Sun.Nov 27, 2022

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Best Frontend Frameworks for Web Development in 2022


User experience is the number one priority for every business in the market today. As a developer, even the brief you get on your project talks about the simplicity of the user interface it is supposed to feature.

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Debugging Tactics

Addy Osmani

Debugging is the process of finding and fixing problems in software so that it functions as intended

Software 133

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Observability-Driven Development: From Development to DevOps


Observability allows visibility into distributed systems for automated problem identification and resolution. Observability-driven development (ODD) is an approach to shift left observability to the earliest stage of the software development life cycle. This article provides a guide on ODD and its benefits, its role in SDLC, and key considerations for adoption.

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Key Strategies for Managing a Software Development Team


A significant number of companies have discovered, sometimes the hard way, that there is a severe shortage of technically trained people. It now takes more.