Sat.Feb 27, 2021

SKP's Java/Java EE Gotchas: Clash of the Titans, C++ vs. Java!


As a Software Engineer, the mind is trained to seek optimizations in every aspect of development and ooze out every bit of available CPU Resource to deliver a performing application. This begins not only in designing the algorithm or coming out with efficient and robust architecture but right onto the choice of programming language. Most of us, as we spend years in our jobs — tend to be proficient in at least one of these.

Java 138

The Importance of a Great Developer Experience

Strategic Tech

In February 2012 I began working for a new company. On my first day, I deployed to production. I was lost for words. It felt like magic. Every day was the same: pick the highest priority item, implement it, and then deploy to production immediately. After 6 months, I was still pinching myself.

Integration testing of your Android with Testsigma


Most of the applications being developed today have complex requirements. Hence, they need to be tested thoroughly and for each use-case, before they are ready to be deployed in the production server. We all know how important it is to perform unit testing on separate modules or “units of codes”.