Real-World Effectiveness of Brotli

CSS Wizardry

I took a handful of example sites in which I tried to cover sites that were a good cross section of: relatively well known (it’s better to use demos that people can contextualise), and/or; relevant and suitable for the test (i.e. One of the more fundamental rules of building fast websites is to optimise your assets, and where text content such as HTML, CSS, and JS are concerned, we’re talking about compression.

Using JSONB in PostgreSQL: How to Effectively Store & Index JSON Data in PostgreSQL


demo=# select * from books where data ? demo=# explain analyze select * from books where data ? demo=# explain analyze select * from books where data ?| It will result in a sequential scan: demo=# select * from books where data->'tags' ? demo=# explain analyze select * from books where data->'publisher' LIKE '%I0UB%'; QUERY PLAN -- Bitmap Heap Scan on books (cost=


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Performance Testing with Open Source Tools – Myths and Reality

Alex Podelko

After this I spent almost 4 years working at Neotys, demos, proofs of concept, training people, the usual turf of a pre-sales engineer. Typically, in a 20 min OctoPerf demo we can record/replay/analyze a basic script. Some time ago Federico Toledo published Performance Testing with Open Source Tools- Busting The Myths. While Federico definitely has good points there, there is some truth in these myths too.

4 steps to modernize your IT service operations with Dynatrace


We came up with list of four key questions, then answered and demoed in our recent webinar. Stephan demoed how avodaq internally leverages Dynatrace Synthetic. In the demo, Stephan showed the waterfall view highlighting issues in connectivity, bad HTTP requests or even JavaScript errors. Stephan demoed RUM for both a custom developed application as well as for Office 365 where he logged on to SharePoint and navigated through some pages. Dynatrace news.

Lambda 126

HammerDB v4.0 New Features Pt2: Scalable UHD Graphics


Additionally these type of displays on devices such as PixelSense on Microsoft Surface Book were popular for presentations and demos and therefore the task was to update the HammerDB display to support scalable graphics. Up to version 3.3

Simple streaming telemetry

The Netflix TechBlog

Introducing gnmi-gateway: a modular, distributed, and highly available service for modern network telemetry via OpenConfig and gNMI By: Colin McIntosh, Michael Costello Netflix runs its own content delivery network, Open Connect , which delivers all streaming traffic to our members.

The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

Google Fonts are good to us—they preconnect the origin preemptively via an HTTP header attached to the response: While not all that effective in these demos, I wish more third-party providers would do things like this.

Google 219

New Product Release: What’s New in Tasktop Hub 20.2


The short demo video below shows an example, where a manufacturer uses conditional field flow to govern how defect fields flow to and from suppliers at different stages of a defect’s life cycle. . This short demo video provides an overview of the new conflict resolution configuration. . Tasktop’s latest product release—Tasktop Hub 20.2—is

What is synthetic monitoring?


To learn more about how Dynatrace can push your synthetic monitoring initiative to the next level, schedule a demo or activate your free trial today. Dynatrace news.

Using Real-Time Digital Twins for Corporate Contact Tracing

ScaleOut Software

A Demo Application Shows How Companies Can Track COVID-19 Contacts Within Companies. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at its implementation in a demo application created by ScaleOut Software. The demo application creates a memory-based real-time digital twin for each employee.

Using Real-Time Digital Twins for Corporate Contact Tracing

ScaleOut Software

A Demo Application Shows How Companies Can Track COVID-19 Contacts Within Companies. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at its implementation in a demo application created by ScaleOut Software. The demo application creates a memory-based real-time digital twin for each employee.

Dynatrace achieves AWS Outposts Ready designation


Watch this Dynatrace Power Demo to learn more about Dynatrace AWS monitoring and how Dynatrace Davis spots problems in real time and provides business impact and root cause analysis. Dynatrace news.

AWS 204

Dynatrace Application Security boosts BizDevSecOps for Kubernetes


For more information visit our web page and watch the demo or read my Application Security blog. Dynatrace news.

Java 169

When Do SQL Server Sorts Rewind?

SQL Performance

Demo 1: Inaccurate Rewinds. Demo 2: Sort Rewinds. Demo 3: Rewinding Nothing. Demo 4: Maximum Rewind! Demo 5: In-Memory Sort. Demo 6: No In-Memory Sort. Introduction. Rewinds are specific to operators on the inner side of a nested loops join or apply.

What is Azure?


For more information on Dynatrace and Azure, check out our Power Demo , Advancing Cloud Performance: Applying AI and Automation to Microsoft Azure or see the magic first hand with our free trial. Dynatrace news.

Azure 160

Forever Free Plan From Testsigma Released!


