Wed.Jul 21, 2021

Distributed Load Testing in JMeter Using VirtualBox: QAInsights


In this article, we are going to use how you can run distributed load testing in JMeter using the VirtualBox setup. I have already posted videos about distributed load testing on AWS and Raspberry Pi. You need more than one machine to run the load tests.

AWS 207

Color Tools And Resources

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Color Tools And Resources. Color Tools And Resources. Cosima Mielke. 2021-07-21T13:00:00+00:00. 2021-07-21T14:34:38+00:00.


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Growing Pains: Learning From SysML v1


The SysML v2 Visualization Origin Story. Systems Engineering is the discipline of integrating parts into a functioning whole. It is responsible for communicating needs and capabilities between stakeholders and specialists.

Don’t Use Too Many Web-Fonts


We discuss the impact of using too many fonts for your website. Overview According to the HTTP Archive, approximately 80% of mobile and desktop sites (at the time of writing) use web fonts , highlighting their popularity, yet their performance aspects are often overlooked.

ADHD in the workplace - 3 ways you can help devs


In a company with 100 employees, there can be over 10 individuals with some form of neurodiversity such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, or others.


How to generate a new hostid for a Cassandra node.


If you clone a Cassandra VM with the goal of creating a cassandra cluster – you may find that every Cassandra node has the same hostID. Steps to generate a new hostid: stop cassandra remove files from /var/lib/cassandra/data/system ; rm -rf /var/lib/cassandra/* restart cassandra Example $ nodetool status Datacenter: datacenter1 Status=Up/Down |/ State=Normal/Leaving/Joining/Moving -- Address … The post How to generate a new hostid for a Cassandra node.

The Core Web Platform Loop

Alex Russell

Joining a new team has surfaced just how much I've relied on a few lenses to explain the incredible opportunities and challenges of platform work.