Fri.Jan 22, 2021

Optimizing the Aural Experience on Android Devices with xHE-AAC

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By Phill Williams and Vijay Gondi Introduction At Netflix, we are passionate about delivering great audio to our members. We began streaming 5.1 channel surround sound in 2010, Dolby Atmos in 2017 , and adaptive bitrate audio in 2019.

A Comprehensive Guide to Deal With XPath in Selenium


Selenium has always been the first choice for automation developers to automate their web applications. Locating dynamic web elements has historically been dolorous for automation testers, which brings the scope of XPath into the picture. XPath is one of the most preferable locators provided by Selenium. Locators are Selenium commands used to locate a GUI web element present in the web page Document Object Model (DOM) structure.


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8 Challenges of mobile app testing and how to solve them?


In 2019, the worldwide sales of mobile devices were 1524 million units. In 2020, in the first nine months, we were already hitting 1590 million units and this trend has been growing every year. The number was just 296 million units ten years back in 2010 ( [link] ).

XUnit Testing Tutorial: Running A First Script in XUnit


In our earlier blog under the xUnit testing tutorial series, we had a look at setting up the framework (further referred to as xUnit) in Visual Studio 2019 (VS 2019). Today our core focus is on Selenium test automation with C#. So, we would also need to install the Selenium WebDriver. Irrespective of the test framework being used, Selenium tests can be executed on a local Selenium Grid as well as remote or cloud-based Selenium Grid.

C++ 109

Xamarin vs Ionic: Ending the application frameworks debate


Xamarin and Ionic are two popular frameworks for building hybrid applications. Both the frameworks have been a point of debate for developers, for the past few years. The difference ranges from Application size, UX/UI experience, Code reusability, third-party SDK, etc.