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Benchmark (YCSB) numbers for Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase2, Yugabyte and BangDB

High Scalability

This is guest post by Sachin Sinha who is passionate about data, analytics and machine learning at scale. Author & founder of BangDB.

5 years of external pentesting: How the Dynatrace security posture has strengthened


Dynatrace news. Over each of the past five years, the Dynatrace security team has tasked external security firms with conducting penetration tests of our SaaS and Managed components. These tests are performed to verify the effectiveness of our security controls.

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Building a Rule-Based Platform to Manage Netflix Membership SKUs at Scale

The Netflix TechBlog

By Budhaditya Das , Wallace Wang , and Scott Yao At Netflix, we aspire to entertain the world. From mailing DVDs in the US to a global streaming service with over 200 million subscribers across 190 countries, we have come a long way.

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Load Average: An Indicator for Only CPU Demand?


‘ Load Average ‘ is an age-old metric reported in various operating systems. It’s often assumed as a metric to indicate the CPU demand only. However, that is not the case. Load Average’ not only indicates CPU demand, but also the I/O demand (i.e., network read/write, file read/write, disk read/write). To prove this theory, we conducted this simple case study. Load Average Study. To validate this theory, we leveraged BuggyApp.

Engineering dependability and fault tolerance in a distributed system

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Paddy Byers , Co-founder and CTO at Ably , a realtime data delivery platform. You can view the original article on Ably's blog. Users need to know that they can depend on the service that is provided to them.

Terminology matters: how to enhance user experience by aligning names with expectations


Dynatrace news. At Dynatrace we always focus on our users and how to solve their problems. We build features that our customers benefit from and use to simplify their work.

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Maximally optimizing image loading for the web in 2021

CSS - Tricks

Malte Ubl’s list for: 8 image loading optimization techniques to minimize both the bandwidth used for loading images on the web and the CPU usage for image display. Fluid width images in CSS, not forgetting the height and width attributes in HTML so you get proper aspect-ratio on first render.

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High Scalability

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Full support for Google’s Core Web Vitals improves your user experience and search rankings


Dynatrace news. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen how poor application performance can impact business bottom lines and lead to lost revenue for many organizations, as laid out in our recent blog post about digital experience.

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Modes of Transactions in SQL Server

SQL Shack

In this article, we are going to talk about the modes of transactions in SQL Server. Introduction A transaction is the smallest work unit that is executed in the database and transactions also meet the properties of the ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability).

Optimizing Video For Size And Quality

Smashing Magazine

Optimizing Video For Size And Quality. Optimizing Video For Size And Quality. Doug Sillars. 2021-02-15T15:00:00+00:00. 2021-02-15T15:34:02+00:00. Over the last few years, more and more projects are using video as an integral part of the application.

Mobile web testing – 3 approaches that will make your life easy


The world isn’t new to the mobile-first approach. Call it convenience or anything else — people are consuming content on their mobile phones more than their desktops and this will only increase in the near future.

An Opinionated Guide to Performance Budgets

Speed Curve

Performance budgets are one of those ideas that everyone gets behind conceptually, but then are challenged to put into practice – and for very good reason. Web pages are unbelievably complex, and there are hundreds of different metrics available to track.

How to Write a Query with Multiple Behaviors

SQL Performance

Oftentimes, when we write a stored procedure, we want it to behave in different ways based on user input. Let's look at the following example: CREATE PROCEDURE. Sales. GetOrders. ( ( @CustomerID AS INT = NULL , @SortOrder AS SYSNAME = N'OrderDate'. ) ) AS.

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10 performance engineering trends to watch

TechBeacon Testing

As teams try to adopt a faster, more iterative, incremental style of software delivery using the latest performance engineering techniques, the state of the art can hold them back. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Performance Engineering

Mobile Automation Testing Tools: Appium, Testsigma, TestComplete and more


With the rising competition in the app industry, mobile testing without automation seems out of the picture. You can’t imagine frequent deployments or a faster time to market without automating your tests.

The Alchemy of Color


Tasktop’s Mission : We are driving toward an inclusive company culture. We are building a come-as-you-are community of mutual respect and trust. We believe that diverse teams perform better and foster an environment of belonging and inclusion.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Deployment Model for your Application?


Understand and analyze different Cloud Deployment Models: public, private, hybrid and community. Select the perfect Cloud Deployment Models based on your App Architecture: VMs vs IaaS vs Containers vs Serverless. Read more to find out their performance & potential use cases.

Amazon SQS native integration and IAM policy management

Particular Software

The AmazonSQS transport in NServiceBus uses Amazon Simple Queue Service in conjunction with Amazon Simple Notification Service for a powerful queueing and publish/subscribe experience for AWS, whether using traditional hosting or in serverless scenarios with AWS Lambda. Version 5.3

Testing a mobile application – 16 steps you should not miss


Mobile applications these days have become imperative for businesses. But mobile applications are not just another version of desktop applications. Mobile applications are as much different from desktop applications as mobile devices are different from desktop machines.

Arranging Invisible Icons in Quadratic Time

Randon ASCII

Near the end of January I was pointed to a twitter thread where a Windows user with a powerful machine was hitting random hangs in explorer. Lots of unscientific theories were being proposed.

Nodejs vs Ruby on Rails: A Deep Dive Into Backend Frameworks


Nodejs and Ruby on Rails are amongst the most popular and trusted backend frameworks out there. They are trusted and used by some very prestigious organizations around the world.

6 signs you need to invest in a cloud-based test automation tool


The world of automation testing is rapidly evolving and we need to keep up with the pace. It’s no rocket science that the demand for automation testing is massive — according to Markets & Markets , the automation testing market size is projected to grow from $12.6B to $28.8B by 2024, globally.

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Laravel vs. Symfony: Similarities & Differences of Two PHP Frameworks


When you think of developing a web application with modern features like real-time notifications, or advanced search options, two backend frameworks come to mind- Laravel and Symfony. Both have the ability to offer tools to help create scalable apps. But, if you are confused over which one to pick, here is a comprehensive take on the similarities and differences between Laravel and Symfony.