A one size fits all database doesn't fit anyone

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A common question that I get is why do we offer so many database products? To do this, they need to be able to use multiple databases and data models within the same application. Seldom can one database fit the needs of multiple distinct use cases. The days of the one-size-fits-all monolithic database are behind us, and developers are now building highly distributed applications using a multitude of purpose-built databases. Purpose-built databases.

Embrace event-driven computing: Amazon expands DynamoDB with streams, cross-region replication, and database triggers

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I am excited to share with you that today we are expanding DynamoDB with streams, cross-region replication, and database triggers. In traditional database architectures, database engines often run a small search engine or data warehouse engines on the same hardware as the database.

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Simplifying Mobile App Data Management with DynamoDB's Fine-Grained Access Control

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Speed of development, scalability, and simplicity of management are among the critical needs of mobile developers. As I have mentioned previously , companies like Crittercism and Dropcam have already built exciting mobile businesses leveraging DynamoDB.

Architecting App Logic for Scalability, Reuse, and Agility


App Logic for transactional systems enforces critical integrity for database web/mobile apps. Architect your app logic! It's a significant part of the system — nearly half. rest api business rules app dev architecture & design business agility integration architecture

How to Estimate Web Performance Impact Before Making Fixes

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Measuring the Relative Mobile Conversion Rate : Identify performance issues by comparing the conversion rates on mobile and desktop. Note that Rel mCvR is influenced by UX too, since a bad UX on mobile will hurt mobile conversion rates.

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

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Armed with this knowledge, we can soon understand why TTFB can often increase so dramatically on mobile. Surely, you’ve wondered before, the server has no idea that I’m on a mobile device—how can it be increasing its TTFB?!

Should You Use ClickHouse as a Main Operational Database?


What if we use ClickHouse (which is a columnar analytical database) as our main datastore? Well, typically, an analytical database is not a replacement for a transactional or key/value datastore. how many messages was send for some time period and how much it cost) and a typical key/value queries like: “return 1 message by the message id” Using a columnar analytical database can be a big challenge here.

Elastic Beanstalk a la Node - All Things Distributed

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I spent a lot of time talking to AWS developers, many working in the gaming and mobile space, and most of them have been finding Node.js These developers typically use EC2 instances combined with one of our database services to create web services used for data retrievals or to create dynamic mobile interfaces. Intuit for example uses Elastic Beanstalk for a mobile application backend called txtweb. All Things Distributed.

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Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS - All Things.

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Customers from various verticals (media, social gaming, mobile, news, advertisement) such as Netflix, Shazam and Scopely have used SQS in variety of use-cases requiring loose coupling and high performance. For example, AWS customers use SQS for asynchronous communication pipelines, buffer queues for databases, asynchronous work queues, and moving latency out of highly responsive requests paths. All Things Distributed.

What is Application Performance Monitoring?


Websites, mobile apps, and business applications are typical use cases for monitoring. Experience and outcomes matter, whether it’s mobile app-to-user, IoT device-to-customers, or an application behind the scenes. Dynatrace news.

Expanding the Cloud ? Provisioned IOPS for Amazon RDS - All.

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Following the huge success of being able to provision a consistent, user-requested I/O rate for DynamoDB and Elastic Block Store (EBS), the AWS Database Services team has now released Provisioned IOPS, a new high performance storage option for the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS is intended for applications that need predictable performance and have database workloads that generate largely random I/O. All Things Distributed.

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.192


Metric and configuration storage database was updated to Cassandra 3.0.20 Problems displayed in the Dynatrace Mobile App are now filtered based on the management zones that the logged in user has permission to access. Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements . Explore and analyze Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics data in Dynatrace. Actionable insights with our Adobe Analytics integration and new web properties (referrer, UTM…).

How to design a RESTful API architecture from a human-language spec

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Most web APIs are consumed by client applications running on PCs, mobile devices, etc., It's common to find APIs that merely expose database functions, without considering what the end users will do with them.

