Download our free Dynatrace branded Zoom backgrounds


Make sure you hit the download link at the bottom. The post Download our free Dynatrace branded Zoom backgrounds appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Turns out, working from home doesn’t have to be too bad – or boring.

Image Inconsistencies: How and When Browsers Download Images

CSS Wizardry

My only reservation was knowing that, because the images are defined in CSS rather than HTML, their outgoing requests won’t start until the browser has created the Render Tree: it’s not until all the CSS has been downloaded, parsed, and the CSSOM constructed that the browser actually knows This div with this class is currently visible on the page and its background is set to be this image: I’d better download it! we can’t download a background-image until we’ve built the CSSOM).


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How to download and Install Nutanix X-ray on an AHV cluster


The post How to download and Install Nutanix X-ray on an AHV cluster appeared first on n0derunner. X-Ray nutanix x-ray


Media Query & Asset Downloading Results

Tim Kadlec

A little while back, I mentioned I was doing some research for the book about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. The same as with the first test: every browser tested, aside from Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, will download the image. With the exception of the over-eager Fennec, every tested browser only downloads the image when needed. which dominates the Android marketshare, still downloads both images as does Fennec and the Kindle.

Media 60

How to add you database to HammerDB – Pt2 Fork, clone and binary downloads


This can be done with Clone or download. in this example we will use the command line to do this using the web URL shown in the Clone or download link. As identified in the previous post we don’t have the correct bin and lib directory so need to download the binaries version from here. As noted in the previous post to add a database to HammerDB you will need to change the source code. There are different ways to do this, however the recommended way is as follows.

Media Query & Asset Downloading Tests

Tim Kadlec

Unfortunately if you’re not careful, this can lead to multiple images being downloaded even when they aren’t being used. A few people—including Jason Grigsby , Greg Rewis and Aaron Mentele —have done some excellent testing about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. The property (which appears to be well supported) returns true if the image has been requested and downloaded, and false otherwise.

Media 40

Fairplay app – Android & iOS – 2022

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There are two versions of the mobile app available for download on the official website: for Android and for iOS. Before Fairplay India app download, check the minimum system requirements for Android: OS version: 4.2 Fairplay App India.

Why Go For App Store Optimization? Entrepreneur’s Guide To App Store Success

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App store optimization is a technique used to increase the app’s visibility to increase usage and downloads. It is more likely to be clicked and downloaded. When global users understand your app’s functionality, it increases the popularity and downloads.

Run vdbench on HCI with X-Ray


How to use Nutanix X-Ray to run any vdbench workload at scale Download vdbench from the Oracle site Download the vdbench x-ray test scenario from github or clone the whole repo [link] Rename the zip file downloaded from Oracle to The X-ray scenerio relies on the zip file having exactly this name.

How to build HammerDB from source


HammerDB already provides pre-compiled packages from the download page so if you want to run HammerDB without building it then these packages are all you need. On Windows, download and install Visual Studio 2022 , Visual Studio is free for open source developers.

C++ 94

CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

CSS is critical to rendering a page—a browser will not begin rendering until all CSS has been found, downloaded, and parsed—so it is imperative that we get it onto a user’s device as fast as we possibly can. download any CSS needed for the current context (medium, screen size, resolution, orientation, etc.) with a very high priority, blocking the Critical Path, and; download any CSS not needed for the current context with a very low priority, completely off of the Critical Path.

The Performance Inequality Gap, 2021

Alex Russell

As networks have improved, client-side CPU time now dominates script download, adding further variability. TL;DR: A lot has changed since 2017 when we last estimated a global baseline resource per-page resource budget of 130-170KiB.

JMeter: Setup for Load Testing With Certificate-based Authentication


Download JMeter from [link]. Download the zip file for the Windows machine: mule 4 jmeter load test client authentication security certificationsIntroduction. JMeter is a widely accepted tool for doing load testing for API or Web applications.

Leveraging Gamification in your Mobile App for Superior User Experience: Top Tips


The inclusion of gamification elements directly influences the number of downloads of an app. In general, video games are considered to be dopamine-releasing products. When you're happy or excited, the chemical is released into your system.

