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Synthetic Monitoring vs. RUM


Reading time 4 min It’s important for both technical and business teams to understand the different web performance monitoring options that are available as well as their various use cases and the benefits of each. Let’s start with a brief definition of two of the more prominent web performance methodologies: synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring (also known as RUM). Understanding Web Performance Monitoring Methodologies. Synthetic Monitoring.

Test Automation Best Practices and Tips


Business logic can be written and tested in many ways to build a substantial software. However, this can turn into a never-ending exercise since you may find yourself going through the same path and around the same starting point.

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Improving Flow through Integration in Santa’s Workshop: A Fictional Case Study


This weekend, I was watching the movie Elf and it got me thinking – how does Santa’s Workshop keep up with the demands of a booming population? I saw the manager keeping track of production quotas on a clipboard.

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How Often Should You Update Your Mobile App?


Do you know? For Android, iOS, and other apps, release frequencies vary. Managed app testing leader Testlio recently queried more than 75K client release records, covering a diverse range of industries (including Commerce, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Productivity, Sports, and Travel).

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The Best Way to Host MongoDB on DigitalOcean


MongoDB is the #3 open source database and the #1 NoSQL database in the world. It’s a cross-platform document-oriented database that uses JSON-like documents with schema, and is leveraged broadly across startup apps up to enterprise-level businesses developing modern apps.

DBLog: A Generic Change-Data-Capture Framework

The Netflix TechBlog

Andreas Andreakis , Ioannis Papapanagiotou Overview Change-Data-Capture (CDC) allows capturing committed changes from a database in real-time and propagating those changes to downstream consumers [1][2].

Dynatrace ONE – Rapid access to experts when and where you need it


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace ONE has redefined the Dynatrace customer experience through our innovative in-product assistance and Dynatrace ONE premium subscription offerings.

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PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 2 – PgBouncer


When it comes to connection pooling in the PostgreSQL world, PgBouncer is probably the most popular option. It’s a very simple utility that does exactly one thing – it sits between the database and the clients and speaks the PostgreSQL protocol, emulating a PostgreSQL server.

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Ensuring Performance, Efficiency, and Scalability of Digital Transformation

Alex Podelko

The CMG Impact conference (February 10-12, 2020 in Las Vegas) is coming. Looking at the program I have the same problem as I always had with CMG conferences – how could I attend all the sessions I want considering that we have multiple tracks? Even when I took out the sessions that don’t directly cover the topics of my primary interests as well as mainframe-specific presentations, I ended up with 21 sessions in 2.5

Intellectual debt: The hidden costs of machine learning


Dynatrace news. Many of us are already familiar with technical debt. And while the concept is not new, the disruptions of cloud transformation and increasing time-to-market pressures shine a bright light on its many downsides.

5 Best Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools in 2019


Find out more about cross-browser testing! In the past two decades, there has seen a tremendous increase in the web. There were about 2.4 Million websites in 1998 and now there are approx 1.8 billion.

DBLog: A Generic Change-Data-Capture Framework

The Netflix TechBlog

Andreas Andreakis, Ioannis Papapanagiotou Continue reading on Netflix TechBlog ». database postgres data-synchronization change-data-capture mysql

Average Page Load Times for 2020 – Are you faster?


With another year winding down, it’s time for us to take stock of how our site performance compares to the average page load times for 2020.

It’s time to upgrade AppMon to Dynatrace now!


Dynatrace news. You can stop reading this if you don’t know the terms AppMon, Agent Group, System Profile, or Transaction Flow. “I’m happy—no need to change” Most of our AppMon customers are already in the process of upgrading from AppMon to the Dynatrace platform.

Converting Test Cases Into a Successful Project


Find out how to create a successful project. Too often, there are factors that can lead to a major change. A change that affects a lot of processes and people involved in the software development process.

The Paradox of Leadership

Edge Perspectives

I love paradox. Today I’m going explore not just one, but two, paradoxes. Both are related to the role of leadership in our changing world.

Can AI-Driven Test Automation Enhance Test Automation?


Software Testing has changed a lot! Earlier, manual testing ruled the world of testing, however, test automation increasingly became a reality in most organizations developing software. Testing continued to evolve, and it took advantage of technology innovations.

