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Simplify observability for all your custom metrics (Part 3: Scripting languages)


Dynatrace news.

Different CPU Times: Unix/Linux ‘top’


CPU consumption in Unix/Linux operating systems is studied using eight different metrics: User CPU time, System CPU time, nice CPU time, Idle CPU time, Waiting CPU time, Hardware Interrupt CPU time, Software Interrupt CPU time, Stolen CPU time. Let’s review each of the CPU time in this article. User CPU Time and System CPU Time. In order to understand ‘user’ CPU Time, one should understand ‘system’ CPU time as well, since they go hand in hand.


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7 top tools for responsive web design testing


Responsive design is an approach to design websites such that it responds well on all screen sizes, platforms, and orientations. with the user’s devices depending upon their screen dimensions and orientation. This approach eliminates the need to design a new set of code for each new device.

A font-display setting for slow connections

CSS - Tricks

Me, I really dislike FOUT. I like that it’s an option, because not displaying text quickly on the web is no good. I know font-display: swap; is popular because it’s good for performance, but that FOUT stuff pains me.

Cache 62

Best of TechBeacon 2020: App dev and testing

TechBeacon Testing

Application development and testing practices are in a state of flux, as a growing number of organizations embrace agile, DevOps, and other modern methodologies. App Dev & Testing, TestingArray

7 Best Performance Testing Tools to Look Out for in 2021


The system could work efficiently with a specific number of concurrent users; however, it may get dysfunctional with extra loads during peak traffic. Performances testing helps establish the scalability, stability, and speed of the software application. Numerous kinds of performance testing imitate several possible user scenarios and know the behavior of the apps.

Cross Browser Compatibility Testing – what browsers you should test?


In recent years, cross browser compatibility testing has gained a lot of traction as it helps ensure that no customers are left behind after updates. The pace of technological advancement has increased exponentially, leading to faster upgrades and changes.

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Xamarin vs Flutter- Comparing two Cross-Platforms for Native-like Experiences


We have another detailed comparison of cross-platform frameworks, and this time it's Xamarin vs. Flutter. As organizations seek faster development, sleek UIs, and native interfaces, the developer community has more open-source frameworks added to the list.

Top 15 Software Testing Trends to Watch Out in 2021


There has been a great advancement and growth in the sector of QA testing with the latest trends introducing into IT field services. The introduction of innovative technologies has brought the newest updates in software testing, development, design, and delivery. The high priority of enterprises around the world is cost optimization. In undertaking so, the majority of the IT leaders believe in the incorporation of the newest IT methodologies for their organization.

Why Test Automation Tools Are Important For New Work Style?


2020 was a testing year for one and all. There were many challenges we had to face and still continue to face. One of them was the challenge to continue working even with the pandemic situation. But, thanks to technological advancements, most of us were able to figure out a way to keep working.

There Might Be No Grand Lessons, But There Are Plenty of Darn Good Ones

The Agile Manager

Janen Ganesh wrote in the FT this past week that “COVID offers no grand lesson”. His point is that no political and economic system in any nation has consistently outperformed all others as far as COVID policy is concerned.

Why do you need to compare Xamarin vs Flutter?


The post Why do you need to compare Xamarin vs Flutter? appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Mobile App Development

Oracle SQL Performance Plan Review Automation


Why Do We Need a SQL Performance Review? The current code review process is manual and doesn’t capture the Explain Plan for all modified queries. Currently, lead devs, along with developers, run Explain Plans manually in Toad/SQL Developer. To build an automated tool to capture problematic queries from an Explain Plan perspective and reduce manual oversight. To provide performance audits with data points. Solution.

7 tips for successful cross browser compatibility testing


Cross-browser compatibility testing is the most important testing for someone whose business is completely dependent on a website. Take for example an online service provider company.

Top 10 Bugs Found in C# Projects in 2020


This tough year, 2020, will soon be over at last, which means it's time to look back at our accomplishments! Over the year, the PVS-Studio team has written quite a number of articles covering a large variety of bugs found in open-source projects with the help of PVS-Studio. This 2020 top 10 list of bugs in C# projects presents the most interesting specimens. Enjoy the reading! How the List Was Formed.

C++ 118

Key Performance Measurements for App Servers: Cause, Impact, and Resolution


Below are some of the key metrics that need to be monitored during performance testing: CPU utilization. Heap memory utilization. Number of active/daemon threads. Number of classes loaded. Server page faults/second. Cache hit ratio. Active total sessions. SSL transactions/second. Active/total DB pool connections. Application log. Load balancing. Requests/second.

A Few Tips for Improving the Performance of Your Web Applications


In this post, we will mostly be talking about a few things that we should keep in mind while writing web APIs to get the best possible performance out of them. Most organizations work with large amounts of data that need to be processed every second. So, it's very important to keep things organized and optimized in order to deliver a great user experience. Let's discuss a few points to help you understand how we can work more of performance optimization. Virtual Tables.

Xamarin vs Nativescript— Comparing two Mainstays, Modern Mobile Apps Frameworks.


From private organizations to government agencies, everybody wants to embrace a mobile-first approach as it streamlines business goals, agile processes, feedback, and implementation among other intricate functions. .

What is Multi-Cloud? Why you Need a Multi-Cloud Strategy?


Information and technology are synonymous with flexibility and speed. From on-premise infrastructure to cloud-based applications and now multi-cloud hosting, we’ve come a long way. . The post What is Multi-Cloud? Why you Need a Multi-Cloud Strategy?

Speed 52

React Native v/s Xamarin: A Cross-Platform Frameworks Standoff


React Native and Xamarin are among the top cross-platform frameworks out there. However, it can be tricky to choose one over the other. It this article we bring you a comprehensive comparison between the two technologies.

AWS reInvent 2020 Announcements And Updates


AWS is one of the leading platforms in providing next-gen cloud-based solutions. As a proud technology partner with AWS, we at Simform have successfully created various innovative and successful cloud-centric and serverless projects.