Image Inconsistencies: How and When Browsers Download Images

CSS Wizardry

My only reservation was knowing that, because the images are defined in CSS rather than HTML, their outgoing requests won’t start until the browser has created the Render Tree: it’s not until all the CSS has been downloaded, parsed, and the CSSOM constructed that the browser actually knows This div with this class is currently visible on the page and its background is set to be this image: I’d better download it! we can’t download a background-image until we’ve built the CSSOM).

Download our free Dynatrace branded Zoom backgrounds


Make sure you hit the download link at the bottom. The post Download our free Dynatrace branded Zoom backgrounds appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Dynatrace news. Turns out, working from home doesn’t have to be too bad – or boring. People all over the world are discovering the fun of using Zoom. Here at Dynatrace, we’ve had fun playing around with backgrounds, from the beaches of Barbados to city life in NYC.


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How to download and Install Nutanix X-ray on an AHV cluster


The post How to download and Install Nutanix X-ray on an AHV cluster appeared first on n0derunner. X-Ray nutanix x-ray


How to add you database to HammerDB – Pt2 Fork, clone and binary downloads


This can be done with Clone or download. in this example we will use the command line to do this using the web URL shown in the Clone or download link. As identified in the previous post we don’t have the correct bin and lib directory so need to download the binaries version from here. As noted in the previous post to add a database to HammerDB you will need to change the source code. There are different ways to do this, however the recommended way is as follows.

Media Query & Asset Downloading Results

Tim Kadlec

A little while back, I mentioned I was doing some research for the book about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. The same as with the first test: every browser tested, aside from Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, will download the image. With the exception of the over-eager Fennec, every tested browser only downloads the image when needed. which dominates the Android marketshare, still downloads both images as does Fennec and the Kindle.

Media 58

Media Query & Asset Downloading Tests

Tim Kadlec

Unfortunately if you’re not careful, this can lead to multiple images being downloaded even when they aren’t being used. A few people—including Jason Grigsby , Greg Rewis and Aaron Mentele —have done some excellent testing about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. The property (which appears to be well supported) returns true if the image has been requested and downloaded, and false otherwise.

Media 40

CSS and Network Performance

CSS Wizardry

CSS is critical to rendering a page—a browser will not begin rendering until all CSS has been found, downloaded, and parsed—so it is imperative that we get it onto a user’s device as fast as we possibly can. download any CSS needed for the current context (medium, screen size, resolution, orientation, etc.) with a very high priority, blocking the Critical Path, and; download any CSS not needed for the current context with a very low priority, completely off of the Critical Path.

Bandwidth or Latency: When to Optimise for Which

CSS Wizardry

Generally speaking, increased bandwidth is only particularly useful when you’re transferring or downloading large files. In the Time column: The top value is total time taken from dispatching the request to having downloaded the entire response. There are a lot of different phases involved in getting from the point of requesting a file until we’re able to begin downloading it. It took only 3ms to download this file, yet 74ms to negotiate the network.

MongoDB SSL with self-signed certificates in C#


For example: <path-to-downloaded-CA-Cert.cer> = C:UsersUserFoldercaCert.cer. <host1> Here’s how you can do it: Download your CA Certificate from the ScaleGrid UI.

C++ 132

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.210


When providing a cluster support archive, you can now click Analyze support archive with Dynatrace button to automatically upload it to Mission Control instead of downloading it manually and uploading it to the Support JIRA service. Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. General. Dynatrace Managed now uses the more precise MaxMind GeoIP2 database instead of the MaxMind GeoLite2Dabase.

Optimizing CSS for faster page loads

CSS - Tricks

it will assign it a download priority and initiate its download. But we get real perf gains when we make CSS smaller because it’s quicker to download, parse, and apply. A straightforward post with some perf data from Tomas Pustelnik.

Media 71

Mobile App Performance Testing Checklist


According to Statista , in 2016, the number of app downloads was approximately 140 billion. The market is filling up with mobile applications more and more. In 2019, this number increased up to 204 billion, and in 2021, this rate is keeping growing. At the same time, competition among companies is growing, and users raise their requirements for app quality. Poor quality products vanish from the market, and their owners go bust.

Mobile 135

Nutanix X-Ray video Series


A series of videos showing how to install, run, modify and analyze HCI clusters with the Nutanix X-ray tool How to Download and Install X-Ray to a Nutanix AHV Cluster How to modify an existing X-Ray workload to create your own HCI benchmark How to use the X-ray built-in comparison function to investigate performance of.

The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

Thus, on a 3G connection, it takes over nine seconds to download each file. Conversely, the median download time for the CSS file was just 9.5ms—it took 148× longer to get to the headers of the file than it did to download the whole thing.

Google 219

Optimizing Video For Size And Quality

Smashing Magazine

A video with large dimensions or a high bitrate will take longer to download and will require a higher speed network to play back smoothly. We see that an MP4 file is being downloaded. In this case, the partial download is 87 MB, and the entire file is 157,715,457 bytes.

