Wed.Nov 15, 2023

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Performance of ULID and UUID in Postgres Database


Hello everyone! In this article, I want to share my knowledge and opinion about the data types that are often used as an identifier. Today we will touch on two topics at once. These are measurements of search speed by key and data types for the key on the database side. I will use a PostgreSQL database and a demo Java service to compare query speeds.

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Standing on the shoulders of giants: Colm on constant work

All Things Distributed

The Builders' Library gathers the expertise of Amazon's most experience builders in one place. One article that really got me thinking was Colm MacCárthaigh's "Reliability, constant work, and a good cup of coffee" which is about an anti-fragility pattern that he developed for building simple, more robust, and cost-effective systems.

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Pagination of an Infinite List of Records in Salesforce


What Is Pagination? Put simply, it's page-by-page navigation. It's a way to display a large amount of homogeneous information by dividing the content into pages. Many Salesforce developers, myself included, often encounter pagination when displaying a significant volume of data on the user interface. On one of my projects, we were presenting phone numbers in a data table.

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Microsoft Refreshes Its Well-Architected Framework


Microsoft recently announced a comprehensive refresh of the Well-Architected Framework (WAF) for designing and running optimized workloads on Azure.

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Unlocking the Potential of Observability With AI


Observability is essential for developing and running modern distributed applications, but fragmented tools and data often obstruct critical insights. AI and unified observability can overcome these challenges. Observability is crucial for modern software development, allowing developers to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize complex distributed applications.

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How to Measure Mobile App Performance?


In the digital age, where mobile apps drive most user engagement, enhancing optimum performance is not just crucial—it’s expected. Dive into our guide on mastering the art of mobile app performance testing and staying ahead of the curve. In today’s tech-driven world, a mobile app’s. The post How to Measure Mobile App Performance? appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services.

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CDN Web Application Firewall (WAF): Your Shield Against Online Threats

IO River

What is WAF?‍WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. Let's break it down using a simple analogy:Imagine you own a special kind of mailbox. Instead of just receiving letters, it also receives parcels, packages, and even gifts. But not all of these are meant for you; some could be scams, spam, or even dangerous items. ‍This is where WAF comes in!

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