Book a demo with us to know how you can make the best out of Testsigma or leave us a message to learn more about the tool and how it can help you. We are happy to announce the launch of Testsigma’s freemium version!! Now Testsigma lets you create simple but efficient web automated tests easily and for free! We are offering businesses the freedom to try and experiment with the tool, without having to worry about the trial period.

Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest

CSS - Tricks

In order to illustrate those recipes, I will use the React Admin demo website as an example. I encourage you to go take a quick look at the website (the demo account is demo/demo ) in order to have an idea of what we will be trying to achieve. WebPageTest is an online tool and an Open Source project to help developers audit the performance of their websites. As a Web Performance Evangelist at Theodo , I use it every single day.

New Product Release: Tasktop Hub 21.1 – Jira, Leankit, VersionOne, Tricentis Tosca Integration


Request a highly personalized demo and/or have your value stream architecture mapped by one of our Value Stream Architects to see how Tasktop can help you accelerate business value delivery across your software product portfolio.

BPF Theremin, Tetris, and Typewriters

Brendan Gregg

For my AWS re:Invent talk on BPF Performance Analysis at Netflix, I began with a demo of "BPF superpowers" (aka eBPF). The video is on [youtube] and the demo starts at [0:50] (the sildes are on [slideshare]): I'm demonstrating a tool I developed to turn my laptop's wifi signal strength into audio. Miller (networking maintainer) recently asked if I still used my "noisy typewriter", which I had turned on a little too loud during a [LISA 2016] demo.

C++ 63

Integration Showcase: LoadView & Dynatrace


EasyTravel demo application on AWS server. Setup Demo App EasyTravel on AWS box. Connect demo application hosted on AWS to Dynatrace. EasyTravel – Demo application from Dynatrace. Setup Demo App EasyTravel on AWS Box. Start Easytravel demo app. Link to my Easytravel demo application hosted on AWS server: [link]. Connect demo application hosted on AWS to Dynatrace. Integration Showcase: Dynatrace & Dotcom-Monitor’s LoadView.

AWS 40

Design and operate better applications in Kubernetes with extended insights into cross-container communications


For this example, we’ll use a simple application called “Online Boutique,” which is based on the Google microservices demo application. This is because we extended the original application with an additional PaymentService instance that intentionally leaks memory for demo purposes. Dynatrace news. Kubernetes at scale in the enterprise is complex. Systems are constantly changing, with pods existing only briefly to perform tasks before they’re terminated.

Design 107

Top 7 Test Automation Challenges To Look Out For


Book a Demo. Book a Demo or Sign Up for Free. Having an effective test automation system is an absolute necessity in today’s agile software development environments.

Code 56

Code-level observability for Flutter apps drives great user experience


Test Flutter monitoring with our demo app. To get you up to speed quickly and to test Dynatrace easily, we provide a small Flutter demo app. Dynatrace news.

Code 154

End-to-end request monitoring for popular Python frameworks with OneAgent SDK


Dynatrace news. As part of the Platform Extensions team, I’m one of those responsible for services that include the Dynatrace OneAgent SDKs, which are libraries that allow us to extend end-to-end visibility for technologies and frameworks for which there is no code module available yet.

Hybrid Lazy Loading: A Progressive Migration To Native Lazy Loading

Smashing Magazine

Demos. Native Lazy Loading Demo. To analyze how native lazy loading works in the developer tools, you can start playing with the following demo. Test native lazy loading demo. Hybrid Lazy Loading Demo. To analyze how hybrid lazy loading works, you can start playing with the next demo. is used and the use_native option is set to true : Test hybrid lazy loading demo. What to expect : Try the demo on different browsers to see how it behaves.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…DevOps Enterprise Summit 2020, Las Vegas


Live Demos. Tasktop has three live demos scheduled during the event. October is a month that we look forward to every year.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 14th, 2018

High Scalability

Alan Kay : I believe ARPA spent $ 175,000 of 1968 money for that one demo. Wake up! It's HighScalability time: We've come a long way in 50 years. Or have we? That’s probably like a million bucks today. Bill English : What we did was lease two video circuits from the phone company. They set up a microwave link: two transmitters on the top of the building at SRI, receiver/ transmitters up on Skyline Boulevard on a truck, and two receivers at the Civic Center.

A guide to event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps


In our recent Performance Clinic Automate Business Level Objective Monitoring with Dynatrace & Keptn I was able to live demo the latest version of the Dynatrace SLI Provider for Keptn which now accepts a Dynatrace dashboard as input as you can see in the following example! Dynatrace news.

DevOps 213

New Product Release: Integrate Jira Align with Tasktop Hub 20.3


Watch this demo video to see an example of how Tasktop Hub can integrate Jira Align with Salesforce, Jira, Rally, and Tosca to create end-to-end flow from the original business idea till its release. .