When CSS Blocks

Tim Kadlec

Preload is a bit of a blunt instrument—whatever you apply to it is gonna jump way up in line to be downloaded. If CSS is still being downloaded, inline scripts won’t run until that CSS arrives. That already puts us in a better state: the network priorities now line up much better with the actual importance of the assets being downloaded, and we’ve eliminated that inline script block.

C++ 87

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

CSS Wizardry

Entry (10) lives on a different origin again, so we have more connection overhead to contend with, and the file seems to take an incredibly long time to download (as evidenced by the sheer amount of dark green—sending data). Once we’ve dealt with the connection overhead, we begin downloading a behemoth CSS file (271.3KB) that is packed with all of the fonts for the project encoded in Base64 data URIs. com file has even begun downloading.

Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps?—?now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform

The Netflix TechBlog

remotely configurable files that get downloaded to the device. Disk cache Of course, network connectivity may not always be available so downloaded rule sets need to be cached to disk. Netflix Android and iOS Studio Apps?—?now now powered by Kotlin Multiplatform By David Henry & Mel Yahya Over the last few years Netflix has been developing a mobile app called Prodicle to innovate in the physical production of TV shows and movies.

Cache 220

In-Browser Performance Linting With Feature Policies

Tim Kadlec

With the oversized-images policy in place, large images are still downloaded, but placeholders are shown instead, and an error is logged to the console. Without those in place, the browser has no idea how much space the image should take up until the image has actually been downloaded. While unsized-media would potentially reduce layout shifting, the other policies still result in the images being downloaded, so the sole benefit is this increased visibility.

Media 82

Quality Sense Podcast: Paul-Henri Pillet — Why We Made Gatling


In this episode of the Quality Sense podcast , Abstracta COO, Federico Toledo, interviews Paul-Henri Pillet, a Frenchman and the CEO of one of our favorite open-source load testing tools, Gatling , with 5,000,000 downloads in +100 countries to date. What It’s Like to Build a Company Around Developer-Driven Performance Testing.

A/B Testing Instant.Page With Netlify and Speedcurve

Tim Kadlec

I downloaded the latest version so that I could self-host (there’s no reason to incur the separate connection cost) and dropped it into my page on a separate branch (very creatively called “instant-page”) and pushed to GitHub. I’ve wanted to give a proper try out on my site for a while now. It’s a pretty clever approach.

The Cost of Javascript Frameworks

Tim Kadlec

The thing about JavaScript is you end up paying a performance tax no less than four times: The cost of downloading the file on the network. The cost of parsing and compiling the uncompressed file once downloaded. There is no faster (pun intended) way to slow down a site than to use a bunch of JavaScript. The cost of executing the JavaScript. The memory cost. The combination is very expensive. And we are shipping an increasingly high amount.

How to prevent hidden images from loading on responsive designs


Did you know that if you’re using CSS to hide images based on the screen size that they’re still being downloaded by the visitor’s browser? Implementing one of these options will ensure that your visitors are no longer downloading images they never see.

Six Must-Know Performance Testing Criteria for Mobile Applications


This will further help to gain more app downloads and protect your brand loyalty. In today’s digital world, for every business, mobile applications continue to be the major source of digital connectivity with their customers. Primarily, these mobile apps become vital part and businesses have less than a second’s time to impress users. Due to this critically limited impression time span, application performance is very essential to ensure your customers get their desired digital experience.

Mobile 136

How to Monitor MySQL Deployments with Prometheus & Grafana at ScaleGrid


Download the Prometheus Archive & Extract the File. To download the latest binary archive for Prometheus: $mkdir -p /tmp/prometheus && cd /tmp/Prometheus $curl -s [link]. grep browser_download_url. Download & Install Prometheus MySQL Exporter. curl -s [link] | grep browser_download_url | grep linux-amd64 | cut -d '"' -f 4 | wget -qi - $tar xvf mysqld_exporter*.tar.gz Download the Latest Grafana Version.

Benchmark (YCSB) numbers for Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase2, Yugabyte and BangDB

High Scalability

All of these dbs are available free of cost for download / install and it will be fairly straightforward to run these tests in your environment for further analysis. This is guest post by Sachin Sinha who is passionate about data, analytics and machine learning at scale.

React Security Vulnerabilities that Should Not be Ignored


The library, React, exhibits a few security vulnerabilities in some of its components boasting millions of downloads, some of which can be fatal for your web application. The Javascript has had a long history of common security risks associated with it and Reactjs is no exception. In this blog, you will find easy ways to fix Reactjs Security Vulnerabilities that reduce the chances of security flaws accumulating over time in your web application.

