Wed.May 08, 2024

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Hacking our way to better team meetings

All Things Distributed

My team and I set out to build a simple note taking aide, which transcribes and summarizes our meetings using Bedrock. Today, we’re making the proof of concept available to everyone.

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Troubleshooting PostgreSQL on Kubernetes With Coroot


Coroot, an open source observability tool powered by eBPF, went generally available with version 1.0 last week. As this tool is cloud-native, we were curious to know how it can help troubleshoot databases on Kubernetes.In this blog post, we will see how to quickly debug PostgreSQL with Coroot and Percona Operator for PostgreSQL.


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Presentation: Modern Compute Stack for Scaling Large AI/ML/LLM Workloads


Jules Damji discusses which infrastructure should be used for distributed fine-tuning and training, how to scale ML workloads, how to accommodate large models, and how can CPUs and GPUs be utilized?

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Mastering Database Monitoring: Running PMM in High Availability Mode


Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) has become a valuable tool for database professionals, providing comprehensive insights into database health and performance. A recent update (version 2.41.0) introduced a significant enhancement: the ability to run PMM in high availability (HA) mode.