Wed.Dec 06, 2023

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Evolving From Performance Testing to Modern Engineering


Performance testing stands as one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring seamless functioning of applications. As organizations strive for innovation and rapid releases, the significance of evaluating software performance throughout its lifecycle becomes increasingly paramount.

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Percona Monitoring and Management Dump: A New Tool to Support Percona Customers


In this post, I will present a new Percona tool: Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Dump. The PMM Dump performs a logical backup of the performance metrics collected by the PMM Server and imports them into a different PMM Server instance. PMM Dump allows you to share monitoring data collected by your PMM server securely with the Percona Support team.


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DBaaS vs Self-Managed Cloud Databases


In the digital age, data management has transformed from locally hosted servers to cloud solutions. The choice of self-managed cloud databases vs DBaaS is a common debate among those who are looking for the best option that will cater to their particular needs. Database as a Service (DBaaS) and managed databases offer distinct advantages along with certain challenges.

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MySQL Interview Questions: Wrong Answers Only


During an interview or while having general discussions, I have found some funny responses that can be easily classified as “Wrong Answers,” but at times, they’re thought-provoking or involve a deep meaning within. This blog is regarding some of the usual MySQL database conversations and responses, which can appear “wrong” or “funny,” but there’s actually more to them.

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NEW! December product update

Speed Curve

Holy cow, it's been a busy few months! SpeedCurve turned ten , we attended (and gave talks at) , Firefox added support for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and oh yeah. we just shipped a ton of stuff! (We wanted to wait until the dust settled around Black Friday/Cyber Monday for all of our friends in retail, which led to a pretty monumental release.

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