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Lazy Pre-Browsing with Prefetch

CSS Wizardry

I’m working with a client at the moment who, unfortunately, has a blocking third party stylesheet that’s needed to successfully render one of their site’s key pages.

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14 Best Performance Testing Tools and APM Solutions


With All of the Free and Enterprise Tools Available for Performance Testing, There’s No Excuse for Having a System Failure. Performance tests reveal how a system behaves and responds during various situations.

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Overview of the Shrink TempDB database in SQL Server

SQL Shack

This article explores the usage of TempDB and different ways to shrink the TempDB database in SQL Server Each instance of Microsoft SQL Server has a system database TempDB. It is a backbone for the SQL Server instance.

How Do You Improve Network Agility?


What Is Network Agility? Network Agility — the volume of change in the network over a period of time — the capability for software and hardware components to automatically configure and control itself in a complex networking ecosystem. The rise of innovative efforts made by several vendors to expand and modernize network device interfaces is improving network agility and is seen with emerging technologies such as SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and intent-based networking.

PREVIEW : SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension for Azure Data Studio

SQL Performance

Updated August 15th, 2019 for 0.9.6. Last year, I got together with one of my dev teams here – they call themselves the SQL Injectors – to talk about the possibility of replicating SentryOne Plan Explorer functionality inside of Azure Data Studio.

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Large or Small Memory Size for My App?


Should I be running my application with few instances (i.e. machines) with large memory size or a lot of instances with small memory size? Which strategy is optimal? This question might be confronted often. After building applications for 2 decades, after building JVM performance engineering/troubleshooting tools ( GCeasy , FastThread , HeapHero ), I still don’t know the right answer to this question. At the same time, I believe there is no binary answer to this question as well.

Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery


The only constant thing in this world is ‘change’ and the only industry that makes a quick shift in innovation and technology is IT software. The post Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery appeared first on Kovair Blog.

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Weekly Platform News: HTML Loading Attribute, the Main ARIA Specifications, and Moving from iFrame to Shadow DOM

CSS - Tricks

In this week's roundup of platform news, Chrome introduces a new attribute for loading, accessibility specifications for web developers, and the BBC moves visualizations to the Shadow DOM. Chrome ships the loading attribute. The HTML loading attribute for lazy-loading images and iframes is now supported in Chrome. You can add loading="lazy" to defer the loading of images and iframes that are below the viewport until the user scrolls near them.

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Which is the Best MongoDB GUI? — 2019 Update


A good UI is an important part of the development experience. The MongoDB Shell works great for administrative actions, but when working with larger amounts of data, the UI becomes fairly important.

Just-in-time design in software delivery: how to avoid 4 sources of waste in design


Please note: In this post, I will refer to all design practices, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Visual Design, and Design Research as design. Much has been written about Lean UX and the role of design in Agile development. Design’s primary role is reducing the risk that the team is building the wrong thing or building something that is hard to use. Yes, it needs to look good, but that’s the easy part.