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Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps?—?now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform

The Netflix TechBlog

Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps?—?now now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform By David Henry & Mel Yahya Over the last few years Netflix has been developing a mobile app called Prodicle to innovate in the physical production of TV shows and movies. The world of physical production is fast-paced, and needs vary significantly between the country, region, and even from one production to the next.

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Leveraging ServiceNow & Dynatrace to automate Incident Management and Problem Remediation


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace’s integration with ServiceNow enables organizations to achieve rapid resolution of common problems through auto-remediation. The video below demonstrates how Dynatrace ’s AI, Davis , enables auto-remediation by identifying a problem’s precise root cause.

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Analyze Mule4 API Performance — Using JMeter and Google Apps Script


For a project member, when we heard about API performance tests. Do we always have some questions like what should our standard for API performance? How we can define an automation process for API performance tests? What are the tools we can use? We also had these questions for a project and I come with a solution, which works for us and helped us in terms of time and test effort. So, I would like to share that experience using this blog.

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Boost SQL Server Performance with Wait Statistics

SQL Shack

In this article, we will explore, how we can increase SQL Server performance with the help of the wait statistics. Wait statistics are one of the most important indicators to identify performance issues in SQL Server.

Bulldozer: Batch Data Moving from Data Warehouse to Online Key-Value Stores

The Netflix TechBlog

By Tianlong Chen and Ioannis Papapanagiotou Netflix has more than 195 million subscribers that generate petabytes of data everyday.

Ingesting JMeter, temperature and humidity metrics: A Dynatrace innovation day report


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace has recently enhanced its Metrics APIs, allowing everyone to send any type of metric with any set of data dimension to Davis, Dynatrace’s AI engine.

Why I am coding?


I started coding when I was 8 years old, and I am 46 today. This implies I've got 38 years of software development experience, roughly 25 as a professional - And to be honest with you, the answer to the above question is actually "drugs".

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A Day in the Life of a Content Analytics Engineer

The Netflix TechBlog

Part of our series on who works in Analytics at Netflix?—?and and what the role entails by Rocio Ruelas Back when we were all working in offices, my favorite days were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those were the days with the best hot breakfast, and I’ve always been a sucker for free food.

Further enhance security by easily automating your API token protection


Dynatrace news. Especially in enterprise-wide environments, it’s challenging to centrally ensure that credentials are never exposed to unauthorized people.

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Performance Optimization Techniques


Performance is an integral part of the Application design and plays a vital role in the success of your product/application. This is Part-2 of the performance optimization articles series. Performance optimization considerations for an enterprise-level application are discussed as part of Part-1. Before delving into performance optimization techniques, let us discuss the factors that impact the performance of an application.

Helios: hyperscale indexing for the cloud & edge – part 1

The Morning Paper

Helios: hyperscale indexing for the cloud & edge , Potharaju et al., PVLDB’20. On the surface this is a paper about fast data ingestion from high-volume streams, with indexing to support efficient querying.

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Role Of A Software Tester In Code Reviews


If you are working in an agile environment, you may have come across the term ‘code review’. It is a strategic operation where you break the source code into snippets in order to audit the code before it is moved to the testing phase. What Is Code Review?

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Massively improved supportability with the fully automated OneAgent support self-service


Dynatrace news. “I’m I’m excited to contact customer support today”. said no one ever.

Quality Sense Podcast: Fernanda Sesto — Advice for Getting Started in Software Testing


Quality Sense is back for season two! Did you miss us? In this episode, Federico invited Fernanda Sesto , a socially-minded Latina entrepreneur, current University of Rochester student, and a former Abstracta team member, to share a bit of what it was like for her to start working in testing at the ripe old age of 18! education performance software testing interview career advice stem latin america

Explore secrets of the SQL Server tempdb database

SQL Shack

In this article, we will uncover some secrets about the SQL Server tempdb database. Tempdb is a system database and it is used for various internal and user operations. Besides this, the tempdb has many unique characteristics, unlike the other databases. When we take into account all of these features of the tempdb, there is […]. General database design Performance

The Flow Institute: The First Online Community for Value Stream Management (VSM)


Adapting to the undefined market conditions of the Novel Economy. Serving customers and supporting employees in a digital-first world. Finding your feet amid a whirlwind of voices and opinions. Knowing where to cast your net in a vast sea of data. Maximizing ROI from delicate budgets.

