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Open Observability – Part 1: Distributed tracing and observability


Dynatrace news. I lead a dedicated Dynatrace engineering team which has contributed to the OpenTelemetry project since its inception. My team holds a seat on the OpenTelemetry governance- and technical committee and maintains the project’s JavaScript agent.

How to Work With Tables in Selenium PHP


Web tables, or "data tables," are a common sight in many web-based applications. These tables are predominantly used for displaying information in a tabular format. Rows and columns are the key identifiers of web tables in Selenium.


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ScaleGrid PostgreSQL on VMware Cloud Infrastructure


ScaleGrid recently partnered up with VMware to create a solution that integrates the powerful features of a PostgreSQL DBaaS on vSphere with advanced added support for vVols, allowing DBAs to automate and focus more on their product as opposed to time-consuming database management tasks, scaling and high availability.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For June 25th, 2021

High Scalability

Hey, it's HighScalability time! Only listen if you want a quantum earworm for the rest of the day. Not your style? This is completely different. No, it’s even more different than that. Today in things that nobody stopped me from doing: The AWS Elastic Load Balancer Yodel Rag.

Introducing Netflix Timed Text Authoring Lineage

The Netflix TechBlog

A Script Authoring Specification By: Bhanu Srikanth, Andy Swan, Casey Wilms, Patrick Pearson The Art of Dubbing and Subtitling Dubbing and subtitling are inherently creative processes.

Energy 171

Introducing AWS Bugbust

All Things Distributed

AWS BugBust is the first global bug-busting challenge for developers to fix bugs in a fun and competitive environment. Using modern tools like CodeGuru, we’re able to transform the way we go about bug bashes, improving developer productivity with ML.

AWS 104

Linux Kernel vs. Memory Fragmentation (Part II)


In Linux Kernel vs. Memory Fragmentation (Part I) , I concluded that grouping by migration types only delays memory fragmentation, but does not fundamentally solve it. As the memory fragmentation increases and it does not have enough contiguous physical memory, performance degrades. Therefore, to mitigate the performance degradation, the Linux kernel community introduced memory compaction to the kernel. performance engineering database performance linux kernel

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Exploring Data @ Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

By Gim Mahasintunan on behalf of Data Platform Engineering. Supporting a rapidly growing base of engineers of varied backgrounds using different data stores can be challenging in any organization.

How to speed up your software releases cycles with Testsigma


As software organizations have to release or add new features in their software on a regular basis, proper and thorough testing of all the features on time becomes a real challenge. Automation becomes a viable option to overcome these challenges.

Speed 56

SELECT INTO TEMP TABLE statement in SQL Server

SQL Shack

In this article, we will explore the SELECT INTO TEMP TABLE statement, its syntax and usage details and also will give some simple basic examples to reinforce the learnings.


SQL Performance

In my previous article I kicked off a new series on latches by explain what they are, why they’re needed, and the mechanics of how they work, and I strongly recommend that you read that article before this one.

How the Great Firewall of China Affects Performance of Websites Outside of China


The Great Firewall of China, or as it’s officially called, the Golden Shield Project, is an internet censorship project to block people from accessing specific foreign websites. It is the world’s most advanced and extensive Internet censorship program.



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Walking/Running/Cycling the Talk: Growth and Happiness at Tasktop


During a recent brand training session, the instructor asked a seemingly simple question: “What is your company’s one immutable brand value?” Studying our six core values, I set myself the task of whittling the list down to a single core value that reflects who we are. How hard could it be?

Test automation for 2FA-enabled authentication with Testsigma


It is a common protocol for companies to disable two-factor authentication in their QA and Test Automation processes, the reason being the effort and cost required to carry it out.

How To Run A UX Audit For A Major EdTech Platform (Case Study)

Smashing Magazine Graphics

How To Run A UX Audit For A Major EdTech Platform (Case Study). How To Run A UX Audit For A Major EdTech Platform (Case Study). Mark Lankmilier. 2021-06-25T10:00:00+00:00. 2021-07-13T02:07:04+00:00. The business world today is obsessed with user experience (UX) design.

Efficient and Reliable Compute Cluster Management at Scale

Uber Engineering

Introduction. Uber relies on a containerized microservice architecture. Our need for computational resources has grown significantly over the years, as a consequence of business’ growth. It is an important goal now to increase the efficiency of our computing resources.

Reconsider Low-Cost Hosting for WordPress Websites


We discuss the implications of using low-cost hosting for your WordPress website. Overview While GTmetrix primarily focuses on front-end performance (i.e., how well your page performs on the client-side browser), it’s equally important to consider your back-end / server-side performance.

SQL Server Performance Tuning: Resolving Last Page Insert Contention

SQL Shack

In this article, we will focus on one major SQL Server performance issue that we may experience during heavy data insertion in a table.

LUX update: lux.js v216

Speed Curve

We have released v216 of lux.js. This release contains bug fixes and other improvements: Long tasks buffering (which was previously reverted in v214) has been reinstated, enabling LUX to instrument long tasks that occurred before the snippet. JavaScript page labels are now evaluated quicker than before. LUX can now use a simpler beacon mechanism with LUX.beaconMode = "simple". This sends a beacon by inserting an image into the page, rather than a tag