Sat.Sep 07, 2019

Fully automatic code level monitoring and extended version support for AIX


Dynatrace news. In April of this year, we released a long-awaited GA version of the full-stack OneAgent for the IBM AIX operating system. This release enriched our family of full-stack OneAgents with an important contribution.

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Non-privileged mode for OneAgent on Linux: best in class security that doesn’t compromise functionality


Dynatrace news. Managing complex, heterogeneous infrastructure environments can be a real challenge for many organizations. Dynatrace provides great monitoring capabilities that help you identify and resolve problems with the software in your environment. Of course, Dynatrace itself is also software. This is why we invest continuous effort into making Dynatrace components as reliable and, more importantly, as safe as possible to use within demanding and dynamic environments.

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.175


Dynatrace news. OneAgent. Support added for reactor-netty version 0.8. Support for gRPC end-to-end tracing. Node.js. Database tracing using Couchbase Node.js client is now generally available. Support for gRPC end-to-end tracing. General improvements. We’re continuing our investments into OneAgent for AIX. In this release, we’ve prepared two important enhancements: backport support for AIX 6.1

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