Presentation: Introducing and Scaling a GraphQL BFF


GraphQL Transcripts Performance & Scalability QCon London 2020 Architecture & Design presentationMichelle Garrett talks about the journey of introducing and then scaling a GraphQL BFF to serve multiple applications.

Jamstack CMS: The Past, The Present and The Future

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Jamstack CMS: The Past, The Present and The Future. Jamstack CMS: The Past, The Present and The Future. Mike Neumegen. 2021-08-20T08:00:00+00:00. 2021-08-20T09:19:47+00:00. The world’s first website was made from static HTML files created in a text editor.


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Presentation: Operating Pivotal Application Service at Scale


Performance & Scalability SpringOne Platform 2019 DevOps presentationYusuke Kondo, Akinori Nitta explain the challenges faced and solutions experienced to run and manage a large-scale platform. By Yusuke Kondo, Akinori Nitta. Use Cases Yahoo!

Remote-optimised Domain Modelling: The Present and Future

Strategic Tech

Remote-optimised Domain Modelling: The Present and Future was originally published in Nick Tune’s Strategic Technology Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Developer Decisions for Building Flexible Components

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In the real world, content often differs vastly from the neat, perfectly fitting content presented in designs. But what should happen if the text is longer or shorter than what’s presented? Dealing with less content is a little simpler, but still presents us with some issues.

Upcoming Presentations

Tim Kadlec

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to put the two together and present at a couple upcoming events this month. Then, on the 27th, I’ll be giving a shorter presentation at WebVisions in Portland entitled “Can Media Queries Save Us All?”. I enjoy sharing what I learn with other people (though by the frequency of my blog posts lately, you might not be able to tell that). I also enjoy a good conference.

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Kelly Shortridge Presents Security Delusions at QCon NYC

Baron Schwartz

We’ll also explore the “cheat codes” that can be presented to gain passage by the grumpy gatekeeper that is enterprise infosec. QCon is one of my favorite technical conferences. The content is unbeatable—it’s curated and sourced talk-by-talk by experts who chair each track. The experience is top-notch for speakers and attendees, and the conference is structurally inclusive and welcoming.

Behavior in Your Presentation

Tim Kadlec

Remember, one of the major benefits to proper use of web standards is being able to separate our content, presentation and behavior onto their own separate layers. I can also see how the line between behavior and presentation is a bit blurred already. I’ve spent some time lately playing around with the WebKit Nightly Build.

Performance Monitoring Best Practices: Wayfair at InfluxDays NYC

Wayfair Tech

Presentations Speaking Web Performance InfluxDays InfluxDB performance RUMAt the recent InfluxDays NYC 2019, Senior Engineer Richard Laskey shared some of our monitoring best practices using InfluxEnterprise. These efforts are critical and help improve the user experience on Wayfair by driving forward site-wide improvements, establishing best practices, and pushing positive change through many different teams. From our experience. Read more.

Some new Serverless Architecture videos from John and Mike

The Symphonia

aws lambda presentations architecture serverlessHi everyone. It’s been a great, fascinating, and busy 2019 for John and I (Mike) at Symphonia. You’ll probably be able to tell that we haven’t had too much spare time because of the lack of updates around these parts! We’ve made it to a few conferences though around the globe, from California to Hungary, and places in between. Here are some videos of our talks from them. First up is my talk on “Crossing the Serverless Fireswamp” ?—?which

Register for AWS re: Invent - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

It is shaping up to be a great event with many Amazonians, partners and customers presenting in well over 150 sessions. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Register for AWS re: Invent. By Werner Vogels on 16 July 2012 09:00 AM. Permalink. Comments (). The first annual AWS user and partner conference will be held November 27-29 at The Venetian in Las Vega.

AWS 60

The Performance Inequality Gap, 2021

Alex Russell

This 2GiB RAM, Android 9 stalwart features the all-too classic lines of a Quad-core A53 (1.4GHz, small mercies) CPU, tastefully presented in a charming 5.5" TL;DR: A lot has changed since 2017 when we last estimated a global baseline resource per-page resource budget of 130-170KiB.

