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Automatic and intelligent end-to-end observability for OpenTelemetry Java


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Java 200

Testing Perl: To Plan or Not to Plan


Let's assume for the moment that you're writing a Perl module or application. You'd like to maintain some level of software quality (or kwalitee ), so you're writing a suite of test scripts. Whether you're writing them first (good for you for practicing test-driven development !)


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Achieving observability in async workflows

The Netflix TechBlog

Written by Colby Callahan , Megha Manohara , and Mike Azar. Managing and operating asynchronous workflows can be difficult without the proper tools and architecture that puts observability, debugging, and tracing at the forefront. Imagine getting paged outside normal work hours?—?users

Poor Disk Performance

Brendan Gregg

People often tell me they don't understand performance tool output because they can't tell what's "good" or "bad." It can be hard as performance is subjective. What's good for one user may be bad for another.

Session Replay improved for continuously deployed apps: CSS file capture


Dynatrace news. In modern software development, continuous deployment is a standard practice that features, among other things, quick end-user feedback and short development cycles that result in improvements to your software.

Test Azure Service Bus Performance by Generating a Million Test Messages


For the people using Azure Service Bus namespaces, we often have the need to ensure the Azure Service Bus Performance by testing our system integration by generating some test messages on the Azure Service Bus resources.

Azure 141

Number series generator challenge solutions – Part 5

SQL Performance

This is the fifth and last part in the series covering solutions to the number series generator challenge. In Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4 I covered pure T-SQL solutions.

C++ 73

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How to maximize Kubernetes monitoring with AI-driven automation


Dynatrace news. With containers now the common framework for deploying microservices-based applications at scale, the need for robust management tools is also on the rise.

Code Quality Metrics


"Employing these Metrics to excel the performance of code directly impacts the profitability of the business. Achieving high-quality standards ultimately increases the ROI of the software. Consider it as a matter of choosing between investing excess time as well as resources initially or wasting the same later in fixing issues".

Code 118

Cloud-Based Testing – A tester’s perspective


Cloud-based testing has become quite integral these days. Most businesses have already done the shift towards cloud-based testing. The main reason is – it is faster, inexpensive, flexible, and requires no maintenance.

Cloud 52

Ramadan: A Time to Reset, Slow Down and Contemplate


Tasktop’s Mission : We are driving toward an inclusive company culture. We are building a come-as-you-are community of mutual respect and trust. We believe that diverse teams perform better and foster an environment of belonging and inclusion.

HammerDB v4.1 New Features Pt3: Step Workloads


HammerDB Variable or Step Workloads are an advanced testing feature that enables you to automatically vary the load on the database over a period of time.

Polymer vs. Angular: The Battle For Front-End Supremacy


Nowadays look and feel of your web application matters a lot and therefore, people are giving importance to front-end frameworks. Polymer and Angular are two of the finest front-end frameworks that help you to create a world-class user experience.

SQL Server Performance Tuning tips for beginners

SQL Shack

This article intends is to give helpful SQL Server performance tuning advice to those who want to learn performance tuning. Introduction One day a rooky database administrator has said to me: Understanding and solving SQL performance issues require an enormous amount of work.

How We Delivered More Features and Solved Incidents Faster By Using Our Own Product


The Tasty Dog Food Series: 1. Eating your own dog food,” “ice creaming,” “drinking your own champagne” — whatever you want to call it — refers to a company using its own product, either to test drive it or to show confidence in it.

How to put AI to work on your performance engineering right now

TechBeacon Testing

If you've attended a webinar on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) lately, you've likely heard that they are sweeping the globe, and perhaps you've heard that we'll be able to simply point software at a website, click "go," and get performance test results, all thanks to the magic of AI.

Express vs. Django: 10 Indicators to Choose the True Backend King


While choosing the best backend technology for web app development, two prominent frameworks are on everyone's priority lists- Express and Django. But, selecting one of them is not easy, so here are ten differentials to decide the true backend king!

Poor Disk Performance

Brendan Gregg

People often tell me they don't understand performance tool output because they can't tell what's "good" or "bad." It can be hard as performance is subjective. What's good for one user may be bad for another. There are also cases where I can't tell either: The tools only provide clues for further analysis. I recently encountered terrible disk performance and thought it'd be useful to collect Linux tool screenshots and share them for reference. E.g., iostat(1): $ iostat -xz 10. [.]

Springing into the Virtual DevOps Enterprise Summit, Europe 2021


Ah spring… the flowers start to bloom, the sun finally starts to make an appearance, people come out of hibernation, and patio brunches become the regular.