Fostering a Web Performance Culture

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How would you architecture a non-trivial size web project (client, server, databases, caching layer)? Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast. It’s about creating awareness amongst both developers and non-developers.

I am looking for new application and platform services - All Things.

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It will drive rapid innovation and well see a wealth of mobile, web and desktop applications arrive that we couldnt dream about a few years ago, and these building blocks are the enablers of that. a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database Service Designed for Internet Scale Applications. Job Openings in AWS - Senior Leader in Database Services. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

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Amazon DynamoDB - From the Super Bowl to WeatherBug - All.

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In the five months since it launched in January, DynamoDB , our fast and scalable NoSQL database service, has been setting AWS growth records. If we had chosen to use a more traditional database approach, we would still be in the process of designing the system for horizontal scalability in addition to negotiating license agreements.â??. We expect to grow the use of this system across more than 40M unique users per month (mobile, tablet, desktop, Web).â??.

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DynamoDB for Location Data: Geospatial querying on DynamoDB datasets

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Over the past few years, two important trends that have been disrupting the database industry are mobile applications and big data. These factors have made DynamoDB a compelling database for mobile developers, who happen to be among the biggest adopters of this technology.

Year in Web Performance: 2019


As we mentioned in our article Average Page Load Times for 2020 , mobile page speed is a huge deal going forward. This shows 17% of websites have fast FCP for desktop users, with only 11% for mobile users.

Why test data management is more important than you think


Data can be present in different formats, different databases and different types. Now, imagine a scenario where the transactional data containing credit card number, mobile number, bank login credentials are provided to the testing team for testing purposes.

What is API Testing, and how best to Test an API?


It will also act as a flag (true/false), on which the Presentation layer or the Database layer will be then updated. A set of data which is to be passed on to a subsequent API, or to the GUI or to the Database. mobile_os:string. What is an API?

Davis Diaries: Mainframe error to resolution in minutes!


Standard integrations are through Slack, xMatters, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, our Mobile App or by simply calling a webhook to notify any external tool. The incoming request to newBuilding made a couple of SQL Calls to the backend DB2 database. Dynatrace news.

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Discover frustrating user experiences with automatic rage click detection


When a web application or mobile app process doesn’t respond quickly, users may repeatedly click the affected UI control in helpless frustration. Dynatrace news.

Track Thousands of Assets in a Time of Crisis Using Real-Time Digital Twins

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By avoiding the need to create or connect to complex databases and ship data to offline analytics systems, it can provide timely answers quickly and easily. Field personnel with mobile devices can send these messages over the Internet to the cloud service.

In-Stream Big Data Processing

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High performance and mobility. It is clear that distributed in-stream data processing has something to do with query processing in distributed relational databases.

Building A Web App With Headless CMS And React

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But with the changes in this mobile era, that’s no longer enough. Platforms (blogs, websites, etc) built with headless CMS can be deployed to work on various displays such as web, mobile, AR/VR, and so on. Mobile Apps (iOS, Android).

10 open-source Kubernetes tools for highly effective SRE and Ops Teams

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Cabin is the native mobile dashboard app for Kubernetes. You can create GKE clusters directly from your mobile phone.

Additional security for Synthetic monitor credentials with the new credential vault


The sensitive information in each credential, be it a user ID/password or certificate, is stored in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted form in the database on the Dynatrace Cluster. Dynatrace news.

Web Development Trends 2019


Progressive web apps are websites that resemble native mobile apps. Push Notifications Replace Newsletters Push notifications aren’t just for mobile apps anymore; they’re quickly replacing the traditional email newsletter.

What is DevTestOps | Role of DevTestOps in Continuous Testing


Hence, testing of an agile project is done by the whole team, not just designated testers or quality assurance professionals but also team members whose primary expertise may be in programming, business analysis, and database or system operation. Appium: It is used for mobile testing.

