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A CPO and a CFO Walk into a Bar…


Therefore I was buoyed to walk out of the seminar definitely feeling better armed to have productive conversations and interactions around the business of products – which, in the end, of course, results in better products and happier customers. . By the end of the seminar, I was convinced that CPOs all need CFO-land education.

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Dynatrace and Google Cloud: Intelligent Kubernetes observability and automation


To address the diverse needs of these personas, the online seminar explores the significance of providing features that cater to all user roles.

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APAC Summer Tour - All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed

July 5 - Cloud IT Leadership seminar on Business Continuity in partnership with Deloitte. This week in Japan there are three public events planned: July 4 - AWS HPC Night at Fuji Soft Hall in Akihabara. Next to a presentation by me about HPC on AWS, there is a panel with Japanese HPC experts moderated by Dr Kazuyuki Shudo of Titec.

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The Best In Performance Interview Series – Episode #3: Recap with Buddy Brewer


Why spend time traveling to seminars when you can learn from industry experts and peers from your own device at any hour of the day? You’ll be armed with information from industry experts and peers that you can use to start conversations and make an impact in your own organization.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 27th, 2018

High Scalability

That means every employee, contractor, and the thousands of agents who work at the company show up to work—team meetings, training seminars, onboarding sessions—all inside a virtual reality campus. ” Incredibly, this growth is largely the result of eXp Realty’s use of an online virtual world similar to Second Life.

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This spring: High-Performance and Low-Latency C++ (Stockholm) and ACCU (Bristol)

Sutter's Mill

On April 25-27, I’ll be in Stockholm (Kista) giving a three-day seminar on “High-Performance and Low-Latency C++.” If you’re interested in attending, please check out the links, and I look forward to meeting and re-meeting many of you there. Tue-Thu Apr 25-27: High-Performance and Low-Latency C++ (Stockholm).

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How should enterprises execute cross-browser testing?


Consider a scenario, if the application crashes frequently in an important seminar or a college lecture. In our example of Microsoft teams, testing has made it possible to get the user count from 75 million to 145 million. Using another application is just one email away in such cases.

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