Sun.Jan 23, 2022

Fantastic Symbols and Where to Find Them (Part 1)


Symbolization is a technique that allows you to translate machine memory addresses to human-readable symbol information (symbols). Why do we need to read what programs do anyways? We usually do not need to translate everything to a human-readable format when things run smoothly.

Developers Need To Make Mistakes

Professor Beekums

Think about the last time you learned a skill. Were you awesome at it right off the bat? Or did you make a series of mistakes, learned from each one, and adjusted what you were doing to improve? Photo by Sarah Kilian Anyone being truthful would say the latter.


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Setting Up Selenium WebDriver for MSTest Framework in C#


In the ongoing "Selenium MSTest testing tutorial" series, we had an earlier look at setting up the MSTest framework in Visual Studio. It was a getting started guide with a major focus on the installation of the Selenium MSTest framework and MSTest adapter for the project.

C++ 206

Building Resiliency With Effective Error Management


Building resilient systems requires comprehensive error management.