Mon.Jul 08, 2024

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Enhance network observability with SNMP device autodiscovery for Dynatrace Managed


Managing SNMP devices at scale can be challenging SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) provides a standardized framework for monitoring and managing devices on IP networks. Its simplicity, scalability, and compatibility with a wide range of hardware make it an ideal choice for network management across diverse environments. However, managing and monitoring SNMP across many devices from different vendors in large networks can become cumbersome.

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Automated Major Version Upgrades in Percona Operator for PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL major versions are released every year, with each release delivering better performance and new features. With such rapid innovation, it is inevitable that there will be a need to upgrade from one version to another. Upgrade procedures are usually very complex and require thorough planning. With the 2.4.


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Using HammerDB in database failure and failover scenarios


A frequently asked question with HammerDB is when a user is using the TPROC-C workload to test database failure and failover scenarios, by deliberately killing connections or shutting down the database during a workload and then restarting it. This post provides a guide to configuring HammerDB for such a scenario and considerations to be aware of when doing so.

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Ensure the Correct Repositories are Enabled for Percona Packages


As announced in Percona’s Important Update, effective July 1st, the percona/original and tools repositories will no longer be updated. This means that users need to check their systems and ensure that the necessary repositories are enabled to maintain the security and reliability of their installations.

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15 page speed optimizations that sites ignore (at their own risk)

Speed Curve

A recent analysis of twenty leading websites found a surprising number of page speed optimizations that sites are not taking advantage of – to the detriment of their performance metrics, and more importantly, to the detriment of their users and ultimately their business. I spend a lot of time looking at waterfall charts and web performance audits.

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