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Kubernetes Performance Tuning: Make the Most of Your Clusters


Image Source. Why Is Kubernetes Performance Tuning Needed? As Kubernetes becomes a basic infrastructure for many organizations, performance tuning for Kubernetes clusters is becoming more important.

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Our Mission, Purpose, and Vision


Dynatrace news. I was excited to take on the CEO role at Dynatrace for four primary reasons: The enormous addressable market — the need for digital transformation has never been greater. Our world-class and highly differentiated technology and products. The exemplary performance of the company.

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How Netflix Content Engineering makes a federated graph searchable

The Netflix TechBlog

By Alex Hutter , Falguni Jhaveri and Senthil Sayeebaba Over the past few years Content Engineering at Netflix has been transitioning many of its services to use a federated GraphQL platform.

10 Microservice Best Practices: The 80/20 Way


Microservice architecture brings higher flexibility and ease of development through decoupled services. However, microservice architecture has specific challenges like efficiency, consistency, security, etc.

Understanding the Database Connection Pool (DBCP) Properties


Recently, I faced an issue related to a very high load on the database layer. The database was having too many connections in parallel. I had to review my application’s database connection pool (DBCP) properties very closely.

The anatomy of the Spring4Shell vulnerability and how to prevent its effects—and those of similar vulnerabilities


Dynatrace news. Spring4Shell is a critical vulnerability in the Spring Framework , which emerged in late March 2022. Because 60% of developers use Spring for their Java applications , many applications are potentially affected.

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Islands T-SQL Challenge

SQL Performance

Recently, I was introduced to a new islands challenge by my friend Erland Sommarskog. It’s based on a question from a public database forum. The challenge itself isn’t complicated to handle when using well-known techniques, which primarily employ window functions.

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Understanding Cross Browser Testing and Responsive Testing


Introduction. The Internet is inevitable in the current time. It is everywhere, and the entire world depends on it to function, perform day-to-day activities and stay connected with people from different corners.

#BreakTheBias women’s Board of Directors panel discussion celebrates success and work/life balance


Dynatrace news. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day was #BreakTheBias”. Whether deliberately or unconsciously, bias makes it more difficult for women to get ahead.

How to Build Real-time Application with Node.js


Node.js is a flexible platform. However, one of its predominant use cases is real-time applications. This article will focus on some of the particular facts that are important to consider while building Node.js-based based real-time apps. The post How to Build Real-time Application with Node.js

Microsoft SQL Server Trace Flags and usage details

SQL Shack

In this article, we will explore Microsoft SQL Server trace flags with all aspects, and we will learn also how to use them. Introduction Trace flags are the advanced configuration options that are used to change specific behaviors of the SQL Server.

Mobile testing: Most critical scenarios you shouldn’t miss to test


Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.238


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Cassandra upgrade. Starting with Dynatrace Managed release 1.238, configuration and metric storage service was upgraded to Cassandra 3.11.12 for optimized performance and resilience. JRE upgrade.

Web Application Security: Threats, Consequences, Preventions, And More


Web application security has become one of the top concerns for business owners with threat actors evolving their ways each passing day. This article will take you through all the nuances of web app security including consequences, types, and preventions.

Top 8 Mobile Apps That Promote Sustainability

Tech News Gather

Ever thought about how much CO2 gas emissions you release every day? What’s the density of your carbon footprint? Somehow, we all contribute to the rapidly-increasing carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere by consuming environmental resources.

Organizational design in the shift from project to product: Getting it right for platform teams


Three layers of products. Two very different levels of investment. The biggest organizations in the world are pivoting to a product-centric operating model,” opens Charles Betz , Principal Analyst at Forrester, on a recent webinar.

Modernize cloud operations to transform the way you work


Dynatrace news. As organizations expand their cloud footprints, they are combining public, private, and on-premises infrastructures. But modern cloud infrastructure is large, complex, and dynamic — and over time, this cloud complexity can impede innovation.

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Healthcare App Development 2022: A 5 Step Conclusive Guide For You!


Innovations in mobile app development are powering healthcare services with enhanced functions like real-time data access, telehealth, and more. It has led to widespread adoption of healthcare app development in the health industry.

How To Boost Resource Loading With The New Priority Hint `fetchpriority`

Smashing Magazine

How To Boost Resource Loading With The New Priority Hint `fetchpriority`. How To Boost Resource Loading With The New Priority Hint `fetchpriority`. Adrian Bece. 2022-04-11T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-04-11T11:07:11+00:00.

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Users Don't Care About Your JIRA Board

Professor Beekums

I’m going to start this off by saying that I think JIRA is an ok tool. Good project management requires some visual tracker on progress. Most people are visual thinkers and while daily standups are great communication tools for getting project status, they are more effective with some visual such as a JIRA board. The problem is when we start to over-value the JIRA board. The problem is when we treat the JIRA board not as a tool, but as an end goal


Tech Transforms podcast: Web 3.0, gamification, CIA innovation, getting ahead of the adversary – March 2022


Dynatrace news. On the Tech Transforms podcast, sponsored by Dynatrace, we have talked to some of the most prominent influencers shaping critical government technology decisions. From supply chain to machine learning, this podcast explores the way technology advancement intersects with human needs.

Finding the Best Royalty-Free Images for Your Website


If you are a freelancer, online business owner, or blogger, one of the most challenging things about running your blog, website, or other forms of content delivery is finding the right pictures and making sure they are free to use.

BBC New Serverless Platform Improves Scalability and Performance


One year into the transition to their new WebCore serverless platform, the BBC has started to reap the benefits of an architecture that removes the burden on engineers to solve performance and operational challenges and allows them to focus on the value they deliver to customers. By Sergio De Simone.