It’s time to upgrade the PTC System Monitor (PSM)!


Dynatrace news. As a PSM system administrator, you’ve relied on AppMon as a preconfigured APM tool for detecting, diagnosing, and repairing problems that impact the operational health of your Windchill application suite.

More on content-visibility

CSS - Tricks

Back in August 2020, when the content-visiblity property in CSS trickled its way into Chrome browsers, Una Kravets and Vladimir Levin wrote about it and we covered it. The weirdest part is that to get the performance value out of it, you pair it with contain-intrinsic-size on these big chunks of the page where you insert some arbitrary guess at a height. I wrote: That part seems super weird to me. Just guess at a height? What if I’m wrong? Can I hurt performance?

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Cumulative Layout Shift: What it measures, when it works (and doesn't), and how to use it

Speed Curve

Back in May, we shared that SpeedCurve supports Google's Core Web Vitals in both our synthetic monitoring and LUX real user monitoring tools. Two of the Web Vitals – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and First Input Delay (FID) – were actually available in SpeedCurve for quite a while prior to the announcement. The newcomer to the scene was Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and, not surprisingly, it's the metric that's gotten the most questions.

How IT Can Get Its Dream Makeover with Value Stream Management


Here at Tasktop, we’ve had plenty of interesting conversations with enterprises about whether they should delay adoption of a value stream management (VSM) platform until they’ve had a chance to “clean up their mess”. .

Dynatrace wins three company culture accolades in 2020 Comparably Awards


Dynatrace news. Helping teams to innovate and transforming how they work isn’t just our mission for customers and partners. At Dynatrace, we are strengthening these pillars in our own workplace.

Test Automation – Driving DevOps to Success


In earlier days, development(Dev) and operations(Ops) activities used to function in silos. But in the case of DevOps, it is not so. They work together, DevOps Test Management Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration DevOps Consultants

SAFe testing: 3 key challenges your QA team needs to know

TechBeacon Testing

Quality assurance and testing pros are facing a new set of challenges with the rise in adoption of scaled agile development models. While agile test strategies come with their own issues, scaling agile adds another level of complexity. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Special Coverage: EuroStar 2020 Online Conference

Twilio vs. Nexmo(Vonage): Which is the best CPaaS Service?


From in-app calls to social chat integrations, modern applications need robust communication solutions. Twilio and Nexmo(Vonage) both have been at the forefront of providing communication APIs. So, when it comes to Twilio vs. Nexmo(Vonage), there are many factors to consider.

The Power of Cosmos DB Comes to NServiceBus

Particular Software

With the recent preview release of NServiceBus.Persistence.CosmosDB , you can now use Azure Cosmos DB with NServiceBus!

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Dareboost Joins Contentsquare


Damien Jubeau – CEO Hello everyone, I have some very exciting news to share with you! Today, I can officially let you know that Dareboost will be joining forces with Digital Experience Analytics Platform Contentsquare.

How Cloud-based Communication Improves Healthcare Industry?


Jane’s 5-year old daughter has a fever. Using a mobile app, she schedules an appointment with a pediatrician within a few minutes. Mary suffers from arthritis and requires prescribed medication every month.

How Will the Hospitality Industry in Dallas Reshape Itself After the Pandemic?


The pandemic badly hits the hospitality industry in the city of Dallas. But technology can help it get back on its feet once again. How will the hospitality industry reshape itself with the help of technology? Let’s explore: The post How Will the Hospitality Industry in Dallas Reshape Itself After the Pandemic? appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Trending