Mon.Jan 23, 2023

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Melbourne gets a Region, a big trip, and a brain mapping startup

All Things Distributed

Innovation is borderless. Great ideas (and of course, great engineering) aren’t bound by geography or the lines on a map.

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Update of our SSO services incident


Two weeks ago, we experienced a service interruption with our SSO service. As our CTO Bernd Greifeneder shared in his blog post , what was a relatively small software release resulted in a large number of our customers b eing una ble to access their Dynatrace environments.


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Using QuestDB to Collect Infrastructure Metrics


One of my favorite things about QuestDB is the ability to write queries in SQL against a high-performance time series database. Since I’ve been using SQL as my primary query language for basically my entire professional career, it feels natural for me to interact with data using SQL instead of other newer proprietary query languages. Combined with QuestDB’s custom SQL extensions, its built-in SQL support makes writing complex queries a breeze.

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Working of MySQL Replication Filters When Using Statement-based and Row-based Replication


A couple of days ago I was creating an index on the source and when I checked the replica side it was not replicated, so I just wanted to explain how the replication filter may increase the complexity of your DBA operations.

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Binding your application to the database in the Kubernetes cluster

Percona Community

dbaas-operator is Yet Another DBaaS Kubernetes Operator (need to suggest yadbko as a name) that tries to simplify and unify Database Cluster deployments by building a higher abstraction layer on top of Percona Kubernetes Operators.

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[BUG] Stopping Purge/Resuming Purge in Error Logs After Upgrade to MySQL 5.7.40


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