How to Setup a WordPress MySQL Database in the Cloud


WordPress is the largest website builder platform in the world, supporting over 34% of all websites on the internet today. MySQL is a free open source relational database management system that is leveraged across a majority of WordPress sites, and allows you to query your data such as posts, pages, images, user profiles, and more. Managing a database is hard, as it needs continuous updating, tuning, and monitoring to ensure the performance of your website.

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used

High Scalability

PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. For the 2nd year in a row, PostgreSQL has kept the title of #1 fastest growing database in the world according to the DBMS of the Year report by the experts at DB-Engines.

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The new normal of digital experience delivery – lessons learned from monitoring mission-critical websites during COVID-19


s tate home websites/portals , COVID -19 and employment portals on an ongoing basis since the last week of March. . The state’s unemployment website reported a record 115,000 daily sessions.? Dynatrace news.

Automating Website Deployments Through Buddy

Smashing Magazine

Automating Website Deployments Through Buddy. Automating Website Deployments Through Buddy. Managing the deployment of a website used to be easy: It simply involved uploading files to the server through FTP and you were pretty much done.

Updating graph databases with Cypher

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Updating graph databases with Cypher Green et al., Personally I would have expected that number to be in the thousands by now and there are some suggestions that it is, however Neo4j are still only claiming ‘ hundreds of customers ’ on their own website.

How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet

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How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet. How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet. But as it stands, websites are growing ever more obese, which means that the energy demand of the Internet is continuing to grow exponentially.

Sending SentryOne Data to the Azure SQL Database DTU Calculator

SQL Performance

If so, you may have heard about the Azure SQL Database DTU calculator , and you may have also read about how it has been reverse engineered by Andy Mallon. Database – Log Bytes Flushed/sec. I created a table called [AzureDatabaseDTUData] and stored it in the SentryOne database.

Azure 52

Which Is the Best PostgreSQL GUI? 2019 Comparison


PostgreSQL graphical user interface (GUI) tools help these open source database users to manage, manipulate, and visualize their data. PostgreSQL is the fourth most popular database management system in the world, and heavily used in all sizes of applications from small to large.

New Book: DevOps for the Database

Baron Schwartz

I’ve written a new 65-page ebook, titled DevOps for the Database. As a result, I think the book is pretty database-agnostic and technology-agnostic. Want to know how that’s different from, say, someone using a different database technology?

The top 5 reasons to run your own database benchmarks


This post addresses some of the opinions around database benchmarking and gives the top 5 reasons why industry standard benchmarking is important and should be an essential foundation of your database engineering strategy. So are standard database benchmarks meaningless?

A one size fits all database doesn't fit anyone

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A common question that I get is why do we offer so many database products? To do this, they need to be able to use multiple databases and data models within the same application. Seldom can one database fit the needs of multiple distinct use cases. The days of the one-size-fits-all monolithic database are behind us, and developers are now building highly distributed applications using a multitude of purpose-built databases. Purpose-built databases.

Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types


Depending on how it is configured, Redis can act like a database, a cache or a message broker. It’s important to note that Redis is a NoSQL database system. This implies that unlike SQL (Structured Query Language) driven database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, Redis does not store data in well-defined database schemas which constitute tables, rows, and columns. 8 ranked database on DB-Engines with a score of 144.08.

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons

High Scalability

In that environment, the first PostgreSQL developers decided forking a process for each connection to the database is the safest choice. It would be a shame if your database crashed, after all. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, ‘threads’ were a programming novelty rarely used and seldom trusted. Since then, a lot of water has flown under that bridge, but the PostgreSQL community has stuck by their original decision.

Job Openings in AWS - Senior Leader in Database Services - All.

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Job Openings in AWS - Senior Leader in Database Services. This week it is an opening for senior leaders with AWS Database Services. AWS Database Services is responsible for setting the database strategy and delivering distributed structured storage services to our AWS customers. The ideal candidate will be someone who has built and ran large scale distributed systems and/or databases. Job Openings in AWS - Senior Leader in Database Services.