Mobile 207

The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

Thus, on a 3G connection, it takes over nine seconds to download each file. Conversely, the median download time for the CSS file was just 9.5ms—it took 148× longer to get to the headers of the file than it did to download the whole thing.

Google 285

Bandwidth or Latency: When to Optimise for Which

CSS Wizardry

Generally speaking, increased bandwidth is only particularly useful when you’re transferring or downloading large files. In the Time column: The top value is total time taken from dispatching the request to having downloaded the entire response. There are a lot of different phases involved in getting from the point of requesting a file until we’re able to begin downloading it. It took only 3ms to download this file, yet 74ms to negotiate the network.

When CSS Blocks

Tim Kadlec

Preload is a bit of a blunt instrument—whatever you apply to it is gonna jump way up in line to be downloaded. If CSS is still being downloaded, inline scripts won’t run until that CSS arrives.

C++ 114

MongoDB SSL with self-signed certificates in C#


For example: <path-to-downloaded-CA-Cert.cer> = C:UsersUserFoldercaCert.cer. <host1> Here’s how you can do it: Download your CA Certificate from the ScaleGrid UI.

C++ 158

React Security Vulnerabilities that Should Not be Ignored


The library, React, exhibits a few security vulnerabilities in some of its components boasting millions of downloads, some of which can be fatal for your web application. The Javascript has had a long history of common security risks associated with it and Reactjs is no exception.

Optimizing CSS for faster page loads

CSS - Tricks

it will assign it a download priority and initiate its download. But we get real perf gains when we make CSS smaller because it’s quicker to download, parse, and apply. A straightforward post with some perf data from Tomas Pustelnik.

Media 81

In-Browser Performance Linting With Feature Policies

Tim Kadlec

With the oversized-images policy in place, large images are still downloaded, but placeholders are shown instead, and an error is logged to the console. Without those in place, the browser has no idea how much space the image should take up until the image has actually been downloaded.

Media 108

Here’s How Mobile Apps are Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

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Since the global number of smartphone users is growing steadily, it positively impacts the number of app downloads. According to Statista, the number of downloads in the app market is expected to reach 247,175 m downloads in 2022.

A/B Testing Instant.Page With Netlify and Speedcurve

Tim Kadlec

I downloaded the latest version so that I could self-host (there’s no reason to incur the separate connection cost) and dropped it into my page on a separate branch (very creatively called “instant-page”) and pushed to GitHub.

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

Tim Kadlec

The thing about JavaScript is you end up paying a performance tax no less than four times: The cost of downloading the file on the network. The cost of parsing and compiling the uncompressed file once downloaded.

Mobile 114

How To Use Google CrUX To Analyze And Compare The Performance Of JS Frameworks

Smashing Magazine

One of the costs that Noam mentions is the increased download size, especially JavaScript bundle sizes, that stem from the use of frameworks and other libraries. In particular, the increase in the amount of downloaded JavaScript can have a direct impact on website performance.

Netflix Cloud Packaging in the Terabyte Era

The Netflix TechBlog

From chunk encoding to assembly and packaging, the result of each previous processing step must be uploaded to cloud storage and then downloaded by the next processing step. Uploading and downloading data always come with a penalty, namely latency.

Cloud 197

Spring Cloud Sleuth Makes Distributed Tracing Simple


To collect and visualize the Spring Cloud Sleuth entries, you'll also need to download and run a Zipkin server. As requests go through a distributed software system, Spring Cloud Sleuth allows you to aggregate and track log entries.

Cloud 225

Nutanix X-Ray video Series


A series of videos showing how to install, run, modify and analyze HCI clusters with the Nutanix X-ray tool How to Download and Install X-Ray to a Nutanix AHV Cluster How to modify an existing X-Ray workload to create your own HCI benchmark How to use the X-ray built-in comparison function to investigate performance of.

