Thu.Jan 26, 2023

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Fraud Detection With Apache Kafka, KSQL, and Apache Flink


Fraud detection becomes increasingly challenging in a digital world across all industries. Real-time data processing with Apache Kafka became the de facto standard to correlate and prevent fraud continuously before it happens.

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Why You Need To Keep Track of Bugs


Most of us are lucky that software bugs are a small part of our lives. The ‘things just work’ attitude works for most situations, but occasionally something appears that may seem trivial at first glance may be catastrophic. A bug appeared in MySQL’s recently released 8.0.32

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Containerizing the Beast – Hadoop NameNodes in Uber’s Infrastructure

Uber Engineering

We recently containerized Hadoop NameNodes and upgraded hardware, improving NameNode RPC queue time from ~200 to ~20ms – A 10x improvement! With this radical change, Uber’s Hadoop customers are happier and admins rest more at night. Data / ML

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SQL Practice: Common Questions and Answers for the final round interviews

SQL Shack

In this article, we are going to make a SQL practice exercise that will help to prepare for the final round of technical interviews of the SQL jobs. Introduction Technical interviews are an indispensable part of the recruiting process for employers.

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Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Apps For the Classroom

Tech News Gather

For teachers that are looking for new and innovative ways to teach, augmented reality is a great tool to use. However, there are a lot of different apps that are out there, making it hard to choose which ones to use in the classroom.