non-developers. Performance is a feature and needs to be prioritized as such. Performance is a topic that has interested me for a long time.

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Auth0 Architecture: Running In Multiple Cloud Providers And Regions

High Scalability

This is article was written by Dirceu Pereira Tiegs, Site Reliability Engineer at Auth0, and originally was originally published in Auth0. Auth0 provides authentication, authorization, and single sign-on services for apps of any type (mobile, web, native) on any stack.

Master Apache JMeter. From Load Testing to DevOps

Alex Podelko

I was honored to write a preface to the great new book Master Apache JMeter. From load testing to DevOps. Here it is: An important event, directly related to this book, happened recently and probably went unnoticed. It appears that Apache JMeter became the most popular load testing tool.

DevOps 141

How architecture evolves into strategy

O'Reilly Software

A look at the roles of architect and strategist, and how they help develop successful technology strategies for business. There are two jobs in the world that people want to do the most while knowing the least about: architect and strategist.

A Brief Guide of xPU for AI Accelerators

ACM Sigarch

Software Performance Testing Using JMeter and Kovair Omnibus


Before shipping a software product for customer delivery, it is very essential to check both the functional and the non-functional aspects of the application. The post Software Performance Testing Using JMeter and Kovair Omnibus appeared first on Kovair Blog.

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A Day with Kotlin

Software Architecture

What Kotlin has that Java does not. So, I was hearing a lot about Kotlin lately and decided to give it a try. It will be fun learning about a new language and maybe I find it useful for some product or app.

Lambda 130

JavaScript growth and third parties

Speed Curve

JavaScript is the main cause for making websites slow. Ten years ago it was network bottlenecks, but the growth of JavaScript has outpaced network and CPU improvements on today's devices.

KPIs, Velocity, and Other Destructive Metrics

Allen Holub

"It is wrong to suppose that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it—a costly myth." " –W. Edwards Deming The Deming quote at the top of this post is often twisted into something worthy of Frederick Taylor: "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it." " Deming would disagree. You can—in fact, must—manage things… Agility

Image Inconsistencies: How and When Browsers Download Images

CSS Wizardry

This year, I’ve been working closely with the wonderful Coingaming team out in beautiful Tallinn. We’ve been working pretty hard on making their suite of online products much faster , and I’ve been the technical consultant leading the project.

Increase the Performance of your Site with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting

José M. Pérez

Componentization has marked a before and after in web development. The main advantages that are usually mentioned is reusability and modularization. Well defined pieces that we can use to build our sites, like bricks of Legos.

Code 141

How do you explain the unreasonable effectiveness of cloud security?

High Scalability

With the enormous attack surface of cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, why aren't there more security problems? Data breaches and cyber attacks occur daily. How do you explain the unreasonable effectiveness of cloud security?

Cloud 272

Java Or Scala Performance – Which One Is Better?

Alex Podelko

Guest Post by Wendy Dessler. Source- Pixabay. When trying to develop a new piece of software or an app, one of the first things a developer has to do is pick a programming language. For years, the debate has raged on regarding which programming language is better, Java or Scala.

Java 130

A foundational strategy pattern for analysis: MECE

O'Reilly Software

As lists are the raw material of strategy and technology architecture, MECE list-making is one of the most useful tools you can have in your tool box. MECE, pronounced "mee-see," is a tool created by the leading business strategy firm McKinsey.

SQL Server On Linux: Forced Unit Access (Fua) Internals

SQL Server According to Bob

Overview. SQL Server relies on Forced-Unit-Access (Fua) I/O subsystem capabilities to provide data durability, detailed in the following documents: SQL Server 2000 I/O Basic and SQL Server I/O Basics, Chapter 2.

If You’re Not Lazy Loading Your Images, You’re Being Wasteful


Think about the last time you went out to dinner. Did you order a 5 course meal, but then only eat 2 of them? Of course not, that would be a waste. So then why are you serving an entire page of images to your website visitors when they’re only looking above the fold?

Cache 82

Making Windows Slower Part 2: Process Creation

Randon ASCII

Windows has long had a reputation for slow file operations and slow process creation. Have you ever wanted to make these operations even slower?

How Fast Is Amp Really?

Tim Kadlec

AMP has caused quite the stir from a philosophical perspective, but the technology hasn’t received as close of a look. A few weeks ago, Ferdy Christant wrote about the unfair advantage being given to AMP content through preloading. This got me wondering: how well does AMP really perform.

Cache 84

Quality Assurance for Software Development


Agile is one of the most widely practiced software development methodology followed by organizations today. As a well-accepted methodology, self-organizing teams are encouraged to work. The post Quality Assurance for Software Development appeared first on Kovair Blog.

