Sat.Jan 16, 2021

ASPICE 101: What You Need to Know About Automotive SPICE


Wooden panels and beltless bench seating have gone the way of the dinosaurs, and vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated with every passing year. A major part of that? Embedded systems and automotive software. So, why have functional safety requirements become more standardized while automotive software standards remain touch and go?

I/O Waiting CPU Time – ‘wa’ in Top


CPU consumption in Unix/Linux operating systems is broken down into 8 different metrics: User CPU time , System CPU time , nice CPU time , Idle CPU time , Waiting CPU time , Hardware Interrupt CPU time , Software Interrupt CPU time , and Stolen CPU time. In this article, let us study ‘waiting CPU time’. What Is ‘Waiting’ CPU Time? Waiting CPU time indicates the amount of time the CPU spends waiting for disk I/O or network I/O operations to complete.