Thu.Mar 28, 2024

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Why business digital transformation is still a key C-level priority today


Lest readers believe that business digital transformation has fallen out of fashion, recent data suggests that digital transformation initiatives are still high on the agenda for today’s leaders. According to a recent Thomson Reuters survey, nearly 50% of C-level executives said that business digital transformation was their top priority over the next 18 months, followed by reducing costs (44%) and increasing customer satisfaction (44%).

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How Missing Primary Keys Break Your Galera Cluster


Any Galera documentation about limitations will state that tables must have primary keys. They state that DELETEs are unsupported and other DMLs could have unwanted side-effects such as inconsistent ordering: rows can appear in different order on different nodes in your cluster.If you are not actively relying on row orders, this could seem acceptable.


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Redis vs Memcached in 2024


Choosing between Redis and Memcached hinges on specific application requirements. In this comparison of Redis vs Memcached, we strip away the complexity, focusing on each in-memory data store’s performance, scalability, and unique features. Discover which aligns better with your project’s needs without getting bogged down in technical jargon. Key Takeaways Redis offers complex data structures and additional features for versatile data handling, while Memcached excels in simplicity with a f

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Percona’s PostgreSQL pg_tde Extension: March Update


Transparent Data Encryption is one ‘missing item’ in comparing PostgreSQL to commercial databases. Percona’s pg_tde project will correct this shortcoming. Progress is ongoing, and Percona would love your feedback, so please download and test.DocumentationThe pg_tde documentation is here. You will find many options for obtaining pg_tde – Docker images, RPM, DEB, and source code.