Performance Testing at MongoDB

Alex Podelko

David Daly’s presentation at LTB 2020 , How to Waste Time and Money Test ing the Performance of a Software Product, is probably a good introduction [Video] — [Slides]. The latest update will be presented at ICPE 2021 by David Daly on April 21, 2021.

RSocket vs. gRPC Benchmark


Almost every time I present RSocket to an audience, there will be someone asking the question: "How does RSocket compare to gRPC?" " Today we are going to find out. java performance scalability latency cpu grpc rpc qps

Article: Donkey: A Highly-Performant HTTP Stack for Clojure

InfoQ Articles

In this article, we’ll briefly outline the use-case for a library like Donkey and present our benchmarks.

Top 10 Low-Code App Development Best Practices to Follow


Low-code is the present and future of software development. The low-code market is expected to increase from its $10.3 billion market value back in 2019 to $187 billion by 2030 as more companies see the benefits of adopting the platform for their business needs.

Everything you need to know about the new GTmetrix Report (powered by Lighthouse)


We’re excited to present a detailed look at the new GTmetrix Report – powered by Lighthouse! Overview GTmetrix has undergone its biggest change yet, replacing the PageSpeed/YSlow libraries with Lighthouse, the industry standard in web performance.

5 tips for streamlining test automations into CI pipelines

TechBeacon Testing

Just attempting to implement a successful CI presents challenges. Many organizations struggle to integrate automated testing into their continuous integration (CI) pipelines—and it's no wonder. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Automation Guild, Conferences, Test Automation, Continuous Integration (CI

How to Re-evaluate Your Frontend Architecture and Improve its Design?


What’s more, it also presents you with the opportunity to create a productive, scalable, and sustainable workflow. Frontend architecture comprises a bunch of practices and tools that upgrades your application’s code quality.

How to Re-evaluate Your Frontend Architecture and Improve its Design?


What’s more, it also presents you with the opportunity to create a productive, scalable, and sustainable workflow. Frontend architecture comprises a bunch of practices and tools that upgrades your application’s code quality.

The Exponential Cost of Fixing Bugs


The cost is not just in the form of time and resources wasted in the present, but also in form of lost opportunities in the future. The cost of detecting and fixing defects in software increases exponentially with time in the software development workflow.

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How to Overcome Challenges in API Testing


That’s why APIs have become so integral in presenting a seamless user experience across software apps. In this interconnected age, integration is essential for software applications. Your users expect instant access to the information they want, even if that data resides within another application. That is, if the APIs deliver results correctly. Any issue with an API can halt users from continuing to use your product. integration automation testing api testing api performance

Why Do Bugs Attack Your Software?


Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting five major reasons why bugs might be attacking your software. Search the Internet and you will find a plethora of articles regarding how bugs can deteriorate your software, company image, and profitability.

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

CSS Wizardry

Strap yourself in; here is a non-exhaustive list presented in no particular order: Latency: As above, we’re counting a trip out to and a return trip from the server. Rather, your TTFB represents any number of the items present above.

How to Build a Distributed Load Testing Infrastructure with AWS, Docker, and JMeter


The content which I am about to present has its custom favors and solves specific issues that I have encountered while working with this setup. Before we get into the tutorial hands-on, I would like to mention that this topic is not new. It has been covered in various helpful articles like the ones from TestAutomationGuru. tutorial performance docker performance testing load testing jmeter aws ec2

Setting MySQL Configuration Variables – MySQL 5.7 vs MySQL 8.0


Note: The configuration settings present in mysqld-auto.cnf always overrides the values present in the my.cnf file. MySQL configuration variables are a set of server system variables used to configure the operation and behavior of the server.

Composing UI to scale – How Dazn, Vonage, and SmallCase do it.


Micro frontend architecture presents an efficient way to scale frontend. However, frontend teams often find themselves confused as to which micro frontend composition technique to employ. In this article, we assess all three composition techniques taking examples of companies using them.

Composing UI to scale – How Dazn, Vonage, and SmallCase do it.


Micro frontend architecture presents an efficient way to scale frontend. However, frontend teams often find themselves confused as to which micro frontend composition technique to employ. In this article, we assess all three composition techniques taking examples of companies using them.

Decision Making at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Back in 2010, the UI was static, with limited navigation options and a presentation inspired by displays at a video rental store.