Quality Sense Podcast: Paul-Henri Pillet — Why We Made Gatling


In this episode of the Quality Sense podcast , Abstracta COO, Federico Toledo, interviews Paul-Henri Pillet, a Frenchman and the CEO of one of our favorite open-source load testing tools, Gatling , with 5,000,000 downloads in +100 countries to date.

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

CSS Wizardry

Entry (10) lives on a different origin again, so we have more connection overhead to contend with, and the file seems to take an incredibly long time to download (as evidenced by the sheer amount of dark green—sending data). Once we’ve dealt with the connection overhead, we begin downloading a behemoth CSS file (271.3KB) that is packed with all of the fonts for the project encoded in Base64 data URIs. com file has even begun downloading.

Mobile App Performance Testing Checklist


According to Statista , in 2016, the number of app downloads was approximately 140 billion. The market is filling up with mobile applications more and more. In 2019, this number increased up to 204 billion, and in 2021, this rate is keeping growing. At the same time, competition among companies is growing, and users raise their requirements for app quality. Poor quality products vanish from the market, and their owners go bust.

Mobile 169

HammerDB for Managers


HammerDB maintains a web page under the stats link where the number of downloads can be tracked. HammerDB is used globally and provides statistics on downloads and publications.

What Are Resource Hints?


Resource hints are a type of website optimization that improves overall performance by telling the browser to proactively make connections or download content before the browser normally would.

Fixing a slow site iteratively

CSS - Tricks

seconds faster on average and it drove 60 million more Firefox downloads per year. We’ll run any inline JavaScript as we see it, or download it if it’s an external asset as we go line-by-line parsing the HTML. We’re doing this to make any text-based downloads as small as we can.

What is the Importance of Gaming Apps in Our Daily Life

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Moreover, there is a wide array of games available on the internet so you can download your favorite game whether you like action, racing or arcade games. It is a fact that from earlier times people thought that playing games was a waste of time.

Games 52

Six Must-Know Performance Testing Criteria for Mobile Applications


This will further help to gain more app downloads and protect your brand loyalty. In today’s digital world, for every business, mobile applications continue to be the major source of digital connectivity with their customers. Primarily, these mobile apps become vital part and businesses have less than a second’s time to impress users. Due to this critically limited impression time span, application performance is very essential to ensure your customers get their desired digital experience.

Mobile 136

A Slow Website - Time to First Byte (TTFB)


Just imagine that there is a slow database query that delays the page download. Why high TTFB results in a bad user experience A web browser first gets the HTML file that includes all the references to the assets, which must be downloaded subsequentially.

How to Grow Your Business Using WhatsApp Messaging

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In some countries—such as India, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia—it has been downloaded on nearly 90% of smartphones. Over the years, WhatsApp has quickly become one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, with over 1 billion users per month and over 20 billion messages sent per day.

How to Improve CSS Performance

CSS - Tricks

The browser has to wait until the CSS is both downloaded and parsed to show us that first rendering of the page, otherwise browsing the web would be a terribly visually jerky to browse. There is no doubt that CSS plays a huge role in web performance.

Microsoft embeds Dynatrace natively in the Azure Portal


Here’s what sets Dynatrace’s OneAgent apart from the competition: The process from download to installation on host takes two seconds. Dynatrace news.

Azure 200

Designing Better Links For Websites And Emails: A Guideline

Smashing Magazine Graphics

Download Links. Download Links. A link that guides to some downloadable resource needs a slightly different treatment. A good practice for download links is to show the file format and size. Download the recording”.

HammerDB Source Code moved to the TPC Council


HammerDB has been released on the HammerDB sourceforge site and currently hosts the runnable binary downloads and support site. Over time downloads and support will also transition to the TPC-Council GitHub site. Downloads from the download page on this site will show the current release. To understand the difference between the downloadable binaries and the source code view the post on HammerDB Concepts and Architecture.

Reactjs vs React Native – Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages


Often, it becomes necessary to download another react-enabled library, which increases cost and time overheads. For instance, if the developer uses the Carbon framework for UI experience, it becomes crucial to download Carbon components with react.