New AWS feature: Run your website from Amazon S3 - All Things.

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New AWS feature: Run your website from Amazon S3. More details about the website feature of Amazon S3 can be found here and in Jeff Barrs blog post on the AWS developer blog. a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database Service Designed for Internet Scale Applications.

Client-side Performance Monitoring with InfluxDB

Wayfair Tech

Each day we deploy hundreds of code changes to the web application for our customer-facing websites, and each change has the potential to impact performance for better or worse. Database Open Source Tools Web Performance databases InfluxDB kafka monitoring real user monitoring time seriesAccurate performance monitoring is crucial for Wayfair’s Storefront Engineering team.

Redis vs Memcached

Software Architecture

Redis is like a database that resides in memory. Memcached is very good at handling high traffic websites. nosql caching memcached database redisMemcached is in-memory key value store whereas Redis is in-memory data structures store.

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

CSS Wizardry

Database queries: Pages that require data from a database will incur a cost when searching over it. And with so much potentially taking place in our TTFB phase, it’s almost a miracle that websites load at all!

No Server Required - Jekyll & Amazon S3 - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

As some of you may remember I was pretty excited when Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) released its website feature such that I could serve this weblog completely from S3. Just dropping your website in an S3 bucket brings all that power to you. All Things Distributed.

AWS 88

Why Traditional Monitoring Isn’t Enough for Modern Web Applications


Website and web application technologies have grown tremendously over the years. Websites are now more than just the storage and retrieval of information to present content to users. Website and Web Application Monitoring. Database connectivity. Database Connectivity.

How to Estimate Web Performance Impact Before Making Fixes

José M. Pérez

Previous results from other companies or websites, like those published on WPO Stats , are essential to start a conversation about the topic, but it’s not sufficient. Web Performance is important for user experience and business metrics.

Improving Neo4J OGM Performance


You may also like: 7 Simple Ways to Improve Website and Database Performance. We'll help you improve performance! Overview. I've been investigating US federal lobbying using Open Data published by the US government.

5 Steps to Accelerate your Cloud Migration with Dynatrace


Database & functional migration. Step 4: Smart Database Migration. Database migration would deserve a blog post on its own as there are so many questions we can answer with Dynatrace data to ensure a successful migration. Which Database to migrate? Dynatrace news.

Cloud 38

Fostering a Web Performance Culture

José M. Pérez

Your dev environment is not your user’s environment Light Work , a picture by Émile Perron I use a Macbook Pro to develop websites. What happens when a browser tries to load a website? How would you architecture a non-trivial size web project (client, server, databases, caching layer)?

Dynatrace & ServiceNow feed and enrich the CMBD, automatically.


Managing highly dynamic service and application infrastructures with a CMDB database can be cumbersome and error prone. For more information, visit our website or install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment. Dynatrace news.

Average Page Load Times for 2020 – Are you faster?


As you know, there are many metrics that determine a website’s page speed, and we can’t look at just one of them to determine how performant our site is. 3 years later, this is still the case with 53% of website visits coming from mobile devices.

What is Application Performance Monitoring?


Websites, mobile apps, and business applications are typical use cases for monitoring. Dynatrace news. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in its simplest terms is what practitioners use to ensure consistent availability, performance, and response times to applications.

What is Interface Testing? Know Its Types, Strategy and Tools

Software Testing Help

Introduction to Interface Testing: When an application or a software or a website is developed, then there are several components of it. Those components can be server, database etc. Read more What is Interface Testing? Know Its Types, Strategy and Tools. The post What is Interface Testing? Know Its Types, Strategy and Tools appeared first on Software Testing Help. Types of Testing

40+ Best Web Development Blogs of 2018


Visit website 2. Visit website 3. Visit website 4. Visit website 5. Visit website 6. Visit website 7. Visit website 8. Visit website 9. Visit website 10. Visit website 11. Visit website 12. Visit website 13.

