Wed.Apr 10, 2024

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Predictable growth with a simplified partner compensation structure: A new economic model


As digital transformation accelerates across all industries, the role of partners in fueling organizational success has never been more crucial. A strategic and intentional partner compensation strategy helps drive that success. Dynatrace believes partnerships are the backbone of innovation and growth, enabling businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and navigate the complexities of modern technology landscapes.

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MongoDB 4.4 EOL with 5.0 Not Far Behind


February 2024 marked the end of life (EOL) of MongoDB 4.4.Another year, another EOL, is a fitting summary. Time goes by fast, and looking from this perspective, 5.0 is one we will soon also say goodbye to, as this year, 5.0 is also going EOL in October.Why is MongoDB 4.4 EOL significant?


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QCon London: How Duolingo Sent 4 Million Push Notifications in 6 Seconds During the Super Bowl Break


As part of the Super Bowl marketing campaign, Duolingo sent out 4 million mobile push notifications when the company’s five-second ad aired during the commercial break. At QCon London, Doulingo’s engineers presented the asynchronous AWS architecture responsible for broadcasting messages to millions of users across seven US cities.

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Percona Monitoring and Management Setup on Kubernetes with NGINX Ingress for External Databases


It’s a common scenario to have a Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) server running on Kubernetes and also desire to monitor databases that are running outside the Kubernetes cluster. The Ingress NGINX Controller is one of the most popular choices for managing the inbound traffic to K8s.