Ciao Milano! – An AWS Region is coming to Italy!

All Things Distributed

Today, I am happy to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in Italy! The AWS Europe (Milan) Region is the 25th AWS Region that we've announced globally.

AWS 114

The Three Types of Performance Testing

CSS Wizardry

A lot of companies—even if they are aware that performance is key to their business—are often unsure of how, when, or where performance testing sits within their development lifecycle. To make things worse, they’re also usually unsure whose responsibility performance measuring and monitoring is.

Displaying Page Load Metrics on Your Site

José M. Pérez

I was browsing Tim Kadlec’s website and I noticed he had added page load time metrics in the footer. Tim Kadlec’s site shows how long the page took to load in the footer. Stoyan Stefanov also realized and wrote “This page loaded in X seconds” , a blog post describing the code used for this.

What do you believe now that you didn't five years ago? Centralized wins. Decentralized loses.

High Scalability

Decentralized systems will continue to lose to centralized systems until there's a driver requiring decentralization to deliver a clearly superior consumer experience. Unfortunately, that may not happen for quite some time.

Industry Trends and Performance

Alex Podelko

One software vendor ask me, along with a few other performance professionals, to answer questions related to performance trends. But they changed their mind and never published it – leaving me to contemplate which particular thought they didn’t like… Well, here are their questions and my answers: What do you think is the “next big thing in performance” – or what should we all keep an eye out for in 2018?

Survey reveals the opportunities and realities of microservices

O'Reilly Software

A new report explores how far companies have come with microservices. Fads come and go in the technology world—anyone remember AJAX ? When new, shiny things appear, architects often struggle to determine whether this is merely the latest fad or a genuine future direction.

3 Of The Best Frameworks For Mobile App Development In 2018

The Polyglot Developer

Mobile development is a necessity for every modern business, but there are many ways to get the job done. Many will tell you to go pure native, some will tell you to go hybrid, and others will tell you to use a framework to go cross-platform native.

10 open-source Kubernetes tools for highly effective SRE and Ops Teams

Abhishek Tiwari

If you are running workloads in Kubernetes, your site reliability engineering (SRE) and operations (Ops) teams need right kind of tooling to ensure the high-reliability of the Kubernetes cluster and workloads running in it.

24-core CPU and I can’t type an email (part one)

Randon ASCII

I wasn’t looking for trouble. I wasn’t trying to compile a huge project in the background ( 24-core CPU and I can’t move my mouse ), I was just engaging in that most mundane of 21st century tasks, writing an email at 10:30 am. And suddenly gmail hung.

The Two Faces of AMP

Tim Kadlec

The day after AMP was launched, I published a post with a bunch of concerns I had —most notably, that of the incentives being put around building AMP content. This promise of improved distribution for pages using AMP HTML shifts the incentive.

Ouch, your JavaScript hurts!

Speed Curve

When looking to improve the performance and user experience of our sites we often start by looking at the network: What's the time to first byte? How many requests are we making and how long are they taking? What's blocking the browser from rendering my precious pixels?

Expanding the AWS Cloud – An AWS Region is coming to South Africa!

All Things Distributed

Expanding the AWS Cloud—An AWS Region is coming to South Africa! Today, I am excited to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in South Africa! AWS is committed to South Africa's transformation.

AWS 114

My Digital Music Setup

CSS Wizardry

I want to begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m not an audiophile, and I don’t claim to be particularly knowledgable when it comes to music technology. If I sound like I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, that’s probably because I don’t.

The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch

Alex Russell

TL;DR : we cannot continue to use as much JavaScript as is now “normal” and expect the web to flourish. At the same time, most developers experience no constraint on their use of JS…until it’s too late.

How ShiftLeft Uses PostgreSQL Extension TimescaleDB

High Scalability

This article is written by Preetam Jinka , Senior Infrastructure Engineer at ShiftLeft. Originially published as Time Series at ShiftLeft. Time series are a major component of the ShiftLeft runtime experience.

Looking Ahead Beyond CMOS

ACM Sigarch

Over the last decade, flagship processors from Intel and AMD have been eking out only marginal cross-generational single threaded (ST) performance gains. Instead, the focus has been on boosting aggregate performance by increasing core count.

Kubernetes' scheduling magic revealed

O'Reilly Software

Understanding how the Kubernetes scheduler makes scheduling decisions is critical to ensure consistent performance and optimal resource utilization. Kubernetes is an industry-changing technology that allows massive scale and simplicity for the orchestration of containers.