February, 2022

Dynatrace SaaS on Azure now Generally Available


Dynatrace news. In September, we announced the availability of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform on Microsoft Azure as a SaaS solution and natively in the Azure portal.

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Rapid Event Notification System at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

By: Ankush Gulati , David Gevorkyan Additional credits: Michael Clark , Gokhan Ozer Intro Netflix has more than 220 million active members who perform a variety of actions throughout each session, ranging from renaming a profile to watching a title.


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Architecting Zero-Touch Disaster Recovery With Kong Gateway, Kong 9Mesh, and AAP


This post and video were co-created by David La Motta (Kong), Ross McDonald (Kong), and Alex Dworjan (Red Hat). Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”. tutorial performance red hat disaster recovery api gateway service mesh kong gateway

Curious about quantum computing

All Things Distributed

Diving into Quantum computing with Prof. John Preskill in this new video series for those Curious about new technologies

Don’t track bugs, fix them

Allen Holub

You do not need a bug tracking system. In fact, a bug tracking system is a symptom of a deeper problem—insufficient focus on quality.

Matching Supply With Demand — Solutions, Part 2

SQL Performance

In this article, I continue the coverage of solutions to Peter Larsson’s enticing matching supply with demand challenge. Thanks again to Luca, Kamil Kosno, Daniel Brown, Brian Walker, Joe Obbish, Rainer Hoffmann, Paul White, Charlie, and Peter Larsson, for sending your solutions.

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The top eight DevSecOps trends in 2022


Dynatrace news. As businesses take steps to innovate faster, software development quality—and application security—have moved front and center. This is fueling key DevSecOps trends in 2022.

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Performance Testing Using Iter8


There are umpteen performance testing tools available in the commercial market as well as in the open-source repositories. Based on our requirements, we can choose the best tool from the arsenal. Recently, Go-based performance testing tools are exploding in the open-source world.

Top Benefits of DevOps: What do you Need to Know as a CIO?


If you are looking to achieve higher operational efficiency, productivity, and optimal results, think of introducing a DevOps culture. It will help you improve collaborations between the development team and the operations team helping you achieve a more cohesive strategy.

Flow = Joy


A few years ago, I embarked on a mission. At the company I was working for, my plan was to build high performing product teams. In the middle of that journey, just as we started to make progress, life threw us a curveball – COVID.

Amplify your relationship with testers this valentine’s day!


Valentine’s day is a day to express your love to the other person. You need not explicitly do this through words. Showing gratitude, care or making them comfortable all are signs of expressing love. But is it the same with people doing jobs together?

Simone Biles: How this game changer twists challenges into triumphs


Dynatrace news. Simone Biles is no stranger to being a game-changer—and receiving game-changing support that has helped her on her path to greatness. As the most decorated gymnast of all time , Biles’ meteoric gymnastics career culminated in bronze and silver medals at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

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Data pipeline asset management with Dataflow

The Netflix TechBlog

by Sam Setegne, Jai Balani, Olek Gorajek Glossary asset ?—?any any business logic code in a raw (e.g. SQL) or compiled (e.g. JAR) form to be executed as part of the user defined data pipeline. data pipeline ?—?a a set of tasks (or jobs) to be executed in a predefined order (a.k.a.

A Guide To Eliminate Common Performance Issues in React Native App Development


"The more the navigation controls, animations, and third-party libraries, the more it affects performance.". React native app development does have performance issues. The guide determines solutions for common performance issues in React Native, focusing on memory leaks, size, navigation, etc.,

Capital One DevOps Case Study: A Bank with the Heart of Tech Company


Businesses want to adopt DevOps to work their way through digital transformation. This case study narrates how Capital One started its DevOps journey, what distinctive tools and methods it introduced to stay ahead of the curve.

Angular best practices you can follow to improve your web app in 2022


Angular best practices you can follow to improve your web app in 2022. Quick summary: This article will discuss the best angular practices we should follow while developing the client-side project using the angular framework.

Reasons to Choose an Open-Source Test Automation Tool


Today’s competitive world demands “ Quality at Speed with minimal costs. ”. To meet this demand, tester’s rely on test automation tools to rapidly roll out high-quality software. Open-source software development has grown increasingly popular over the last two decades.

Dynatrace - Untitled Article


Dynatrace news. Testing this out 1, 2, 3. Google code commits: machines have significantly surpassed humans #openroads2016 #AI #Automation Niall Murphy – SRE Google pic.twitter.com/iXVt45rjp1. Dave Anderson (@daveando) November 11, 2016. The post appeared first on Dynatrace blog

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String Aggregation Over the Years in SQL Server

SQL Performance

Since SQL Server 2005, the trick of using FOR XML PATH to denormalize strings and combine them into a single (usually comma-separated) list has been very popular.