Year in Web Performance: 2019


In the below image, ‘fast’ websites are those with a FCP consistently below 1 second. Conversely, ‘slow’ websites are consistently slower that 3 seconds. The results show that only 13% of the websites in this study are considered fast.

Site Speed Metrics Explained – TTFB, Speed Index, Interactive, Load, Complete, and more


Standard Website Speed Metrics. As we can see, a website’s “speed” is not a one-size-fits-all number that we can simply lower. As daunting as it looks, each of these are necessary to know to truly optimize your website’s performance.

Speed 65

HammerDB Source Code moved to the TPC Council


HammerDB has increased dramatically in popularity and use and has been identified as the industry default for database benchmarking illustrating both the popularity of open source and TPC based benchmarks. Consequently with the wish to engage with the open source database benchmarking community the TPC Council approached HammerDB to collaborate on development and bring together both the communities around the TPC benchmarks and HammerDB.

Why test data management is more important than you think


IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub website cited a case study, where a US insurance company was estimating 15% of their testing efforts to be just test data collection for the backend system and the frontend system. Data can be present in different formats, different databases and different types.

Web Development Trends 2019


Progressive Web Apps Being responsive is no longer enough; today’s websites need to be progressive. Progressive web apps are websites that resemble native mobile apps. If you’re exceptionally savvy, you can reduce your website to a single page.

Understanding APIs: What They Are and Why They Matter


Takes that request to the database. The widget needs to get that information from the Weather Company, which collects data from millions of endpoints around the globe and stores it in its databases.

The Role of Recording in Load Testing Tools

Alex Podelko

Typically when you load test a website it calls some back end APIs, but the APIs follow a certain pattern (in the URL or POST/PUT body content) that varies if you go by a data driven (or random data generation) route. If a lot of users visit the website, a lot of calls are made to the APIs but with different data/ID parameters. If a single webpage or website transaction calls 20 APIs that’s ok, and manageable.

Approaches to System Security: Using Cryptographic Techniques to Minimize Trust

ACM Sigarch

For example, consider a database system that is distributed across a data center, or even across data centers. This allows the same database to be implemented while removing storage and connections from the trust boundary. His website is [link].

The “Best” Performance Metrics? Start With These Six


But there is some information that is universal for all websites – and everyone has to start somewhere, right? Total Content Size is an easy, high-level way to see the size of a website.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk: A Quick and Simple Way into the Cloud - All.

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Flexibility is one of the key principles of Amazon Web Services - developers can select any programming language and software package, any operating system, any middleware and any database to build systems and applications that meet their requirements. a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database Service Designed for Internet Scale Applications. Job Openings in AWS - Senior Leader in Database Services. New AWS feature: Run your website from Amazon S3. All Things Distributed.

Choosing Consistency - All Things Distributed

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Amazon SimpleDB has launched today with a new set of features giving the customer more control over which consistency and concurrency models to use in their database operations. These new features will make it easier to transition those applications to SimpleDB that are designed with traditional database tools in mind. These new features will make it easier for traditional database application scenarios such as concurrency control, item counters, conditional update/delete, etc.,

AWS 60

The Ultimate Guide To Building Scalable Web Scrapers With Scrapy

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Web scraping is a way to grab data from websites without needing access to APIs or the website’s database. With web scraping, we just need to find a website with pages that have all this information, and then point our program in the right direction with the right instructions.

The Different Software Testing Types Explained


How well the application will perform under stressful conditions of Database, Users, Data Load etc. Volume Testing- Aim of this testing is to ascertain how well the system behaves when a large volume of data or data operations are handled by Database.

Top 8 Best Backend Frameworks


Their primary focus should be to create a great user experience and ensure that the design and layout or the website or web app is cohesive throughout. Laravel also offers its own database migration system and has a robust ecosystem.