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Dynatrace supports newly launched GKE Arm clusters


Dynatrace news. Organizations that are developing ever larger, scale-out applications will leave no stone unturned in their search for a compute platform that meets their needs. For some, that means looking to the? Arm architecture.

9 Useful Interactive CLI Tools for Linux


If you are a software developer, sooner or later you’ll have to connect to a Linux machine to perform administrative tasks, access remote database servers, or deploy applications, among other things.


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Slower Memory Zeroing Through Parallelism

Randon ASCII

While investigating some performance mysteries in Chrome I discovered that Microsoft had parallelized how they zero memory, and in some cases this was making it a lot slower.

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Emulating the GROUPS Window Frame Option

SQL Performance

Generally in life, it’s good to have the perfect tools to handle any given task. But sometimes a tool you need isn’t available, and you have to figure out a solution without it. The same goes specifically for handling T-SQL querying tasks in terms of supported language elements.

How Park ‘N Fly innovates with IT automation, AIOps, and observability


Dynatrace news. Anyone who has parked in an offsite airport lot could be forgiven for believing it’s nothing more than a place to park while on a trip. But in fact, offsite parking is fueled by plenty of IT automation in the background.

Best Runtime for AWS Lambda Functions


AWS Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without any infrastructure management and it natively supports Java, Go, NodeJS,Net, Python, and Ruby runtimes.

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Top 10 Business Benefits of CI/CD your Organization Shouldn’t Ignore!


The post Top 10 Business Benefits of CI/CD your Organization Shouldn’t Ignore! appeared first on Simform - Product Engineering Company. DevOps

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How zero trust architecture can improve government user experiences


Dynatrace news. As federal agencies implement zero trust (ZT) as directed by the White House “Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity,” there’s growing concern that zero trust architecture and great user experiences can’t coexist.

What Are the Top Business Advantages of Mobile App Development?

Tech News Gather

Mobile devices are the best tool for communication. It is a perfect tool for business. Technology is continually developing, and the people are in the addiction to smartphones. After this pandemic, the number of people spending time on mobile devices increases to large numbers.

8 Best CI/CD Tools to Build a Solid Software Delivery Pipeline


Continuous integration and delivery is the best practice for DevOps and agile development. Here are the top CI/CD tools with their key features so you can pick the right one & integrate the power of automation in your CI/CD pipeline.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 11th, 2022

High Scalability

Never fear, HighScalability is here! Every cell a universe. Most detailed image of a human cell to date. microscopicture.

Tech Transforms podcast: Company Culture, Hyperautomation, User Experience in a Zero Trust World, and Security Metrics – June 2022 recap?


Dynatrace news. In June 2022, the Tech Transforms podcast delves into building trust through diversity, equity, and inclusion, and hyperautomation as a tool for unlocking fast and accurate application security.

How can We Automate Testing in a DevOps Setup?


Views : 33 What is DevOps? DevOps can be described as a combination of practices, tools, and cultural philosophies, which helps foster the organization or. DevOps Test Management DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation DevOps Platform

5 CI/CD Best Practices to Solve Key Business Challenges


CI/CD is neither a silver bullet nor a sure-shot medicine to your software development troubles. However, with the right approach, you can improve the CI/CD implementations and enable higher security, flexibility, and reliability of software deployments.

Observability and security must converge as the financial services sector goes cloud-first


Dynatrace news. With AWS Summit taking place July 12 in New York City, Dynatrace will release new data from its global chief information security officer (CISO) survey, revealing the state of vulnerability management in the financial services sector.

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AWS Fargate vs EC2 Pricing Comparison: Who Wins the Pricing War?


The post AWS Fargate vs EC2 Pricing Comparison: Who Wins the Pricing War? appeared first on Simform - Product Engineering Company. Cloud App Development

AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency: Build High-performance Serverless Applications at Scale


AWS Lambda provides various benefits such as scalability, cost-efficiency, high availability, and more. But it also introduces cold starts and latency, decelerating your applications’ performance.

8 Key DevOps Principles and Practices for 2022 [Insights From Industry Experts]


DevOps principles and practices have transformed how software development and delivery teams operate. It has added a new dimension that helps enterprises increase product quality, release frequency, and reduce errors.

Software Development Life Cycle: Meaning, Phases, and Models


Software development calls for dive-deep planning, groundwork, and management like any other multifaceted system. However, for the project to go off seamlessly, you need a stringent plan that allows the software team to deliver excellent results promptly.