Fostering a Web Performance Culture


presented in Google IO 2018 ( source ) These tools make it easier to determine where we need to put emphasis to improve our sites. Arrange a presentation and show them. Present it to the team. Once I was convinced about the product, I prepared presentation for my team exposing the problems we had and how a tool like this could improve the situation. Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast.

All You Need to Know About Selenium Web Driver


Testing is a crucial need for today’s digital enterprises to compete with the present business market and user-requirement. Automation testing is one of the software testing methods that has made testing simpler and easier for the testing teams with test automation tools.

How to Be an Engineering Leader: A letter to my past self


Yet, often we don't understand the importance or impact of simply being present. Everyone has their own definition of true leadership. What I didn't understand at the start of my leadership journey was that each of us is a leader.

7 Best Performance Testing Tools to Look Out for in 2021


With rising competition in the digital world and the requirement to be present in the top rank of the category, makes performance tests crucial for companies. For example, the gaming app has to present definite actions to bring the right experience. The system could work efficiently with a specific number of concurrent users; however, it may get dysfunctional with extra loads during peak traffic.

The Future of Performance Testing

Alex Podelko

Another major challenge is that continuous performance testing as part of the agile development lifecycle can’t be the traditional full-scale, realistic load/data/configuration load test in most practical cases (but it could – and should – be complemented by larger-scale tests; see, for example, my Context-Driven Performance Testing presentation). Following up my post Are Times still Good for Load Testing? , I decided to answer multiple comments here separately.

TestNG vs. JUnit Testing Framework: Which One Is Better?


Unit testing Frameworks like JUnit and TestNG present similar test roots, so the debate over TestNG vs. JUnit persists. Software Development goes through many phases like requirement gathering & analysis, communication, design, code building, testing, and release.

Are Times still Good for Load Testing?

Alex Podelko

In 2014 I was preparing a presentation about load testing tools and criteria for their selection. My post Good Times for Load Testing was published in 2014. It is difficult to believe that 5 years passed… Are times still good for load testing? Well, yes and no. I am not so upbeat as I was in 2014. If we speak about commercial load testing tools, we see rather a shrinking market and not too much innovation recently.

How Do You Test A Design System? — Advanced Topics


Marie Drake , Principal Test Automation Engineer at News UK , presented her webinar, " Roadmap To Testing A Design System ", where she discussed this topic in some detail. How do you test a design system? You got here because you either have a design system or know you need one.

Practical API Design at Netflix, Part 1: Using Protobuf FieldMask

The Netflix TechBlog

There are a number of utilities and conventions on how to use this message when it is present in an RPC request. For example, a method that returns all top-level fields based on FieldMask and FieldDescriptor, a method to return if a field is present in a FieldMask, etc.

Design 202

How to remove blind spots with visual testing

TechBeacon Testing

Visual bugs are errors in the presentation of an application. They appear all the time, and frequently surface when applications are viewed in the various viewport sizes of our mobile devices (laptops, phones, tablets, watches).

Strategies for Improving the Performance of Applications Using EF Core


This article presents a discussion on how we can improve the performance of data-centric applications that leverage EF Core and Entity Developer for data access. The performance of data-centric applications has always been a concern. Applications that use Entity Framework in their data access layer have performance issues.

Netflix at MIT CODE 2020

The Netflix TechBlog

Eskil Forsell and colleagues presented a poster describing Success stories from a democratized experimentation platform. Simon Ejdemyr presented a talk describing how Netflix is exploring Low-latency multivariate Bayesian shrinkage in online experiments.

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HammerDB at Percona Live ONLINE May 13th 2021


This year Steve Shaw will be presenting HammerDB: A better Way to Benchmark Your Open Source Database on Thursday, May 13th 2021 at 13.30-14.30 Percona Live ONLINE, THE Open Source Database Conference, is taking place May 12-13, 2021.

SmartTV crash analysis with Dynatrace


During his presentation, he also talked about how he transformed the feedback process for Hubi 2.0 Markus Leiman presented the DNA HUBI 2 case at our Dynatrace AIOps Forum in Finland which triggered my interest in learning more. Dynatrace news.

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