Start monitoring your web application’s availability with one click


Dynatrace news. Real User Monitoring (RUM) is one of the building blocks of Dynatrace Digital Experience Monitoring and the only way to monitor your users’ experience.

2020 Performance and Security Predictions


Surely, 2019 was the year we solved massive security breaches. Right? Right? security software support cloud database security workload migration

Azure Virtual Machines for SQL Server Usage

SQL Performance

One initial, easy step to moving your SQL Server on-premises workloads to the cloud is using Azure VMs to run your SQL Server workloads in an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) scenario.

8 Top Test Automation Mistakes And Tips For QA Teams to Avoid Them


To improve the quality of a software product built by developers, software testing is the key. Testing is essential to ensure that the end product delivered is stable and works according to the required specifications.

Getting ready! Part 2: A taste of what’s to come in the “Release Better Software Faster” track at Perform 2020


Dynatrace news. In Part 1 of this blog series – Getting ready! A taste of what’s to come at Perform 2020’s “Release Better Software Faster” track – we highlighted what you can expect to learn about best practices for sessions 1 – 4 at Perform 2020. This blog, Part 2, we’ll be doing the same for sessions 5 – 7.

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Using Test Branches to Test Early in the Development Cycle


Learn how to use test branches! Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, once said that "change is the only constant in life." " These words fit perfectly with today's agile approach to software development and continuous delivery through a CI/CD pipeline.

Uber Infrastructure in 2019: Improving Reliability, Driving Customer Satisfaction

Uber Engineering

End of term

The Morning Paper

My children broke up from school this past weekend, which seems as good a reason as any to call this ‘end of term’ for The Morning Paper. I’ll be taking a break until the New Year, topping up my reading lists and getting ready for a whole new crop of papers and discoveries. The Morning Paper will resume on Monday 6th January. Since term began on the 19th August we’ve looked at 50 different papers, and I had the pleasure of attending VLDB and HPTS in person as well.

The Unicorn Project Review: Finding Flow with the Five Ideals 


A year ago Gene Kim and I were sitting at a bar in Detroit, discussing the Gemba Walk that we were invited to by Chris O’Malley, the CEO of Compuware. That conversation quickly turned to a problem that Gene had with the current state of The Unicorn Project. The characters were there, the plot was there, but it was lacking any unifying principles that would help readers act on the lessons revealed by the book narrative. “I I wrote 130,000 words, and I have no idea what the point is.

How to Publish Spring Boot Actuator Metrics to Dynatrace


Learn more about publishing Spring boot actuator metrics! The metrics generated by the Spring Boot Actuator module of Spring Boot can be easily published to a Dynatrace cloud instance. This article will give you a step-by-step guide for obtaining that.

Uber’s Data Platform in 2019: Transforming Information to Intelligence

Uber Engineering

Free Website Speed Monitoring


MachMetrics is a premium site speed monitoring tool used by #webperf enthusiasts worldwide. We have always offered a free plan to those who are happy with a few website tests per day. However we’re now announcing a new premium free plan for open source projects or non-profits. Do you run an open source project? Are you in charge of an open source project? We love that you’ve giving back to the community and we want to give back you.

Replace a SQL While loop and a cursor with ranking functions in SQL Server for better query performances

SQL Shack

SQL While loop and cursor are the most common approach to repeat a statement on condition-based or determined limits. Loop and cursor can be utilized in a circumstance to deal with row-based processing in T-SQL.

Six Most Popular Bug Tracking Tools


There is one major challenge that comes with every new app or website, something that tech-savvy people – name “a bug”. Those bugs are giving developers a tough time. Those bugs are the reason, why we require using bug tracking systems to find, document and resolve these bugs.

The Quest of Questions

Edge Perspectives

Questions are powerful. Especially the ones That don’t yet have an answer. They can inspire us To leave our comfort zone And launch us on a quest, A journey, One with many obstacles But also many rewards. They can motivate us To come together In a shared quest.


Why Should You Give Unit Testing a Second Chance


Why should you give Unit testing a second chance? We, developers, work hard. Software developing is not always intuitive or fun. It can drain our energy from thinking hard trying to solve different problems we are facing during our daily tasks.

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