AWS EKS Monitoring as a Self-Service with Dynatrace


Once Dynatrace OneAgent is monitoring the k8s cluster it gives you code-level visibility into every container that gets deployed including visibility into each incoming service call, executed database queries, invoked external services, written logs as well as handled and unhandled exceptions. #1

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For June 22nd, 2018

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using them to respond to storage events on s3 or database events or auth events is super easy and powerful. Hey, it's HighScalability time: 4 th of July may never be the same. China creates stunning non- polluting drone swarm firework displays.



Teams can measure the performance of all application dependencies, including databases, web services, caching, and more. Trying to decide which one is better or which one to use over the other would be like ignoring mobile devices and only developing for laptops.

Välkommen till Stockholm – An AWS Region is coming to the Nordics

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Supercell is responsible for several of the highest grossing mobile games in history, and they rely on AWS for their entire infrastructure. iZettle, a mobile payments startup, is also ‘all-in’ on AWS.

Achieve resilient cloud applications through managed DNS

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Adding to the complexity is the fact that modern users are mobile, working from multiple locations. Therefore, access to applications as a mobile user depends on DNS more than ever. Harnessing DNS for traffic steering, load balancing, and intelligent response.

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Criteria and Requirements of Functional Testing in an Agile World


This testing could be done for user interfaces, APIs, database, security, or any interface that needs some input and gives some output. Ability to run tests against all needed environments: These days applications are being released on all kinds of devices including desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The test cases could be run on a wide variety of browsers and mobile devices.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 27th, 2018

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millio n: buy the Brady Bunch house; 5.623 trillion : Amazon Sable requests handle on prime day; 91% : Facebook's advertising revenue on mobile; $18 billion : deep learning market by 2024; Quotable Quotes: Ryan Cash : The App Store has changed the world so drastically it’s hard to even imagine sometimes. Lance Gutteridge : The reason why almost no one encrypts their databases is one of the dirty secrets of IT. Hey, it's HighScalability time: Startup opportunity?

Why Your Performance Testing Strategy Needs to Shift Left


Additionally, end users can access your site or applications from anywhere in the world using different browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices, all with varying connection speeds. Analyzing server performance (CPU, memory, bandwidth, disk I/O) and database response times. Along with the EveryStep Web Recorder , you can create advanced scripting actions that mimic real user actions with your application, simulating over 40 desktop/mobile browsers and devices.

Expanding the Cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region

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A region in South Korea has been highly requested by companies around the world who want to take full advantage of Korea’s world-leading Internet connectivity and provide their customers with quick, low-latency access to websites, mobile applications, games, SaaS applications, and more.

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Consumer-driven Coupling: Patterns and Anti-patterns

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A user could see on their mobile phone screen the current and previous location of the device, the speed and direction it was moving, the health of the components on the device, and more.

DynamoDB One Year Later - All Things Distributed

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Many of our customers have, with the click of a button, created DynamoDB deployments in a matter of minutes that are able to serve trillions of database requests per year. s mobile app was integrated with Super Bowl ads , which allowed advertisers to run highly interactive advertising campaigns during the event. I am often asked: When is it appropriate to use DynamoDB instead of a relational database? This was the genesis of NoSQL databases like Dynamo at Amazon.

Introducing The Component-Based API

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Following, the API will add the database object data. This information is not placed under each module, but under a shared section called databases , to avoid duplicating information when two or more different modules fetch the same objects from the database.

Speed Matters talk at Auckland Web Dev Nights

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It's an overview of why front-end performance matter, how to monitor it and the challenges faced when building for an increasingly mobile world. Responsive vs Adaptive and delivering to mobile within a second. Real User Monitoring (RUM) Pingdom New Relic (also backend, database and server health monitoring) Google Analytics mPulse. Here's the slides from my presentation at the Auckland Web Dev Nights meetup.

Regression Testing vs Retesting-Differences and Examples


It enables you to have quick, easy creation and maintenance of regression tests across the web, mobile and desktop applications. Key Features: Supports database, object-driven, data-driven, keyword-driven testing.