Mon.Aug 01, 2022

Data Mesh?—?A Data Movement and Processing Platform @ Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Data Mesh?—?A A Data Movement and Processing Platform @ Netflix By Bo Lei , Guilherme Pires , James Shao , Kasturi Chatterjee , Sujay Jain , Vlad Sydorenko Background Realtime processing technologies (A.K.A

Dynatrace Kubernetes Observability for Persistent Volume Claims


Dynatrace news. Kubernetes was initially designed with a strong focus on stateless workloads, meaning these workloads do not need to store any persistent data.


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Additional T-SQL Improvements in SQL Server 2022

SQL Performance

Recently I covered some of the T-SQL improvements in SQL Server 2022 here , and Aaron Bertrand covered additional improvements here. Those improvements were introduced in CTP 2.0. Microsoft just announced the release of SQL Server 2022 CTP 2.1.

Are Prometheus Recording Rules the Right Tool for the Job?


If you’ve used Prometheus in the past for metrics collection/monitoring, then you’re probably familiar with Prometheus recording rules.

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What Adrian Did Next: 2022 Conference Appearances

Adrian Cockcroft

Weymouth and Chesil Beach viewed from Portland Heights?—?photo