Fri.Feb 19, 2021

Engineering dependability and fault tolerance in a distributed system

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Paddy Byers , Co-founder and CTO at Ably , a realtime data delivery platform. You can view the original article on Ably's blog. Users need to know that they can depend on the service that is provided to them.

Full support for Google’s Core Web Vitals improves your user experience and search rankings


Dynatrace news. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen how poor application performance can impact business bottom lines and lead to lost revenue for many organizations, as laid out in our recent blog post about digital experience.

Google 212

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Mobile web testing – 3 approaches that will make your life easy


The world isn’t new to the mobile-first approach. Call it convenience or anything else — people are consuming content on their mobile phones more than their desktops and this will only increase in the near future.

Mobile Automation Testing Tools: Appium, Testsigma, TestComplete and more


With the rising competition in the app industry, mobile testing without automation seems out of the picture. You can’t imagine frequent deployments or a faster time to market without automating your tests.