Fri.Jan 20, 2023

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What Should You Know About Graph Database’s Scalability?


Having a distributed and scalable graph database system is highly sought after in many enterprise scenarios. This, on the one hand, is heavily influenced by the sustained rising and popularity of big-data processing frameworks, including but not limited to Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases; on the other hand, as more and more data are to be analyzed in a correlated and multi-dimensional fashion, it's getting difficult to pack all data into one graph on one instance, having a truly distributed a

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Help! I Am Out of Disk Space!


How can we fix a nasty out-of-space issue leveraging the flexibility of Percona Operator for MySQL? When planning a database deployment, one of the most challenging factors to consider is the amount of space we need to dedicate to data on disk. This is even more cumbersome when working on bare metal, as it is more difficult to add space when using this kind of solution with respect to the cloud.

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Internal Components of Apache ZooKeeper and Their Importance


As a bird’s eye view, Apache ZooKeeper has been leveraged to get coordination services for managing distributed applications. It holds responsibility for providing configuration information, naming, synchronization, and group services over large clusters in distributed systems. To consider as an example, Apache Kafka uses ZooKeeper for choosing their leader node for the topic partitions. zNodes The key concept of ZooKeeper is the zNode, which can be acted either as files or directories.

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Debugging -Wframe-larger-than=

Nick Desaulniers

Unless work is done per architecture to implement HAVE_ARCH_VMAP_STACK / CONFIG_VMAP_STACK, the Linux kernel defaults to two pages worth of stack per thread. Note: on many contemporary systems the page size is 4KiB, but this is actually configurable for many architectures. The trade offs probably require a separate post. If you see code that checks for alignment via bitwise tricks like addr & 4095 == 0 without checking sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE) it is perhaps a red flag for code that might be to

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What Is Blockchain Trilemma and How Could It Be Solved?


Social life, Career, and Sleep all strive to coexist in your life but struggle to live in harmony. The same concept is reflected in the blockchain trilemma. The blockchain trilemma is a term that refers to the limitations of existing blockchains: scalability, security, and decentralization.

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Supercomputing Predictions: Custom CPUs, CXL3.0, and Petalith Architectures

Adrian Cockcroft

This post started out as a reaction to attending SC22 after about 20 years away from the HPC mainstream. I had a version of this published as a story at InsideHPC on December 1st. In early January a related paper was published by Satoshi Matsuoka et. al. on Myths and Legends of High Performance Computing  — it’s a somewhat light-hearted look at some of the same issues by the leader of the team that built the Fugaku system I mention below.