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Redis vs. Memcached – 2021 Comparison


Redis stands for REmote DIctionary Server, created in 2009 by Salvatore Sanfilippo. Memcached, on the other hand, was created in 2003 by Brad Fitzpatrick.

Diving Deep on S3 Consistency

All Things Distributed

I recently posted about Amazon S3 and how it’s evolved over the last 15 years since we launched the service in 2006 as “storage for the internet.” ” We built S3 because we knew customers wanted to store backups, videos, and images for applications like e-commerce web sites.


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Performance Testing at MongoDB

Alex Podelko

MongoDB has the most advanced continuous performance testing I know about. It quite could be that some other companies have something interesting too – but they are not sharing that. Another interesting project in that area is keptn , but that is about it.

What is DevOps? Gene Kim offers an expert view and explains how to maximize success


Dynatrace news. Today, every organization is a software company, driven by demands for better, more connected digital experiences. To keep up, we’ve seen growing interest in DevOps and continuous delivery , as organizations aim to deliver new digital services and experiences faster.

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How to Compare Core Dumps for Simple Time Travel Debugging


How can the difference between two Linux core dumps be identified and why would this even come up? This is going to be lengthy, but will hopefully give you your answer to both of those questions. The Case for Comparing Core Dumps.

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How Parallel Plans Start Up – Part 3

SQL Performance

This is the third in a five-part series taking a deep dive into the way SQL Server row mode parallel plans start executing. Part 1 initialized execution context zero for the parent task, and part 2 created the query scan tree.

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Email Infrastructure Monitoring Checklist


A lot of time and resources are invested in making sure your customers get your emails. This is where email infrastructure comes in handy. While you have limited control over user interaction with your emails, monitoring email infrastructure is in your hands.

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An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals

Smashing Magazine

An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals. An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals. Barry Pollard. 2021-04-19T08:30:00+00:00. 2021-04-19T08:35:54+00:00.

10 great podcasts for software test engineers

TechBeacon Testing

Software development practices change fast. Development teams use an endless stream of new tools, frameworks, and practices, and it’s your job as a test engineer to make sure that no matter what your development teams use or create, everything runs and works reliably.

Mobile app automation testing Tools: An exhaustive list


It’s 2021 and we now have a mobile app for everything. Whether it’s social media, shopping, productivity or fitness, there’s a visible surge in the number of mobile apps and their users.

Five questions with Forrester Analyst: The state of the UK Retail landscape


Dynatrace news. What is going to happen to those companies that don’t invest [in digital transformation] and is the demand still going to be there in five years’ time for brick-and-mortar organizations?

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How to Improve CSS Performance

CSS - Tricks

There is no doubt that CSS plays a huge role in web performance. Milica Mihajlija puts a point on exactly why: When there is CSS available for a page, whether it’s inline or an external stylesheet, the browser delays rendering until the CSS is parsed.

New Product Release: Tasktop Hub 21.2 – Design Facelift, Enhanced Support for Jira, GitLab, BMC Remedy


The latest product release from the Tasktop Value Stream Management (VSM) platform —Tasktop Hub 21.2—is is out today. The latest updates and optimizes make end-to-end enterprise toolchain integration even easier and impactful.

Automated mobile app testing – do you really need real mobile devices?


Mobile apps are not just the next (or current) big thing. They have become a part of our lives — in a way, steering our choices and decisions. By merely sitting on our couch, we apply for jobs, manage our projects, talk to our friends, the order in essentials, and even pay our bills.

Dynatrace again named a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM, received highest scores in 4 of 5 use cases in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for APM


Dynatrace news. I am delighted to share, Dynatrace has been named a Leader for the 11 th consecutive time in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) report.

Hidden secrets of SQL Server Foreign Keys

SQL Shack

This article will describe the effect of SQL Server foreign keys on query plans which are created by the query optimizer. Introduction Foreign keys are used to enforce the referential integrity between the data of the two tables and are frequently used in relational database designs.

Leadership Insights to Track Your Project to Product Journey, Step By Step


The recent success of TUI Group’s migration to the cloud is a powerful example of what is possible by adopting a project to product mindset.

Cloud 52

Mobile Web Testing: Testsigma vs Appium


With the increased usage of smartphones in recent years, enterprises and the software industry now have to cater their applications to mobile devices for web testing in addition to desktops. Usually, there are three types of applications that are meant to be used in mobile phones.

Core Web Vitals: Practical metrics for optimal user experiences


Dynatrace news. User experience now defines website success. Ben Rushlo, Dynatrace Vice President of DEM Services, puts it this way: “As performance degrades, user experience degrades, engagement degrades, and business outcomes degrade.” ” The solution?

SQL Server Performance Tuning made simple

SQL Shack

In this article, we’ll show a process for SQL Server performance tuning, and several tools, tips and techniques you can use to monitor performance and take the necessary steps to improve it. SQL Server is a common platform for enterprise-grade database workloads.

Analyze first, test later: How to approach your next software project

TechBeacon Testing

As testers, our job is to develop a deeper understanding of systems, products, ideas, and situations. That requires experiencing, exploring, and experimenting with the products we're testing—and applying analysis to them. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Analytics

How to drop tables for HammerDB TPC-C on SQL Server


From the SQL Window of SQL*Server. Issue these commands to drop the tables and procedures created by HammerDB. This will allow you (for instance) to re-create the database, or create a new database with more warehouses (larger size) while retaining the same name/DB layout. USE [TPCC] DROP TABLE [dbo]. CUSTOMER] DROP TABLE [dbo]. DISTRICT] DROP … The post How to drop tables for HammerDB TPC-C on SQL Server appeared first on n0derunner.

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Dynatrace again named a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM, received highest scores in 4 of 5 use cases in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for APM


Dynatrace news. I am delighted to share, Dynatrace has been named a Leader for the 11 th consecutive time in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) report.

Bootstrap vs React: A Comparison of 12 Principal Components


Bootstrap is often referred to as an open-source frontend toolkit, while Reactjs is a JavaScript library for building UI. With the building popularity and an emerging market share of Bootstrap, it has proved to be a good competition against React.

The state of digital transformation in Banking in the UK: Four Questions with Forrester Analyst


Dynatrace news. Is the digital banking experience limited? You still have to rely on physical interactions for some services, alluding to the question: are banks ready for complete mobile and digital approach?

Bootstrap vs Vue: Which Framework Would Win the Tug of War?


The modern website and application interfaces are constantly changing to offer the best user experience. However, modern application interfaces demand modern development tools.