How To Benchmark the End-to-End Performance of Different I/O Solutions for Model Training


This blog will demonstrate how to set up and benchmark the end-to-end performance of the training process. Architecture.

How Netflix Became A Master of DevOps? An Exclusive Case Study


Netflixed is highly referenced as a DevOps practitioner. But it doesn't deliberately think about DevOps. This case study explores how Netflix implemented DevOps by drawing inspiration from its principles and focusing on a collaborative culture that prizes innovation.

Towards a Unified Theory of Web Performance

Alex Russell

Note: This post first ran as part of Sergey Chernyshev and Stoyan Stefanov 's indispensible annual series.

What Does A 10x Developer Even Mean?

Professor Beekums

I first heard the term “10x developer” a decade ago. My initial reaction to the term was confusion. What does that even mean? That one person types code 10x faster than another person? Or completes 10x more JIRA tickets?

TEST: Formatting and New Fields 9/18


Dynatrace news. This is an H1 Header. This is an H2 Header. This is an H3 Header. This is an H4 Header. This is an H5 Header. This is an H6 Header. THIS IS A BLOCKQUOTE: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

How To Benchmark And Improve Web Vitals With Real User Metrics

Smashing Magazine

How To Benchmark And Improve Web Vitals With Real User Metrics. How To Benchmark And Improve Web Vitals With Real User Metrics. Átila Fassina. 2022-02-24T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-02-24T15:04:32+00:00. How would you measure performance?

Website Accessibility Testing Checklist


Accessibility Testing is a software testing technique that checks if a website or app is easily usable by every user on the internet, including individuals with disabilities or special needs.

Top 23 Tech Startups to Watch in Houston in 2022


Houston has become a land of unicorns. Let's scroll down top 23 tech startups in Houston, which are continually going to flourish in the upcoming years. The post Top 23 Tech Startups to Watch in Houston in 2022 appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Trending

A Slow Website - Time to First Byte (TTFB)


There are many reasons why your website may be slow. Time to first byte (TTFB), respectively time to last byte (TTLB), for the initial HTML document is one explanation we want to focus on in this post.

Presentation: Depending on If I Had Coffee or Not Your Application May Be High Risk


Shannon Morrison, Scott Behrens discuss how to perform application risk analysis at scale. By Shannon Morrison, Scott Behrens. QCon Plus May 2021 Security Transcripts Performance & Scalability Security Assessment Virtual Panel DevOps presentation

Dynatrace Application Security detects and blocks attacks automatically in real-time


Dynatrace news. In today’s world, the speed of innovation is key to business success. Cloud-native technologies, including Kubernetes and OpenShift, help organizations accelerate innovation and drive agility. Unfortunately, they also introduce risk.

Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds

Smashing Magazine

Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds. Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds. Michelle Barker. 2022-02-03T12:00:00+00:00. 2022-02-03T19:04:24+00:00.

GitOps Principles and Workflows Every Team Should Know


An Operating Model for Dynamic, Distributed Kubernetes Environments. Kubernetes clusters have a lot of moving parts—and so does each application running on a cluster. With frequent application and environment updates, the state of every cluster can change rapidly.

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SQL Server Database Parameterization option and its Query Performance effects

SQL Shack

The goal of this article is to give details about the database query parameterization feature and explain its effects on query performance. Introduction A query plan is a set of instructions that describes how the storage engine accesses the data.

What is Functional Testing? – A full guide


Functional testing is a type of black box testing that verifies that a system’s primary function work as intended according to its requirements. The business provides functional requirements that describe what they expect will be the user actions and results.

How Test Automation Can Help Drive DevOps Success


Views: 37 In this article, we are going to explore concepts that drive successful DevOps with test automation. We are going to comprehend DevOps and. DevOps DevSecOps Test Management DevOps Implementation DevOps Platform

Dynatrace launches DevSecOps partner integrations for context-aware adaptive automation


Dynatrace news. While digital transformation initiatives have obvious advantages for organizations, they also bring growing complexity to technology and digital services teams.

Testsigma raises $4.6M from Accel and STRIVE to simplify test automation


I’m happy to announce our financing of $4.6M led by Accel and STRIVE, with participation from BoldCap and a host of well known entrepreneurs and operators.