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Tackling cloud modernization


As the process of cloud modernization becomes ever more complex, there is an even greater need to embrace the emerging role of cloud architect to accelerate transformation. One thing that’s imperative is modernization and digitization cannot be achieved alone. Partners are integral to the process and a necessity if organizations want to achieve faster, greater, and more scalable modernization. .

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Adrian’s recipe for gluten and dairy free boozy fruit cake

Adrian Cockcroft

This is a synthesis of several recipes that I’ve modified over the years. I usually make a cake for the holidays. Growing up my mother made what she called a Dundee Cake, a round fruit cake with almonds on top. She would make it a month before, and soak brandy into it. My version avoids wheat and dairy, I use honey rather than sugar and I soak the fruit in spirits before I make it, then it’s good to eat a few days later.


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An album for each year - 2022 version

All Things Distributed

A list of my favorite albums from 1958 through 2022. One per year; no repeats.

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Diffing PostgreSQL Schema Changes


One of the routine operations when administering PostgreSQL is periodic updates to the database system’s architecture. PostgreSQL does a good job of allowing one to update a schema, add types, functions, triggers, or alter a table by adding and removing columns and updating column data types, etc., in a reliable manner. However, there is no built-in mechanism to help identify the differences, let alone generate the necessary SQL, to accomplish updates in an easy manner from the development

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Dynatrace tops cloud-native observability solutions quadrant for the third year in a row


In the International Services Group (ISG) 2022 Provider Lens for Cloud-native Services and Solutions report, Dynatrace has attained the top overall position for the cloud-native observability quadrant. Additionally, Dynatrace is recognized as a leader in cloud-native security for both the U.S. and Europe. ISG is a leading global technology research and advisory firm that supports clients across more than 20 industries and partners with 75 of the world’s top 100 enterprises.

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Hunting for bandwidth on a consumer NVMe drive


The Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB claims a sequential read bandwidth of 3400 MB/s this is a story of trying to achieve that number. Starting point We start with a Haswell based PCIE Gen2 machine. First of all write out data across the drive with fio Quick sanity check to ensure we have data on … The post Hunting for bandwidth on a consumer NVMe drive appeared first on n0derunner.

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Performance Testing of a Socket.IO Application


If you’re going through the experience of trying to do a performance test with systems that use the Socket.IO library, one of the best ways is to use Locust, Taurus, and Blazemeter. To learn more about this topic, read this article by December Labs, one. The post Performance Testing of a Socket.IO Application appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services.

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How do You Fit Observability within Testing & QA? We have Got Answers!


Testing in production helps you catch the bugs before the final version goes into production. Observability facilitates testing in production by providing full-stack visibility inside production and infrastructure. This article focuses on observability within testing and covers the impact of observability on testing in production and three testing phases.

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Dashboard Story: How We Created PMM Dashboard for Highload

Percona Community

Let’s say you have highload instances. How do you monitor them? There are a lot of servers with 100, 200… 500+ nodes. How can we collect, check, and analyze metrics from all these servers? How can we understand what and where something happened? Scroll, scroll, scroll… down? That was the task that we faced at Percona and successfully resolved.

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2022 in review: New dashboards, Core Web Vitals enhancements, third-party tracking & more!

Speed Curve

Every year feels like a big year, and 2022 has been no exception. Not only did we celebrate our ninth birthday (!!!) we also: Launched a series of new and improved dashboards to help you identify and fix your performance issues more quickly and efficiently (More on those below.). Expanded our test agent locations to bring you even more places to test from worldwide.

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A MyRocks Use Case


I wrote this post on MyRocks because I believe it is the most interesting new MySQL storage engine to have appeared over the last few years. Although MyRocks is very efficient for writes, I chose a more generic workload that will provide a different MyRocks use case. The use case is the TPC-C benchmark but executed not on a high-end server but on a lower-spec virtual machine that is I/O limited like for example, with AWS EBS volumes.

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Must-Have Skills For A Top Automation Tester

Tech News Gather

A career as an Automation Tester has a lot of benefits, especially since it is a growing career field and is required by almost every firm. Automation testing helps a company reach a wide variety of audiences, doing it efficiently without using much time or money as it replaces manual testing though not entirely. It also helps do the testing of large-scale projects more effectively.

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Fast memcpy, A System Design

ACM Sigarch

When I worked at Google, fleet-wide profiling revealed that 25-35% of all CPU time was spent just moving bytes around: memcpy, strcmp, copying between user and kernel buffers in network and disk I/O, hidden copy-on-write in soft page faults, checksumming, compressing, decrypting, assembling/disassembling packets and HTML pages, etc. If data movement were faster, more work could be done on the same processors.

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The Performance Inequality Gap, 2023

Alex Russell

TL;DR : To serve users at the 75 th percentile ( P75 ) of devices and networks, we can now afford ~150KiB of HTML/CSS/fonts and ~300-350KiB of JavaScript (gzipped). This is a slight improvement on last year's budgets , thanks to device and network improvements. Meanwhile, sites continue to send more script than is reasonable for 80+% of the world's users , widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

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PMM V2.33: Offline Metric Collection, Guided Alerting Tour, Security Fixes, and More!


We are excited to announce the latest release of Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) – V2.33. This release includes several new features and improvements that make PMM even more effective and user-friendly. Some of the key highlights of PMM V2.33 include: Offline metric collection during PMM server outages or loss of PMM client-server network connectivity.

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PostgreSQL Role Inheritance at a Glance


PostgreSQL manages database access permissions using the concept of roles. A role can be either a database user or a group of database users, depending on how the role is set up. Roles can own the database objects and assign privileges on those objects to other roles to control who has access to which objects. Furthermore, it is possible to grant membership in a role to another role, thus allowing the member role to use privileges assigned to another role.

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