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Fit and value: The business case for blockchain


Blockchains have a uniquely tumultuous early history for an enterprise technology—from a mysterious origin story, to a sensational first application in bitcoin, to a swift fall from a particularly frothy hype cycle. Blockchain technology provides the encrypted distributed ledger that made the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, possible.

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5 industries that demonstrate how blockchains go beyond finance


Although blockchain technology is still in its early days, momentum has been building in the enterprise. While there has been much focus on blockchains in banking and payments, its impact has already extended far beyond finance. When a land title changes hands, it would be verified via the blockchain, and recorded again.


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Top 9 web development trends to expect in 2022


Internet of Things (IoT). Voice Search Technology. Blockchain Technology. A Progressive web applications (PWA) are the latest trends in website development, built using standard web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. Internet of Things (IoT). How does IoT work? Single Page Applications (SPAs).

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Human-Centric Testing Today and Into the Future


In this conclusion of the series, I’ll expand this story into the future, as modern trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the metaverse promise to once again revolutionize the nature of applications and the experiences people have when interacting with such modern software landscapes. What’s going on here?

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Software Testing Trends 2021 – What can we expect?


The implementation of emerging technologies has helped improve the process of software development, testing, design and deployment. From AI to ML, the shifting technology world is constantly innovating and making significant progress. IoT Test Automation. There is a huge expansion and the need for a good IoT research plan. .

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AnyLog: a grand unification of the Internet of things

The Morning Paper

Micropayments require an environment of trust, and in a decentralised context that leads us to blockchains. Despite the "Internet of Things" featuring prominently in the title, there’s nothing particular to IoT in the technical solution at all. This comes in the form of micropayments.

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Expanding the Cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

All Things Distributed

A region in India has been highly sought after by companies around the world who want to participate in one of the most significant economic opportunities in the world – India, a rising economy that holds tremendous promise for growth, a thriving technology hub with a rich eco-system of technology talent, and more.

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