An Efficient Object Storage for JUnit Tests


One day I faced the problem with downloading a relatively large binary data file from PostgreSQL. There are several limitations to store and fetch such data (all restrictions could be found in official documentation ). To resolve the problem it was suggested to find more suitable data storage. For some internal reasons well known Amazon S3 bucket was chosen for this purpose. The choice affected the project's unit test base.

Achieve faster time to value by deploying thousands of OneAgents at once with Ansible (Preview)


The collection is provided for convenient download directly from the Deploy Dynatrace options for OneAgent on the Download Dynatrace OneAgent page. Alongside the download links for the OneAgent collection, you’ll find a link to a survey. Dynatrace news.

Tuning 133

HammerDB Source Code moved to the TPC Council


HammerDB has been released on the HammerDB sourceforge site and currently hosts the runnable binary downloads and support site. Over time downloads and support will also transition to the TPC-Council GitHub site. Downloads from the download page on this site will show the current release. To understand the difference between the downloadable binaries and the source code view the post on HammerDB Concepts and Architecture.

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.202


To minimize the risk of a cluster not being monitored, installation makes two attempts to download the self-monitoring OneAgent. Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Gain enterprise-level security with easy LDAP authentication in Dynatrace Managed. Accelerate observability with Dynatrace Managed performance improvements. Cluster Management Console. Required backup space estimation was optimized. Installation and upgrade.

What Are Resource Hints?


Resource hints are a type of website optimization that improves overall performance by telling the browser to proactively make connections or download content before the browser normally would. It’s a hint, letting the browser know it will need to do something before it can figure that out for itself. Resource. The post What Are Resource Hints? appeared first on Rigor. Web Performance

Responsible, Conditional Loading

CSS - Tricks

Also the same energy: Umar Hansa’s recent blog post JavaScript: Conditional JavaScript, only download when it is appropriate to do so.

Media 68

Understanding operational 5G: a first measurement study on its coverage, performance and energy consumption

The Morning Paper

On 4G the comparable daytime numbers were 130 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload (4G does better at night when the network is less congested, with 200/100 upload/download Mbps). Even if we just compare download times, 5G only shows a 20.68% improvement over 4G.

Energy 104

How Could Make Their Site 3.1s Faster


Despite the large number of product images that are on Target’s homepage, only 50kb is downloaded when the user navigates to the page, with the rest only being downloaded when the user scrolls down.

OneAgent for Windows—Enhancements to *.msi-based deployment


bat files you previously needed to download the MSI package using the dedicated link and then unzip the two files within. msi file, you need to download the regular *.exe Click Download MSI package. Unpack the downloaded *.zip Download the agent.exe file. Download the MSI package using the./api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/windows/default-unattended/ Unpack the downloaded *.zip Download the agent.exe file using the./api/v1/deployment/installer/agent/windows/default/

A font-display setting for slow connections

CSS - Tricks

The font is either applied super fast, or isn’t used at all (but still downloaded async). Me, I really dislike FOUT. I like that it’s an option, because not displaying text quickly on the web is no good.

Cache 60

HTTP Archive’s Annual State of the Web Report

CSS - Tricks

While this is suboptimal on desktop, it really kills performance on mobile, where round-trip latency is more important than raw download speed. The HTTP Archive looked at more than 7 million websites and compiled their annual report detailing how the sites were built.

What If?

CSS Wizardry

Due to an imperfect combination of: images being completely unoptimised, plus; a misconfiguration with their image transformation service leading to double downloads for all images; …they’d managed to place 27.9MB of images onto the Critical Path.

Managing Dynatrace Managed at scale


Assuming that we have Dynatrace Managed Clusters set up and sized accordingly, how do we automate the creation of Dynatrace Tenants/Environments and how do we automatically download and deploy the OneAgent installers so that they connect to the right tenant? Whenever Puppet detects OneAgent is not installed on a virtual machine, it determines which Dynatrace Environment it should connect to, downloads the latest agent and installs it. Dynatrace news.

How to Optimize CSS for Speed


If these aren’t being downloaded asynchronously (see below), that’s a problem. This method doesn’t support simultaneous download, meaning it still needs to do one import at a time. Just remember that each additional plugin you use can introduce more files that need to be downloaded, so keep those to a minimum. Thanks to CSS, our webpages no longer need to look like they did in the 1990s.

Speed 53

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For March 29th, 2019

High Scalability

billion : monthly What's App users; 80 billion : docker downloads in 6 years; 1 billion : players on the App Store. Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Uber's microservice Graph. Thousands of microservices. Crazy like a fox? Or just crazy? ( @msuriar ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd greatly appreciate your support on Patreon. I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 for people who need to understand the cloud. And who doesn't these days?

Experimenting with the Streams API

Dean Hume

The benefit of using streams is that if you are sending large chunks of data over the web, you can start processing the data immediately as you receive it, without having to wait for the full download to complete. For example, if you think of a large video file and imagine how long it might take to download the whole file. For example, if we needed to download a large file, process it, and keep it in memory, this could become a problem.