Azure 52

Extending Vector with eBPF to inspect host and container performance

The Netflix TechBlog

Snoops: block IO, exec() Scheduler run queue latency In the below diagram we can see a demo for a wget job. by Jason Koch , with Martin Spier , Brendan Gregg , Ed Hunter Improving the tools available to our engineers to help them diagnose, triage, and work through software performance challenges in the cloud is a key goal for the cloud performance engineering team at Netflix.

A Day with Kotlin

Software Architecture

fun demo(x: Any) { if (x is String) println(x.length) // x is automatically cast to String } 3. What Kotlin has that Java does not. So, I was hearing a lot about Kotlin lately and decided to give it a try. It will be fun learning about a new language and maybe I find it useful for some product or app.

Lambda 100

Simplify cloud operations with automated observability into your Azure Automation service


For additional resources for Azure monitoring watch our on-demand Power Demo on Advancing cloud Performance: Applying AI and automation to Microsoft Azure. Dynatrace news.

Azure 160

What is serverless computing? Driving efficiency without sacrificing observability


Join us for a Dynatrace Power Demo: AWS Observability with Serverless , to see how Dynatrace overcomes the observability challenges that come with serverless computing. Dynatrace news.

Dynatrace achieves Amazon RDS Service Ready designation


Watch this Dynatrace Power Demo to learn more about Dynatrace AWS monitoring and how Dynatrace Davis spots problems in real time and provides business impact and root cause analysis. Dynatrace news. Dynatrace is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, so it’s easy to integrate Dynatrace with AWS to help you stay on top of the dynamics of your enterprise cloud environment?.

Design 127

Increase the Performance of your Site with Lazy-Loading and Code-Splitting


You can see a demo here (check the code source ). Componentization has marked a before and after in web development. The main advantages that are usually mentioned is reusability and modularization. Well defined pieces that we can use to build our sites, like bricks of Legos. It turns out this component structure provides a great foundation to improve the performance of our sites. We are explicit about our dependencies, so we know what code we need to run to run a specific component.

Code 109

Improve your cloud deployments with automated observability into your Azure Deployment Slots


For additional resources for Azure monitoring, see our on-demand Power Demo, Advancing cloud Performance: Applying AI and automation to Microsoft Azure. . Dynatrace news.

Azure 139

DYOC: Agentless RUM, OpenKit, Metric ingest, and Business Analytics


Contact your Dynatrace Sales Engineer for a demo or POC of DEM and Business Analytics. Dynatrace news. This year I wrote two open-source apps for Dynatrace users. As they gained in popularity, now hundreds of users each, so did the pace of new feature requests.

More on content-visibility

CSS - Tricks

Jake used this massive HTML spec page as a demo, and made <section> wrappers around big chunks of HTML, and applied: section { content-visibility: auto; /* this is the thing that delays painting */ contain-intrinsic-size: 1px 5000px; /* this is the guess at the height of the content, and also saying width doesn't matter */ }.

Media 53

The Eager Index Spool and The Optimizer

SQL Performance

OPTION ( FORCE ORDER ) ; With the session_id predicates now not consumed as parameters, the SelSTVFToIdxOnFly rule is free to convert them to an eager index spool: I don't want to leave you with the impression that tricky rewrites are needed to get an eager index spool over a DMV source – it just makes for an easier demo. These are extremely rare in my experience, so I am not going to provide demos for them. Introduction.

Cache 53

Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Jira Data Center Integrations


Request a demo if you know what specifics you’d like to see in a live demonstration! On a daily basis, we help our customers with connecting various SDLC tools, so that they can use best of breed tools and still communicate clearly with each other. After attending the Atlassian Summit, I noticed an interesting pattern that was common among some of the people who walked by our booth. What I learned is that sometimes we don’t even have to look past Jira to find a need for integration.

Cloud 60

Perform 2020: Transform the way you work – Product update


During his demo, Andreas Lehofer, Dynatrace Chief Product Officer, explained that with this announcement, Dynatrace has now broadened our coverage of AWS and Amazon services, and how logs-to-metrics conversion extends the benefits of our AI-powered monitoring and the value we deliver to customers. Dynatrace news.

Mobile 176

My Digital Music Setup

CSS Wizardry

got his colleagues to set the unit up in the demo room for me while we chatted about my needs and requirements. I want to begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m not an audiophile, and I don’t claim to be particularly knowledgable when it comes to music technology. If I sound like I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, that’s probably because I don’t.

A guide to Autonomous Performance Optimization


If you want to see a more hands-on approach, I encourage you to watch the recording as Stefano did a live demo of Akamas’s integration with Dynatrace, showing how to minimize the footprint of a Java application with automated JVM tuning. Dynatrace news.