Fri.Apr 30, 2021

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For April 30th, 2021

High Scalability

Hey, HighScalability is back! This channel is the perfect blend of programming, hardware, engineering, and crazy. After watching you’ll feel inadequate, but in an entertained sort of way. Love this Stuff? I need your support on Patreon to keep this stuff going.

New Support Center and Dynatrace ONE further transform customer experience


Dynatrace news. Three years ago, Dynatrace set out to transform how we guide customers through their Dynatrace journey. This resulted in our unique transformational customer experience program that we call Dynatrace ONE.


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Armchair Regulator

The Agile Manager

Bernie Madoff, one of the greatest financial fraudsters of all time, died earlier this month. That his was possibly the largest Ponzi scheme ever created a sense of history unfolding in front of our eyes as it was exposed in 2008.

How Dynatrace empowers performance engineering teams to test at scale


Dynatrace news. As organizations develop more applications and microservices, they are discovering they also need to run more performance tests in the same amount of time or less to meet service-level objectives (SLOs) that fulfill service-level agreements (SLAs).

Re-imagining your DevOps tools to build a next generation delivery platform


Dynatrace news. Many organizations that have integrated their software development and operations into DevOps practices struggle with efficiency because they’re juggling disparate DevOps tools, or their tools aren’t meeting their needs.

DevOps 154

Dynatrace observability for e-commerce helps SAP deliver a record holiday shopping season


Dynatrace news. As e-commerce experiences become more sophisticated and we all rely on them more and more, observability for e-commerce applications and the clouds they run on has become more critical than ever to retailers’ success.

Retail 148